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  • Sex Worker's Name: Amanda Valentina
  • Session Month: January
  • Session Year: 2017
  • Type of Service: Private Escort
  • Phone Number (Please add area code): 0475 999 555
  • Photos Authenticity: Real, slightly retouched
  • Advertised Hourly Rate (Pick closest): $700
  • Location where session took place: Queensland
  • Incall or Outcall (Leave blank in Victoria): Incall to Escort's place
  • Session Day: Weekday
  • Session Time: Evening
  • Estimated Age: 31 - 35
  • Estimated Ethnic Group: Caucasian / European Origin
  • Knowledge of English: Very Good
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Hair Length: Long
  • Eyes Colour: Blue
  • Skin Colour: Tanned
  • Height: Average - Around 165 cm / 5'5"
  • Body Shape: Petite
  • Estimated Body Size: 6 to 8
  • Estimated Breast Size: DD and above (Extra Large)
  • Enhanced breasts?: Yes
  • Pubic Hair: All Waxed / Shaved
  • Full Sex Available: Yes
  • Kind of Experience: GFE/PSE Combined
  • Kissing Available: Yes, DFK (Deep French Kissing)
  • Blowjob: Yes
  • DATY / Oral On Her: Yes
  • Greek or Anal Sex Available: Yes
  • Handjob Available: Yes
  • Overall Looks: An absolute goddess!
  • Overall Personality: Outgoing
  • Overall Performance: Out of this world!

Private Escort - January 2017 - Amanda ValentinaA Hot and Steamy Evening with a Goddess

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First of all, a massive thank you to Amanda in re arranging this booking to go ahead. In the day leading up to the booking, I had a family medical situation that arose. I sent a message to Amanda explaining the circumstances, and politely asking if there was a possibility that I could reschedule. Amanda was so lovely and understanding in regards to this, and took the extra time to make sure everything was sorted out and also offer her support and kind words. I really appreciated this, especially as I know she was dealing with a number of things herself at this time. Amanda is extremely professional and carries herself with a high level of integrity, and really goes above and beyond in regards to her clients in my opinion - treat her with the respect and courtesy she deserves and you will be well rewarded. The booking was rescheduled to the following night, and the deposit that I had made was credited against this new booking.

Onto the night of the booking, and I was feeling very excited. I messaged Amanda just before the appointed time to let her know I had arrived. I thought all the little problems/hiccups had been sorted out and it was going to be smooth sailing, but alas this was not to be! Amanda had messaged me back and explained that she had just kicked her little toe, and it was quite sore...ouch!! and she would need a little while longer, but she definitely confirmed she was still able to see me. After a short while, I was buzzed up to her room. She greeted me at the door looking incredibly sexy and absolutely stunning in skimpy black lingerie. If you think Amanda looks amazing in her pics and photos, wait until you have the pleasure of meeting her in person!! She is a goddess that literally oozes sex appeal in my view with a slim sexy figure and curves in all the right places, especially those magnificent boobs, and skin that is soft and wonderful to feel against you. Once the door was closed we shared a number of deep passionate kisses, and made our way over to the lounge to catch up. Amanda is a very down to earth, engaging, lovely woman with a beautiful bubbly personality and just loves to have fun and enjoy life. She has a warm smile and eyes that sparkle and shine, and will put you at ease in her company immediately. She is also very knowledgeable, well travelled and conversant across a diverse number of topics. We opened up a bottle of wine that I had bought and shared some stories and events about what had been going on in our lives. We also opened up one of the boxes of chocolates I had given Amanda, and shared them between us. During this time I had my arm around Amanda gently caressing, and our chat was interspersed occasionally with little kisses.
We made our way to the bedroom and the kisses turned hotter and more steamy. Before things became too carried away, I excused myself to the bathroom and had a quick shower to freshen up. Returning to the bedroom we picked up right where we left off with some hot and steamy DFK,  tongues probing into each other mouths. Amanda is an incredible kisser with warm soft lips drawing you in, full of passion. I always feel like I am floating in the clouds transported to the most delicious heaven whenever Amanda kisses me - I could kiss her all night ( and all day for that matter too! ) . As we continued kissing, I started rubbing Amanda's pussy and clit through her lingerie with my fingers.  Amanda really seemed to be enjoying this very much and was becoming a little aroused, judging by the noises she was making. She eased me over onto my back and started grinding her lingerie covered pussy up and down over my groin. By this stage my cock was obviously very hard and she quickly removed my boxer briefs which I still had on. Once freed, Amanda continued to grind herself all over my rock hard cock. I began rubbing my hands  over Amanda's boobs that were spilling out of her sexy bra. It didn't take very long at all before Amanda freed "the girls" allowing me complete unrestricted access. I massaged and caressed her boobs lightly pinching her nipples which Amanda loves.
Amanda then manoeuvred onto her back, and I then continued lightly touching her boobs with one hand while my other slipped between her legs. Her knickers were off in a flash revealing a completely smooth beautiful yummy pussy glistening with a little moisture. I ran the backs of my fingertips lightly over Amanda's nipples and one hand back and forth over her boobs while my other hand began an exploration of her pussy and clit. We became lip locked in another series of wonderful passionate DFK, with my hand still caressing her pleasure area. We broke away from each others mouths and Amanda guided me onto my hands and knees and positioned my cock near her mouth. Once everything was in the desired position and covered, Amanda reached out with her tongue and started licking up and down one side of my cock before repeating with the other side. She stopped at the head of my cock and swirled her tongue around and around driving me wild. As my fingers reached down and began to rub her clit, Amanda took my cock in her mouth drawing me slowly inside it. She took me deep in her mouth, sucking and stroking me, her head bobbing up and down on my cock. Amanda is incredibly talented at this and it is one of her signature special skills in my opinion. She doesn't just suck and lick your cock - Amanda totally devours and savours it. And it seemingly makes her hotter and really turns her on. She was becoming more and aroused as she continued to suck and lick my cock all over. My fingers were rubbing back and forth against her pussy and flicking her clit. We slightly changed positions so that Amanda was laying horizontally across the bed, allowing my fingers to slip more easily inside her wet pussy and her mouth to draw my cock ever deeper inside. Amanda was moaning around my cock as my fingers increased their pace inside her. I alternated between furiously flicking her pussy and clit, and stroking her pussy. Amanda was starting to become breathless and her juices flowing as she moved her mouth off my cock. I increased the tempo even further as Amanda continued to urge me on giving me encouragement, and also a little dirty talk. It wasn't long before Amanda erupted in a series of moans and breathless pants signalling she was about to cum. My fingers continued to work her pussy as Amanda exploded in a very intense, hot and long orgasm. It was one of the longest orgasms I have ever witnessed, with a number of  aftershocks. I took my fingers out of Amanda's dripping pussy and tasted them, before sliding them into her mouth to let her suck on them. She tasted sweet and absolutely delicious. Amanda quickly moved down to the end of the bed and positioned herself on all fours, with her glorious bum staring me straight in the face. I took a few moments to admire this sight, before sliding into her still very moist pussy from behind. Amanda felt so incredible and warm. I started off slowly, working my way in and out, and taking in the wonderful view that the floor to almost ceiling mirrors/doors provided! Before too long, I picked up the pace, holding onto Amanda's hips as my thrusts intensified building up a good rhythm. All of the teasing and steamy fun so far during the night had certainly got me quite worked up to say the least, and Amanda was certainly enjoying herself as well. She was moaning and once again encouraging me with her breathless words. All of a sudden I felt that familiar tingle in my groin and after a short time I exploded inside Amanda with a number of groans. I believe Amanda may have had a much smaller orgasm as well. Amanda held me inside her for a short while, her pussy milking every last drop of cum out of me.
We both lay back on the bed for a while to take a break and recover. An inspection of Amanda's little toe revealed it was very bruised and swollen.........but she is a real trooper and vowed to continue on. I refilled the wine glasses and we shared a few more chocolates and chatted about various things. However we soon were caressing and passionately kissing each other again, tongues dueling with each other. We were laying facing each other wrapped in each other arms, bodies pressed close together - I absolutely love this feeling. I gently kissed all over Amanda's face and neck, before working my way down a bit lower and finding her nipple. I spent some time there licking and swirling with my tongue, as her nipple hardened with my touch. Amanda's nipples are so responsive when touched and played with exactly how she likes them. I made my way over to the other nipple and repeated the pleasure. I continued kissing my way down her body, teasing her a little before I could not hold back delving my tongue inside her pussy lips. I swirled my tongue around and around in slow circles and then licked up to Amanda's clit and back again before continuing.  Amanda really seemed to be enjoying this as she was moaning quietly and becoming a little wet once again. I thoroughly explored Amanda again  re acquainting myself with her beautiful pussy, and also flicking her clit with my tongue. I gradually started licking faster and faster and deeper as Amanda became increasingly turned on. My mouth reluctantly left her pussy, as I had other plans for down there. I utilised my fingers as before rubbing back and forth slowly at first before quickly becoming more rapid. Once again this had the desired effect as Amanda convulsed in another loud intense orgasm.
Once Amanda had regained her breath she moved me onto my back and kissed her way down my body. Reaching her target, she took my balls in her hand caressing and massaging them before licking them all over with her tongue. She started to stroke my ever expanding cock while she continued to fondle my balls. Wow, what a feeling as Amanda has an incredible touch and knows exactly how to press all the right buttons. The necessities taken care of Amanda commenced another one of her amazing blow jobs, certainly hitting all the right places as her magic tongue, mouth and hands worked every inch. She then moved back up my body engaging in another deep passionate kiss before sliding herself slowly onto me in the cowgirl position. Once settled she began moving up and down, almost removing herself completely before plunging back down again and again. She then leaned slightly forward bending her head towards me so that we could share a number of hot kisses as she continued to grind herself back and forth on my cock. My hands were running up and down her back, my fingertips lightly pressing against her skin. Amanda began quickening her movements and my hands moved down to her bum urging her on. The feeling was fantastic as Amanda continued to rotate her pussy on my cock. The way she does this drives me insane. We rolled over on the bed and changed position as I entered into missionary. Amanda guided me inside her and wrapped her legs around me pulling me deeper. As I moved in and out with smooth strokes, we met each other thrust for thrust as I was certainly enjoying the feel of Amanda's body rubbing against mine. I could not resist but to once again become  locked with that warm and very inviting mouth of Amanda's as we both moaned into each other. I slowly pulled out of Amanda's pussy as we both wanted me to finish over her boobs. Amanda pleasured me with her mouth and tongue yet again, licking and sucking on my hard cock. She totally loves doing this, possibly even more than I love her doing it to me. She then applied some lube and started stroking my cock, building and building the pressure and pleasure. What she was doing to my cock felt amazing, but it seemed like her efforts were going to be in vain. However Amanda persisted and continued to try to get me over the line for quite a while, but I eventually think her hand and arm was about to drop off. We finished up the evening with a long series of DFK, neither of us seemingly wanting it to end. After getting dressed and with some further last passionate kisses and caresses I was out the door with a massive smile on my face. It certainly was a thoroughly enjoyable, incredibly hot and steamy evening.
Thank you so very very much Amanda - you are a special lady indeed!! You are extremely sexy beautiful warm and generous, while also being very intelligent and articulate. The perfect blend of professionalism, wit and cheekiness.

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Thanks for the novel. I read it %100. Honest.



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Lol great review



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Great piece of provocative erotic literature. Gave me a hard on. Thanks.

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