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  1. Yesterday
  2. Some of the other girls do have offering extras on their profile not many but there are others Just a wild guess I think it means they do extras
  3. Yep no doubt it’s the latest progression in the way BR girls promote the slutty options lol . The rest will follow in time . But really Nala hardly is appealing ? Probably more suited elsewhere like Bellevue 12
  4. no i mean on her profile the first sentence says something about extras........ doesn't say that on any one else's profile so I was just curious
  5. When I do a 1 hour session of GFE, I would spend about the first 15 minutes saying hello and kissing, so at the end of 15 minutes I’d still be kissing. A 15 minute session can’t really be described as any sort of experience. The WL gets the guy hard then they fuck, and if he cums in less than 10 minutes then success.
  6. I was looking at the roster last night and I was sure I saw Cass' name pop up for next week. But not there now. We can hope she returns.
  7. Looking at her photos she can offer all the extras she wants. Definately not the type I would pay for sex.
  8. hey has anyone seen the new girl nala? i noticed her profile starts off with range of extras
  9. Last week
  10. 2 hours. By my third round, I was pretty much blowing dust I have done 3 times in one hour just TWICE in my lifetime. Don't think it's a feat that I can ever repeat again
  11. Thanks for the review @The Unicorn how long was this booking for? If you went 3 times in 1 hr, you have some great stamina
  12. It's GFE but your girlfriend is very busy and you only have 15 minutes before work.
  13. Kirsis

    "Men who pay for sex can't get it for free"

    Getting back on topic ........ Paid sex does allow for a "tailored experience" so one can get the particular services one wants and leave out the unwanted services. With paid sex the range of activities is the intersection between what a working lady is comfortable providing and the activities the punter enjoys. For unpaid sex the range of activities is the intersection between what both parties enjoy. The range of activities may thus be very different. I have had a number of ladies that I have seen with some regularity of the past 25 years. I am quite sure that the sex would, in every case, been quite different if they had been unpaid encounters. The range of activities would have been different as all of those ladies had broader sexual tastes than I do. You could say that I seek limited services and particular services.
  14. ThirstyG as James Packer

    "Men who pay for sex can't get it for free"

    Too right. The most successful fellas I've known (and they were mind mindbogglingly successful) were physically defective one way or another but undaunted, and pulled 10s whenever they encountered them.
  15. Muffmuncher

    My Average Day

    I've requested SW be in comfy clothes, trackies and tshirt or whatever makes them comfortable. Theyre gunna be naked soon enough.
  16. Who cares, I'd love to spend some time with them as well.
  17. Right, I'd still kissing sucking her boobs if she had any.
  18. Venus Nymphs

    "Men who pay for sex can't get it for free"

    Bro no one is out of your league because of how they look LOL. Are you living in 1950?
  19. Jazzman351

    "Men who pay for sex can't get it for free"

    It's not limiting at all. There's many very attractive workers who provide great service and chemistry. I'm very appreciative of time spent with those women who would generally be way out of my league.
  20. A GFE in 15 minutes. I’d still be kissing.
  21. Grand Noir

    High Class Escorts

    Voted = popularity. That means you are Australia's most popular agency. Popular ≠ best/high quality. Popularity and quality are two distinct factors that are not always correlated with each other. A product or service may be popular because it is marketed well, easily accessible, or simply because it is trendy or in-demand, regardless of its actual quality or value. This "blog post" is an attempt at a clever bit of advertising.
  22. Well these days I’m not sure what the the difference is at all . But yes a girl is a person
  23. PlayDohBalls

    Punter Planet Welcomes the Latest Advertisers! March 2023

    I always rinse and reuse, over and over. Yeah, that didn’t read right, so I made a quick edit to clarify. I haven’t been exclusively an R&T bloke. I just don’t discuss it. What’s the difference between a girl and a person by the way?
  24. So you’ll only use them once I Hope lol. Who’s the first lucky girl or or person ?
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