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  • How To Search By Review Fields


    Searching by review fields will only deliver results from March 2018 onwards. If you chose any previous date, it will show reviews that feature the date on their titles; this is not different to a simple search by topics, but it's pointless trying to combine earlier dates with other fields values like hair colour, services, etc.


    We recommend using this search form for the latest results. In fact, unless you are after a review in particular, we recommend you leaving month and year blank.


    You don't need to type any names and you can combine the fields to narrow your search. However, we don't recommend using combinations of too many fields. Probably up to three or four together will be enough to get you the results you are after.


    This search form is also useful for finding the latest reviews by "Location" (eg. New South Wales, Victoria and the other States and Territories). For this you can simply select the "Location" field only, or you can combine it with "Type of Service" if you are only after Private Escorts or Parlour Girls, etc. (Please note that users sometimes pick the wrong "Type of Service" when posting reviews, so you may miss out on some results by doing this).


    If you are a Guest or a free Member who hasn't posted his/her intro post yet, you will only get results related to our advertisers.

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