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  2. Lily just couldn't wait to get my cock in her ass. It obviously turns her on. It was really hardcore. Made me come harder than I can recall.
  3. Black Booty Lily|November|2019|Private Escort|||0405147587||||100% Real|$300|New South Wales||Incall to Escort's place|Weekend|Evening|26 - 30|African Origin||Very Good|Black|Medium|Brown|Black|Average - Around 165 cm / 5'5"|Curvy|||||||Yes, intercourse|Pornstar Experience|Unsure|Unsure|Unsure|Yes, anal sex|||||||Easy on the eye|Fun|Fantastic time
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  5. I’m not sure if this is the right thread for this. I had a Covid19 test today and should have the results tomorrow. Your throat and each nostril gets swabbed with a thin stick. The stick up the nose makes your eyes water a little, but no big deal. It’s quick and simple. I imagine some of you have already been tested, and I expect the girls will also be regularly tested when it’s business as usual again.
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  7. I heard that people have been posting photos of their COVID-19 test results on their dating app profiles, to prove that they're safe to meet up with for a bonk.
  8. Yep. And many of those Asian shopping centre places offer happy endings and sometimes they "take off" too.lol And then the next customer is a middle aged women looking for a neck or foot massage.I find it rather amusing. There is one near me that reopened 2 weeks ago and whenever I walk past they smile. I had a massage back in January at a totally legit place that I have been to many times before. With 10 minutes to go she offered me the HE for $20 which was awesome. Probably been there 20 times before and never had that occur. Thank God she left her clothes on.
  9. nexus6

    Brisbane guy seeks booking.

    Time Left: 28 days and 21 minutes

    • WANTED

    Hi, Looking for a minimum hour session with a lady in the greater Brisbane area. Preferably a GFE type booking in the 350 to 400 price range. PM to sort particulars. Thanks.


  10. My barber is up pretty close to my face for about 20 minutes. I got a beard trim during the week so it was about 30 minutes all up. So what’s the difference with sex work? There’s lots of ways the ladies can work safely.The Asian therapeutic massage shop is open in the local shopping centres. So what’s the difference when by necessity they must be close and personal? Kissing will be out, but that’s not my thing anyway. I really can’t see a problem provided safe work practices are used. I’d expect the girls would be regularly tested. It’s standard practice to test regularly for STI’s so another form of testing isn’t a problem. NZ has approved sex work to recommence. Surely we can also. Plus, sex work is a legitimate business and occupation in NSW. There’s no need to deny operators and workers their right to work.
  11. Well something needs to give soon or they will all disappear . Imagine that . Devastating
  12. I fear it may come down to a no vaccine = no play situation, and there are no guarantees that there will ever be a vaccine for this as there has never been a vaccine developed for any type of coronavirus in the past. The tinder comparison is a good one. If they're serious about a bonking ban with strangers, they should make tinder and the like illegal too.
  13. Interesting. Personally, I won't be installing COVID Safe on my devices for any reason, not just to enable me to visit a RnT establishment. I like how they try and justify this by using the dating apps, given some establishments have been running private operations on the down-low since the forced closures came in.
  14. You could be right, although I hope otherwise.
  15. Here’s the article in today’s paper. This article is from the May 24 issue of The Daily Telegraph Digital Edition. IN A bid to get back to work brothels are offering to force clients to use the COVIDSafe app and ban group sex. Eighteen Sydney brothel owners are calling on the state government to lift the “unconscionable” COVID-19 bonk ban which they say is unfairly crippling the industry. In a letter to NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard the brothels are begging for a trial period to show they are just as safe as physiotherapists and beauticians. The federal government recommends brothels and strip clubs remain closed indefinitely , however the state government has the power to reopen the venues. New Zealand and the Northern Territory have reopened their industries with restrictions. Group spokeswoman Julie Bates said brothel closures mean clients “may now be seeking intimate connections in a less safe manner and environments through Tinder hook-ups and the like” . “We believe our industry would understand that if an infection with COVID-19 was traced to an individual at that sex services premises, that venue would cease trading while investigations were in train as in any other or workplace ,” Ms Bates said. “Our mitigation measures and reopening safety plans include limiting the number of people on the premises at any one time, isolation of clients on arrival and questioning their recent travel and health status. “And, of course, maintaining usual safe practices for the prevention of STIs including HIV.” There are about 1000 female sex workers employed in Sydney brothels in any one week, according to the Kirby Institute at UNSW. Kate, who owns Ma Belle Cheri in Clyde, said she is aware of brothels that have folded because of the lockdown and expects others to follow suit. “Our industry has an excellent track record over 30-plus years responding to the HIV pandemic as partners in prevention,” she said. “We are a legitimate industry and contribute to the state’s revenue source. “There is also the role we play for those of our clients living with a disability.” A NSW Health spokesman said: “The requirements in the (public health) order are continually being reviewed and revised where appropriate.” Copyright © 2020 News Pty Limited
  16. Yes it would be most interesting to know how many pay tax. Hence the reason the government may not be too concerned when they come back unfortuneately. I would imagne privates may have a better chance.
  17. Snowflake's chance in hell given the number of other more respectable businesses who could make the same exact argument and won't get a look in. At best this will go in the bottom of a drawer somewhere and the passage of time will take care of it quicker. Of course any hooker paying taxes at a legitimate sexual services business should be as eligible as anyone else for Jobkeeper.
  18. I think there might be an article in the Sunday Telegraph 24 May, reporting that 17 Sydney establishments have written to the NSW Health Minister and health bureaucrats requesting approval to recommence for a trial period to demonstrate they can operate as safely as other businesses. I’ll copy the article here when it’s printed if anyone is interested. While BR isn’t named as one of the 17, similar establishments were (Bliss and Kings Court). Here’s hoping the request finds a sympathetic and affirmative response.
  19. matlowman

    Happy Easter Folks

    A very belated happy Easter.
  20. What do you mean working with others? I missed the comments. Feel free to DM me
  21. Little lulu is back now. For my money I would have to say Adella Allure is the best blow job she has an amazing techique which made my eye pop when she did her technique.
  22. JohnWilson38

    Private Escort - October 2019 - Sunny Ritchiee

    yeah she recently acquired some new boobs, but I'm more of a natural boob guy
  23. AlexPrince

    Private Escort - October 2019 - Sunny Ritchiee

    Thanks Charlie. Her current PP ad says D cup, is that true? https://escorts.punterplanet.com/profiles/1039-sunny-ritchiee
  24. Thanks for the review of Alice. Glad to see that she saved the day.
  25. What a dime piece. I booked with her based on a blonde Eurasian for a Thursday session. The place is located in a bad spot and is easy to miss. The reception just want you to be direct and get in and out. If you come in expecting a banter and relaxed mood you're in the wrong place. I see alot of bad reviews based on the staff but I find places like this expect you to be direct and no bullshitting around. No other clients so I think I got the main room with the spa. Showered while waiting then as I stepped out a dark haired cutie walks in. I told her I was expecting a blonde and she said she dyed it back. She was a 9 out of 10 for me. It threw me off how good looking she was. First 15 we were chatting about random stuff then I realised I was wasting time. Asked her to take off her clothes and do I regret not asking earlier. Cute little bubble butt with an awesome tanned athletic body. Big ticks. I asked if I could massage her and she was up for it so I gave her a medium strength massage for 10 while copping a feel. Then I said I'm ready and she got to work. Started slow and did that awesome move of going along your back down your ass, taint, balls, shift and head. She knew her stuff. Decided I'd ask for extras, if I remember only cbj and Spanish was available and she insinuated it would be the next session, which some girls prefer. Asked if she did prostate and she confirmed. Thought fuck why not. She then slipped on a glove haha. Went reverse cowgirl while jerking and ass play. Now gentlemen, when I tell you the image of that ass bouncing in front of my head will stay with me for a few years, you best believe it. After 15 minutes of this i couldn't last any longer and let her know, she bounced up and down while moaning loudly. What a ride. Cleaned up and a bit more of a massage then talked for another 10 and had showers. Watching her shower was a massive turn on and I was hoping to start making her my regular girl but two weeks later when I finally got to book again the old line 'she's on holidays' and I knew it was over. One of my big regrets in the punt was missing out on this one and I've daydreamed a few times of her coming back due to covid (greedy and a dick move I know). I've seen Rita there (with another girl who was there in body and that's it) who would be on the same level of experience without the bolt ons and less convo. 10/10 rocked me like a hurricane. If she went private I'd be dropping a almost a G for FS
  26. Alice|November|2019|Massage|Dream Girl 130||||||100% Real|$175|New South Wales|||Weekday|Daytime|26 - 30|Mixed Groups Origin|||Black|Medium|Brown|Tanned|Short - Under 160 cm / 5'3"|Athletic|||||||||Unsure|Yes, CBJ (Covered Blowjob)|Unsure||||||||Model material|Fun|Fantastic time
  27. Yeah I probably agree with that, in most cases anyway. This I don't agree with so much... Once you have 'engaged' and paid for the session there is not really any turning back and if you are really unlucky and have one of those "horror" punts (we've nearly all had) then that could be potentially scarring for someone, especially if it's their first punt...
  28. Well thanks for sharing. I guess I didn't put that you're free to engage or leave as you choose. A match can only be decided by the individuals that make up the arrangement. I'll also note that sometimes one might need just one session. Some might need 8. It's up to the individuals and their needs. Yet this piece was written around a virgins need to understand and appreciate sex. That the more you experience something, the more understanding that's possible. And that exploration of one's sexuality would be easier with a sex worker than the general population.
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