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  2. I'm overseas at moment but if she is the same lady who worked in NZ for a while then she's gold! She said she would likely return to Bodyrotic when she left recently to go back to Oz. When I'm next over I will definitely book her but be good to know for sure. Pictures would help but not up yet.
  3. Miss Asia Lee

    Miss Asia Lee in Taiwan 23-26 July!

    Hello Lovers! I will be passing through Taiwan for a brief period and would love to meet any punters who might happen to be in town at the same time! The best way to contact me while I am overseas is via whatsapp on +61 448 167 246 or via email asialeemelbourne@gmail.com Asia Lee xox Check Out My Profile!
  4. sorry about the whole questioning you masculinity thing. I hadn't had my coffee yet
  5. JohnWilson38

    Bella Fox - General Discussion Thread

    She does, she only asks for age so she knows who to expect.
  6. I am definitely male and Harley is 100% correct! Lily is a gorgeous woman and I respect her wishes. You can always meet up with her and create a more detailed review.
  7. I take your point, however he is not a seasoned reviewer just a handful. This leaves me a bit skeptical still.
  8. Reading that review in isolation I understand the concern however it’s not his first review and has been a member for a few years. Maybe he asked if he could review and she agreed as long as it wasn’t graphic? Not sure.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Glad I wasn't the only one thinking the same.
  11. a review has just come up for Lily but to me it reads like it was written by a woman...
  12. bobthebuilder1234

    Private Escort - July 2019 - Mina Kim

    @gnomking honestly it doesn’t get much better than that. Highly recommended
  13. Gents, Couples and Ladies, I have one "and a bit" weeks left until I take a mid-year break. Miss T is super excited to take a rest, have plenty of "me" time and chillax. I have availability on the below days to accept bookings leading up to my time off. I won't be back on board until the week beginning Monday 19th August. Availability as per below: Sunday 21st July (between 11am - 4pm) Tuesday 23rd July (between 4pm - 10pm) Wednesday 24th July (between 10am - 10pm) Thursday 25th July (Between 10am - 10pm) Friday 26th July (between 10am - 10pm) Saturday 27th July (between 10am - 11pm) Sunday 28th July (between 10am - 10pm) I do need to remind many that I only do outcall bookings, I also do not take any last minute requests and need at least a day notice for all bookings. I will be answering texts while I am on holidays and will accept pre-bookings in this time. Monday 19th August onward is when I am back on board. I wish to thank all of my loyal and amazing clients that choose to spend time with me. A day does not go by where I am not thanking my lucky stars for the wonderful people and experiences that come into my life as a companion. For all booking enquiries please text - 0476 243 770 Love Taylor Rose Check Out My Profile!
  14. Lily is gorgeous, an angel, a beautiful intelligent woman walked in my hotel room and blew me away. What a stunning sexy woman Lily is. she is hot. we chatted for a bit and then she jumped me and started kissing me passionately. Lily took control and i loved it. what an amazing lover, this was an hour and half of sheer bliss, the electricity between us was amazing as we explored each other. so much passion, omg her perfume was intoxicating. Lily was determined to make this night memorable. she gave me everything until we both were left shaking in ecstasy. Lily has an amazing touch. so sensual with just enough pressure. wow this was some session. thank you Lily, till next time
  15. Fuck Truck

    Bella Fox - General Discussion Thread

    I was just wondering since she asks to state your age in the message. I've sometimes encountered escorts who don't see clients under 25-30, so I was wondering. I am a 20s man so I'm keen to know.
  16. gnomking

    Private Escort - July 2019 - Mina Kim

    Perfect way to go
  17. @George71 She has a few shifts next week. Maybe you could meet her and tell us how it went.
  18. Flynt Flossy

    Bella Fox - General Discussion Thread

    I would assume she would be, why? Is there something new on her ad?
  19. Fuck Truck

    Bella Fox - General Discussion Thread

    Does anybody know if she's okay seeing early-mid 20s guys?
  20. Vin Wall

    Private Escort - July 2019 - Mina Kim

    Good review BTB. I can't remember reading anything but good reviews about Mina! Nice work.
  21. Place is hit and miss. Last time I went here the receptionist was downright rude. I booked a girl and when I showed up was told the girl was busy. They waited till they took my money to tell me this and harrassed me into taking an alternative option. Receptionist girl preys on horny punters by telling how amazing their shop is in Chinglish when they call. No customer service skills and the receptionist actually works on the assumption that customers are dumb and once you pay treats you like dirt.
  22. bushmaster

    The aging escort

    I currently see only Asian WL and especially like the older ones, in their 30s or even 40s. They offer great service, they usually don't fake things, can be excellent kissers, have good English provided they have been Australia and provide a lovely GFE. The problem is that a lot of guys are fixated on younger women even if the quality isn't as good. As a result these women are either forced to retire or, as you mentioned, to provide services that they aren't comfortable with. The alternative employments that they are often offered are part of the black economy and are poorly paid. I suppose that is the price of coming to live in Australia when you've cheated the system but it also reflects the rather poor labour market for the poorly skilled. They also don't have the earnings that allow a rapid accumulation of funds.
  23. Lily Lawrence, Melbourne :: 0413 394 752 Email | Website | 0413 394 752 | SWA: 12390XE ____________________________________________________ Hi All, Anyone had any experiences with Lily in Melbourne. I am aware she advertises on PP and I have followed her keenly on Twitter. Looks good. Appreciate any feedback
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