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  2. You don't have to be pushy but you should at least tell the mamasan why you won't be coming back. Without feedback they think it's just an bottomless pit of punters they can rip off...
  3. who were your duds??
  4. I'm starting to downgrade my opinion of this place. I've never had a bad experience here really, but I've always wanted a little more and not got it. Or thought I might, and it never materialised. Had a lesbian double that wasn't very lesbian. Went with an 'open mind' girl, and didn't get anything different. I won't be pushy, will just move elsewhere.
  5. Yesterday
  6. How long was this encounter? NB: Perhaps the other workers name was Lusy (?)… reviewed here. Edit Note: Also what was the cost for the extras?
  7. Scarlett B Wilde

    Happy Easter to All Members !

    Hehehehe... My favourite Juvinile !
  8. Last week
  9. Been thinking about taking her up on a 2 for 1 down south of Sydney, pm me if anyone wants to dp her in the next few months
  10. Charlietww AKA Bad Charlie

    Private Escort - March 2019 - Lauren Hart

    Thanks for the review of Lauren. I must see her again
  11. For real. She is indeed lovely, down to earth and just tremendous company.
  12. MrBob

    Paid to poop

    Time Left: 27 days and 16 hours

    • WANTED

    Hi, Looking for a girl to poop on me. To reduce the clean up I can host. Prefer younger petite or toned/muscular girls but this is not a hard requirement. All details are up for discussion. Thanks.


  13. Why are you bumping all the 741 threads?
  14. Tappertit

    Club 741 - August 2018 - Zara

    A variety of positions doesn't sound like a starfish. That's when they just lie there.
  15. juvinile7

    Happy Easter to All Members !

    Just realised what kind of chocolate was in that basket 😁
  16. Just be aware that the management are scammers. They will try and get you into a double... Stand your ground and be prepared to walk if you don't get a fair go... The carry on is counterproductive, they advertise here ergo they should know they are discussed so should smarten their act up a bit....
  17. Lauren is lovely. And makes her fellow feel important. THAT is why she rocks.
  18. anuddafatguy

    Private Escort - February 2019 - Lauren Hart

    She does give a great blowjob. And ... you can see the Asian influence in her skin tone
  19. Scarlett B Wilde

    Happy Easter to All Members !

    Wishing All members a safe and enjoyable time over the Easter Break, clients and workers alike.
  20. I am heading to Sydney in May to try a couple of massage shops, and this one is my planned 1st visit. I hope they become a bit more flexible in seeing a line up. The we chat is fantastic, but u do not see a clear pic of the face, but the bodies i have seen are great
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