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Review Information

  1. Sex Worker's Name: Jasmine Jaro
  2. Session Month: February
  3. Session Year: 2013
  4. Type of Service: Private Escort
  5. Advertised Hourly Rate (Pick closest): $600
  6. Location where session took place: Queensland
  7. Session Day: Weekday
  8. Session Time: Evening
  9. Estimated Age: 31 - 35
  10. Estimated Ethnic Group: Asian Origin
  11. Nationality (Leave blank if Australian): China
  12. Knowledge of English: Good
  13. Hair Colour: Brown
  14. Hair Length: Long
  15. Eyes Colour: Hazel
  16. Skin Colour: Olive
  17. Height: Short - Under 160 cm / 5'3"
  18. Body Shape: Petite
  19. Estimated Body Size: 6 to 8
  20. Estimated Breast Size: C to D (Medium to Big)
  21. Enhanced breasts?: No, natural breasts
  22. Pubic Hair: All Waxed / Shaved
  23. Any Tattoos?: One or two
  24. Any Piercings?: None, no piercings
  25. Full Sex Available: Yes, intercourse
  26. Kind of Experience: GFE/PSE Combined
  27. Kissing Available: Yes, DFK (Deep French Kissing)
  28. Blowjob: Yes, fellatio
  29. DATY / Oral On Her: Yes, DATY on offer
  30. Handjob Available: Yes, handjob
  31. Massage Available: Yes, rub-down
  32. Extras Charged: No, all included
  33. Doubles and Group Sex: No
  34. Overall Looks: Easy on the eye
  35. Overall Personality: Fun
  36. Overall Performance: Fantastic time

Private Escort - February 2013 - Jasmine Jaro


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First time reviewer on this site so please be kind.


I have spent the best part of 2 years studying reviews of many escorts and saw Jasmine's details some time ago and was impressed with her website and the many glowing reviews on this forum. Being a long time punter it astounded me how many positive reviews were posted and finally decided to see what all the fuss was about.


i saw Jasmine was coming to Brisbane and sent her a text and received a quick reply and in no time a booking was organised. I choose the extended no clock package as I wanted to explore this occasion fully and based on previous reviews seemed excellent value for money.


I decided to make this a memorable occasion and decided to book a suite at the Brisbane casino for the evening and invited Jasmine to meet me there on the evening in question. All was arranged 3 weeks before the night and time passed reasonably quickly as I have a busy working life.


When the evening arrived I texted Jasmine the details and suite number and awaited her arrival. Small problem initially as Jasmine got lost as there are 2 buildings in the casino complex and I had to go and find her. No problems found her quickly and after a quick hello and kiss we proceeded up to our suite.


First impressions walking to our suite was she was a little shorter than what I had expected but other than that all was good. Settled into our suite and broke open the champagne and settled into a get to know each other session. As i knew Jasmine was a smoker as I am and the suite was a smoking suite I offered her a cigarrete as she only brought her electronic cigarretes with her. I think she was relieved once she could partake with our collective adiction and proceeded to light up and relax.


We spent the best part of 2 hours sharing drinks and experiences and it was a comfortable experience with little pauses or feeling uncomfortable. Jasmine is an easy person to spend time with and seemed genuine with her sharing of experiences.


At some stage Jasmine decided that it was time to deepen the experience and took me by the hand and we went upstairs to the bedroom.By this time I was more than happy to receive the Jasmine Jaro experience.Jasmine went into the bathroom to change whilst I waited in the bedroom with eager anticipation.


After what seemed ages but probably only minutes she emerged from the bathroom dressed in only a g string and a bra with her breasts fully exposed. Certainly a sight to see ! We met half way between the bathroom and bedroom and proceeded to engage in a lengthy DFK which was enjoyable to say the least. It gave me my first real chance to feel the softness of her skin and her breasts and my hands were all over her for what seemed hours. Jasmine then somewhere amongst all this managed to take my shirt off and the feeling of skin on skin was exilerating.Soon after she had managed to get the rest of my clothes off and proceeded to give me the first of many Jasmine Jaro blowjobs. Her technique is somewhere betwwen erotic and full on pornstar.Standing there with Jasmine on her knees taking my cock deep into her mouth and sucking on my balls was a sight to see and experience. This went on for 20 minutes or so and whilst I was happy to continue I needed to start my exploration of Jasmine's body and finally we disengaged and moved onto the bed. It wasn't long before Jasmine was naked as I was and I proceeded to kiss all my way down to Jasmine's pussy and started a long session of DATY which Jasmine seemed to enjoy based upon her moans and movements.I alternated between her pussy and her ass with my tounge and fingers and she was getting very wet and vocal and orgasmed in no time.


Now it was my turn and after giving Jasmine a few moments to recover I slowly slipped my cock into her pussy and proceeded to enjoy a long slow fuck. Jasmine moves her body just as i like it and really gets into the moment and after about 15 minutes of this I came for the first time that evening all over her face and mouth. Wow I was spent and would have been happy to just fall asleep there and then but no Jasmine had other plans. Over the next 5 hours we enjoyed many more seesions of DATY Blowjobs Massages and fucking until at about 3.00am I just had to rest and sleep. Jasmine has enormous stamina and probably could go all night if you let her.I was woken about 7.00am by Jasmine with her mouth all over my cock and another long blowjob ensued with a little bit of rimming thrown in for good measure which i enjoyed to say the least and not long after i came again. I didn't think it was possible after the evening before but this is the obvious talents of the lady.


We both had busy days to get to and after some time over coffee's and Tea for Jasmine we proceeded to say goodbye and I thanked her for a lovely evening.


So to summarise a lovely lady with obvious talents,Honest which is refreshing in this industry and someone you would definatly see again. Which I have recently...But thats another review to prepare. :)

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Hi rexel01. Great review, but I notice you said Jasmine was "easy on the eye"


Which is it?

  1. You have extremely extremely extremely high standards
  2. You need new glasses :P :lol:

Thanks. :D

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Welcome to PP Rexel01, a great first review with the lovely Jasmine. I need to see this lady too before her last year of touring comes to an end.

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Great first review Rexel01. ;) And what a great lady to write your first PP review about. Keep 'em coming.. :D

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What a great way to start off your reviewing portfolio! Well done!


im saving my pennies so I can finally have a jasime experience

You really can't get better VFM than Jas' CFP.

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