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Review Information

  1. Sex Worker's Name: Jasmine Jaro
  2. Session Month: March
  3. Session Year: 2013
  4. Type of Service: Private Escort
  5. Advertised Hourly Rate (Pick closest): Not set by the hour
  6. Location where session took place: Victoria
  7. Session Day: Weekend
  8. Session Time: Evening
  9. Estimated Age: 31 - 35
  10. Estimated Ethnic Group: Asian Origin
  11. Hair Colour: Brown
  12. Hair Length: Long
  13. Eyes Colour: Hazel
  14. Skin Colour: Tanned
  15. Height: Average - Around 165 cm / 5'5"
  16. Body Shape: Petite
  17. Estimated Body Size: 6 to 8
  18. Estimated Breast Size: C to D (Medium to Big)
  19. Enhanced breasts?: No, natural breasts
  20. Pubic Hair: All Waxed / Shaved
  21. Any Tattoos?: One or two
  22. Kissing Available: Yes, DFK (Deep French Kissing)
  23. Blowjob: Yes, fellatio
  24. DATY / Oral On Her: Yes, DATY on offer
  25. Overall Looks: Model material
  26. Overall Personality: Lovely
  27. Overall Performance: Out of this world!

Private Escort - March 2013 - Jasmine Jaro

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Over the past month I have had the pleasure of experiencing 2 clock free packages with Jas.


I was highly inexperienced, so much so that I was rapidly approaching the age where I was going to be my profile pic so I decided that 2013 I would finally take the plunge, and what better way to start than with the well reviewed Jas.


Booking with Jas was easy and she was always quick to reply. I gave her fair warning of my problem to give her a chance to decline but she assured me it would not be an issue.


As to the session details themselves, I don't think I can meaningfully add to any of the previous reviews. A search on this forum will review 90 odd reviews of Jas, and to my knowledge all of them are positive. I don't believe this is a coincidence as from my experience she takes pride in her work and did everything to make my night as memorable as possible, and believe me she had to work overtime with me!


Our second meeting was a more relaxed affair and Jas had worked out what I was after without me even mentioning it in my booking email and provided me with a memorable girlfriend experience.


Clearly the purpose of this review was not to go into all of the details but really to let anyone else in my position know that there are professionals out there willing to take the time and provide an unforgettable experience.


Jas said that she likes getting reviews as she likes to go back and read them again in years to come and remember the session. I am fairly confident that if Jas reads this in years to come that I will not have made any top 10 list but those 2 nights will stay in my memory for a long time.


Merci Jas.

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Good on you, Shaggy


You are a lucky boy being in Melbourne and all. A lot of us interstate punters are going to miss Jas when she stops touring at the end of the year. I guess I just have to make the most of it in the next 8 months of so.

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Nice reviews buddy. Did anybody know whether she does incalls ? Thanks all.

Incalls are a no-no in Victoria, but while she is touring interstate then definitiely.


BTW, Jas takes her work seriously & the punter benefits accordingly :D

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In that case, I mght need to book a hotel in the city to see her. Can anyone suggest a place for me please if possible, do i have to book by hours or full day ? Tks all, this is my 1st escort btw :D

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I'd try searching the forums here mate or Wotif.com.


I know the Windsor in the CBD is punting friendly but is not cheap.

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Nice review.It is always a pleasure to have a lady who takes her work seriously and works closely with her client to deal with issues.

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