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Taylor Gunz - General Discussion Thread


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Taylor Gunz, Sydney :: 0451 154 644

Email | Website | 0451 154 644




Good new Brisbane i emailed Taylor about a Brisbane tour, and she said she will be up soon details should be on privateGirls in about 2 weeks.




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Taylor Gunz touring Adelaide. Building applause and excitement. Thank you, Jesus!


Guys - side bar - check out the Stones Doom and Gloom clip featuring the outstanding and fucken gorgeous Noomi Rapace

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Tried to book Taylor on her last Perth tour with no luck unfortunately. Didnt even get a reply. Was fully booked i suppose :(

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Yeah ,may have been fully booked but replies by electronic media don't cost much if there's not hundreds to do. Not good business in my book.

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I think she is has stopped punting and stopped fucking with us fuckers! I tried late last year but no reply. I managed to see her when she first toured in Melbourne a while ago. Whoa, she is great in the sack with heaps of effort and gusto!


That girl can certainly suck a dick in my books.


Regards GT

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Her instagram page make out that she is out of control with drugs... wtf anyone??

Had a session with Ms Gunz this week, was very rational and did not appear to be on any drugs.

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Her instagram page make out that she is out of control with drugs... wtf anyone??


Unless she deleted those pictures, I'm not seeing it.

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I knew Taylor when she was working as a Stripper at Sefton Playhouse in Sydney before she got that horrid tattoo on her cheek. That tattoo was the only reason I never booked her when she became an escort. But pre facial tattoo I thought she was smoking hot.

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I remember checking Taylor, Trinity and Jewell out weekly in those picture and people magazines


At one of the sexpos i think 2009 I was lucky enough to get a photo with those three topless.


I always thought Taylor was a cutie..but not a huge fan of tatts.


I always wondered what happened to Taylor. Happy thats shes doing fine.


If I was not retired..Taylor would def be tempting...


I wonder If Trinity or Jewell ever worked as WLs or escorts



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The legend is back you lucky punters on the East Coast.

If your reading this Taylor welcome back.

Had a blast with her when she toured the West many years ago.

Get in while you can Sydney

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