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Review Information

  1. Sex Worker's Name: Lauren Hart
  2. Session Month: October
  3. Session Year: 2012
  4. Type of Service: Private Escort
  5. Service Provider's Email (if any): [email protected]
  6. Link to Website or Online Ad (if any): lauren-hart.com
  7. Photos Authenticity: 100% Real
  8. Advertised Hourly Rate (Pick closest): $600
  9. Location where session took place: New South Wales
  10. Incall or Outcall (Leave blank in Victoria): Incall to Escort's place
  11. Session Day: Weekend
  12. Session Time: Evening
  13. Estimated Age: 21 - 25
  14. Estimated Ethnic Group: Mixed Groups Origin
  15. Nationality (Leave blank if Australian): New Zealand
  16. Knowledge of English: Very Good
  17. Hair Colour: Brown
  18. Hair Length: Long
  19. Eyes Colour: Brown
  20. Skin Colour: Pale
  21. Height: Average - Around 165 cm / 5'5"
  22. Body Shape: Petite
  23. Estimated Body Size: 6 to 8
  24. Estimated Breast Size: AA to B (Small to Average)
  25. Pubic Hair: All Waxed / Shaved
  26. Any Tattoos?: One or two
  27. Any Piercings?: None, no piercings
  28. Full Sex Available: Yes, intercourse
  29. Kind of Experience: GFE/PSE Combined
  30. Kissing Available: Yes, DFK (Deep French Kissing)
  31. Blowjob: Yes, BBBJ and CIM (Cum In Mouth)
  32. DATY / Oral On Her: Yes, without a dam
  33. Extras Charged: No, all included
  34. Overall Looks: Beautiful
  35. Overall Personality: Fun
  36. Overall Performance: Out of this world!

Private Escort - October 2012 - Lauren Hart


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It's been over 3 months since I've went through with a punt, and I've been recommended to Lauren Hart personally by my punter friends in the past. So I thought there's no better way to make my comeback than to experience the Lauren Hart fantasy. It took a couple of bookings before it actually happened, (due to the cold & flu epidemic), but the long wait was well worth it.


When the door first opened, the first thing I noticed was that gorgeous face with striking exotic features. Having said that, her body in that tight black mini-dress and high heels was stunning, very stunning. She reminds me of some French actress, although with her hair in a pony tail, in certain views, she has a resemblance to Natalie Portman, especially when she is giving me a sensual bbbj looking up at me. In my personal opinion, she has a really pretty face that I could look at all day. A couple of reviewers say she resembles Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba. Hmm, so she seems to be a chameleon of multiple-celebrity resemblances!


After some easy chatting, she started bantering with me with naughty and flirty remarks, which quickly transitioned to some very erotic kissing. Not long, she lied me down and climbed over and on top of me, and resumed a very long, very erotic DFK while she was grinding her body against mine. Slowly, our clothes came off (as she did 'complain' I had way too many clothes on). My flesh on her naked soft body was a heavenly feeling, and her hands ever so softly brushing all over my body was building up some very nice sensations. ;) Her slow soft kisses all the way down my body had made my manhood stand to attention. Although its been some months since I experienced any oral pleasures, I can't believe how divine her mouth, lips and tongue felt on my throbbing penis. Her techniques with her mouth and hands were definitely among the best I've experienced, if not the best! (And believe me, I've experienced a fair few times of great oral in my life time). She had just the right amount of pressure and pace, varying from very slow and soft to slightly fast and firm at the right times. There's no part of my genital area that was ignored. What really blew my mind (and other parts of me) was her rhythmic motion of her mouth softly wrapped around my cock, one hand twisting and stroking my shaft, and her other hand gently caressing my balls all at once. Fuck I loved that! Sometimes, I had to hold back a bit as the sensations felt so good I could have blown my load early. And it wasn't easy to resist especially when she looks at me often with those big beautiful eyes whispering some dirty words. Her dirty words were just right and genuine, not like the over-the-top dirty talk that some of adult actresses do in hardcore films. But she did mix in some hardcore elements like some out-of-this-world deep throating and CIM in such a sexy style. Also, she suggested to give it to her orally with her head over the edge of the bed! Of course, I complied. :)


When it was my turn to return the oral favour, she was very responsive, maybe it was the bucking and contracting and the moaning, but I know it was very genuine responses that I felt on my fingers and my mouth. ;) When I kissed all the way down her beautiful body to the most sacred part of her body, I got a nice surprise! Shaved, neat and pretty in pink. (As JayC put it, "...her pussy tightly closed - really pretty and not a stray lip to be seen."). My appetite just got my insatiable! She really got off with my combination of tongue stimulation on her clitoris and finger stimulation in her G-Spot.

After a sustained mutual oral session, she made it known she was hungry for my cock inside her. And I loved how she expressed it too! Our intercourse was very intense but also felt very intimate, almost like two close lovers making love. She is also very responsive to my lead and my movements. I definitely felt like The Man making her feel like a woman... multiple times. :D


Personally, my encounter with Lauren was definitely the ultimate GFE experience for me. She is a refined lady who is a great conversationalist in a wide array of topics, and she is able to have a laugh or two which shows she doesn't take herself too seriously. I should mention that we got so carried away that we forgot what time it was and went over time. Her exceptionally pretty face, those gorgeous brown eyes looking at you, her erotic kisses, her womanly curves, her passion and intensity, and most of all her exceptional oral skills, you just cannot go wrong. It's a shame that she has relocated away from Sydney, but she has promised to come back, and when she does, I can assure you that I will make another booking. In fact, I can imagine many more repeat meetings with her.

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It's a shame that she has relocated away from Sydney

Not for us Mexican's it's not Mystery. Yay!!! :P :D

Thanks for a well written review of the beautiful LAUREN H. :)

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Man, not having much luck...


Booked her when she visited Syd just recently, but she cancelled the night before because she had to leave for home unexpectedly due to a family issue. But she was always in communication and professional. Better luck next time I guess.

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