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Pryana Rose - General Discussion Thread

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Hello Visitors of Pryana Rose,

First coment about this place and will be about my first incursion to here.

Well, I never heard of this place until I was reviewing the brothels section and suddenly I was driving to Yatala, so I said to myself “why not go and see how it is”

I put the address on the GPS and send me like 200mts apart from the place, so I drove around and saw the sign in an indrustrial area with lots of businesses. At the beginning I wasn’t sure if to park or not because the place is very visual and everyone who is there can see you are entering. I drove around and decided to park at the front of the place without any shame.

As soon as I enter, I was great by a friendly receptionist and we walk to a nice reception entry and made me enter to a waiting area(wich I noticed it was anotherones), nice couch for waiting to the girls to do their proper intro and if you decide to go ahead(this really surprised me) on the same waiting room it was another opposite door that goes to the rooms(it look very interesting to me.


Anyway, receptionist came, asked me if I decided for a girl, payment done in the reception and back to the waiting room until the lucky lady took ne to her room.


I really like the place, is nice and comfortable 

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