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Mature Darlings Sydney - General Discussion Thread


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Mature Darlings, Harris Park :: (02) 9806 9717

Address: 6 Station Street East, Harris Park, NSW 2150
Email | Website | (02) 9806 9717



Intel on mature darlings - Harris park

always a fan of matures and keen to try it out


thanks all 



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On 22/03/2021 at 12:15 PM, ian80au said:

I wonder if the owners of this establishment own the one of the same name in Newcastle.


No, they are not related. Both have been around 30+ years.

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1 minute ago, PacoMan said:

The establishments or the WL? 😊


I guess that some of the WLs have been around for more than 30 years. After all it's their niche. ;)

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34 minutes ago, smithy01988 said:

Is there a back entrance to this shop? The front door seems very exposed. 

Yes.  I haven't used it but it's on a small alleyway off Marion St on the southern side of the shop.  You can see the alleyway on Streetview.

If you have any problems just call the shop - they are always friendly and helpful.



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34 minutes ago, steevo said:

Fuck I wish this place was in Melbourne

Don't we all wish places were 'just next door' ?   Save on travel time :)

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40 minutes ago, rtfan said:

Don't we all wish places were 'just next door' ?   Save on travel time :)

Fuck yea

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