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Mature Darlings Sydney - General Discussion Thread


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Mature Darlings, Harris Park :: (02) 9806 9717

Address: 6 Station Street East, Harris Park, NSW 2150
Email | Website | (02) 9806 9717



Intel on mature darlings - Harris park

always a fan of matures and keen to try it out


thanks all 



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On 22/03/2021 at 12:15 PM, ian80au said:

I wonder if the owners of this establishment own the one of the same name in Newcastle.


No, they are not related. Both have been around 30+ years.

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1 minute ago, PacoMan said:

The establishments or the WL? 😊


I guess that some of the WLs have been around for more than 30 years. After all it's their niche. ;)

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34 minutes ago, smithy01988 said:

Is there a back entrance to this shop? The front door seems very exposed. 

Yes.  I haven't used it but it's on a small alleyway off Marion St on the southern side of the shop.  You can see the alleyway on Streetview.

If you have any problems just call the shop - they are always friendly and helpful.



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I've now had three visits and ticked off most of the ones I have been curious about, so here's my thoughts.

The venue is a really clean and comfortable place, clearly these ladies all have a bit of a domestic touch and keep the place very neat and tidy. 
The rates are pretty reasonable.
The service is great, and they make you feel very welcome.
The ladies have all been really friendly and seem to enjoy their time at work.
None of these ladies seem too bothered by the time - pretty sure all three of my bookings ran a touch over, and one was a mile over and no one cared.
If you put in the interest and treat them well they all very much respond in kind.
I have had a couple of meet and greet line-ups and that was worthwhile in confirming my short list of who I want to go back for,

Even the younger ladies are in their 40s that I have seen, with a fair number of GILFs. This isn't for everyone, but if it COULD be for you, then I'd recommend just giving it a go.
I kept to the 40's and 50's, but they have a few older and I wasn't quite ready for that much adventure (but I might, who knows, could be an interesting one off). 

WIR? I don't want to come off as jaded at all, but my desire for some new experiences and a break from the twentysomething HABs has been pretty good so far. Too much wandering around the edges of Pornhub in lockdown has piqued a few curiosities!

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For those playing along, my short list I still want to work through.






Some of the others sound good on paper but with 0 photos it isn’t triggering my visual interest.


Any intel appreciated.


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Another visit done.

The madam is always a pleasure to deal with, this remains a lovely and well run shop.

I noticed the prices seem to have gone up a touch.

Was introduced to Sasha, she is 100% on the hit list - spiky/punky blonde hair, a fair few tatts, quality accent - will be back for that.

(still)To do list:

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23 hours ago, runrun said:

Have you actually seen her in the flesh? I don’t put much stock on the photos.

yes, I have met her in person before. 

she looks similar to mia at tiffanys girls 

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