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Sydney Empress Massage - General Discussion Thread

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Sydney Empress Massage, Sydney :: 0451 009 669

Premises formerly operated as VIP 69

Address: Level 1, 69 Liverpool St, Sydney, NSW 2000
Email | Website | 0451 009 669

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I was attracted to this place by its website. Dropped in on Friday mid-afternoon.

Receptionist was a softly spoken and polite Chinese man.  Asked if I could meet some of the girls.

He said, "don't worry. I will bring you a very nice one."

As I paid my $125 for an hour, he asked if I wanted to try a double. I said no.


I asked again, "It would be good if I could at least choose form two or three girls".  Again, he replied "don't worry".


Showed me to a room which was cold (heater was switched off).  I decided to wait to see what girl he will bring before I got undressed.

After 5 minutes, an Australian woman knocks and comes in carrying a small plastic container -- oil, tissues -- and immediately I realised how the website is fake. This poor girl was polite but she looked like a homeless person and my level of interest totally died.


I had to think of a polite way to get out of there. I said, "sorry, I was waiting for someone to come in so I can tell them I am leaving. I won't stay for a massage, thanks."

She was polite and said, "Oh, if you want to see another girl, I can go and get him to send someone else."


But by then, looking at her, and the horrible room, and decided to leave.  She said, "please wait here, I will go and get him"


A minute later, the polite and softly spoke male receptionist knocks and says "don't worry, I will send someone else. I have a really nice girl for you."

This offer sounded more fake than Donald Trump's promises.


I declined his offer and said, "sorry, I don't feel comfortable and would like to leave. Could I have my money back."

He paid me back my $125 and I left.


It was such an anticlimax. All I can say is the website describes an imaginary place which is not really what Sydney Empress looks like in reality. 



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This place is crap. They ask for the money upfront. They advertised that they have 30 girls working every day. Total bullshit. I visit in the afternoon and was shown 2 Chinese ladies. I wasn't happy and asked for my money back. Then the excuses starts coming from the reception guy. I wasn't leaving until I get my money back. He said next time he won't show me the girls. Please mate, there will be no next time. This place is a joke. 

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Said to read the owner hasn’t tried to improve the quality of their business at all.

Never Again kind of place

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This is such a shame!! 

Place used to be solid. 


Anyone know where August went?.

She kinda looks like LianeV from insta. 

She did great massages and FS. 

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