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Fifi - General Discussion Thread


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There has been a recent addition to our Venus nymphs on pp, I wonder if it's the same Fifi?

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She had a great rep at BR but I don't think she was as young as her Scarlet Blue profile says she is. She looked older IMHO unless her make up made look look older somehow. I remember she used to have a lot of make up on. 

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23 hours ago, me and you 69 said:

Carios , cabron can you tell me if she has Tattoos 


She has a couple.


I noticed the tatts are photoshopped out of her Scarlet Blue photos - for privacy reasons I assume- so I won't describe them.

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19 hours ago, dogears said:

The French pocket rocket is back from early June!


Fifi coming back to Aus is better news than opening international borders

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