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Review Information

  1. Sex Worker's Name: Erika Khan
  2. Session Month: September
  3. Session Year: 2016
  4. Type of Service: Private Escort
  5. Phone Number (Please add area code): 0435 022 665
  6. Service Provider's Email (if any): [email protected]
  7. Link to Website or Online Ad (if any): http://www.escorterika.com/
  8. Photos Authenticity: 100% Real
  9. Advertised Hourly Rate (Pick closest): $500
  10. Location where session took place: New South Wales
  11. Incall or Outcall (Leave blank in Victoria): Incall to Escort's place
  12. Session Day: Weekday
  13. Session Time: Daytime
  14. Estimated Age: 21 - 25
  15. Estimated Ethnic Group: Asian Origin
  16. Hair Colour: Black
  17. Hair Length: Medium
  18. Eyes Colour: Coffee
  19. Skin Colour: Pale
  20. Height: Short - Under 160 cm / 5'3"
  21. Body Shape: Slim
  22. Estimated Body Size: 6 to 8
  23. Estimated Breast Size: AA to B (Small to Average)
  24. Enhanced breasts?: No, natural breasts
  25. Pubic Hair: All Waxed / Shaved
  26. Any Tattoos?: One or two
  27. Any Piercings?: None, no piercings
  28. Full Sex Available: Yes, intercourse
  29. Kind of Experience: GFE/PSE Combined
  30. Kissing Available: Yes, DFK (Deep French Kissing)
  31. Blowjob: Yes, BBBJ (Natural Oral)
  32. DATY / Oral On Her: Yes, without a dam
  33. Greek or Anal Sex Available: No
  34. Handjob Available: Yes, handjob
  35. Massage Available: Yes, rub-down
  36. Overall Looks: Beautiful
  37. Overall Personality: Fun
  38. Overall Performance: Fantastic time

Private Escort - January 2016 - Erika Khan


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Erika Khan
60 minutes.

I'm going to start with the glass half empty part, the minor negative aspect of this which is only 2% of the punt. It is just that I have never finished a booking this way, I'm a guy, I need a...... moment……. So….. After a great session we approach the end. Erika moves off the bed and on to the floor. I ask her to lean back on the edge of the bed placing both of her elbows on top. It placers her so as to lean, arch her backwards. I stand over her and move closer, brining myself close to finish. Before this I ask Erika to TTM me and I move in for this too which she readily does. I have to slow because the combined sensation is approaching a magical level. I grunt that I am close and position like wise. I can only be crass in this description, I basically dump three large loads on Erika’s face, nose, cheek and her forehead. From this with me shuddering I gasp, “finish me” and Erika dully takes me in her mouth and dully ensures finishing me off. I gasp in visual and sensual bliss. And here it goes off my standard script……..

Erika asks for some tissues. That’s fine and I go and get some. She cleans herself up with me in front of her. I offer to help her up and for her to have her shower first. Erika says that its okay, I can go first. This actually confuses me…..Would she not want to have a shower first? With Erika having a shower first it gives me a moment to lie back on the bed and enjoy the moment. I head off to the shower. Finish my shower and am now faced with the dilemma of do I get dressed or head back into the bed room for my delayed, enjoyment moment….. moment? Etiquette suggest to me that I get dressed, which I do. Dressed I emerge from the shower to sit down to put my shoes on. Erika comes out of the bedroom with a towel around her and heads into the bathroom to have her shower. It’s all back to front………….

I have viewed Erika’s profile for some time and have always intended to make a booking. She has a fantastic list of services and particularly the "daddy's naughty schoolgirl fantasy". With that in mind I weave a simple fantasy role play around this and email Erika if she would be interested. A replay soon comes that yes she would and from this some further correspondences for further clarification. The outline of the role play fantasy is that we are both getting ready, I am in the shower and Erika is partial dressed for school in long white socks, white bikini underwear and a white singlet top. I catch her peaking around the door whilst I am showering and it flows from there.

I truly amaze myself by almost planning this a week in advance. I am very spare of the moment and as I have no real schedule, planning something as this can be a challenge. Time and date set, items bought and all elements of the play date covered. That being, dirty talk, mutual rimming BBBJ, DATY, DFK and COF finished with CIM. All such request are listed in Erika's service and I strictly stay within this boundaries.

Day arrives and I sms to confirm and Erika replies that all is good and looking forward to or play date. I arrive on time, find an untimed street car park, get lost because I can't count street numbers, find the building, can't get up the lift but in the end finial make it. Am greater at the door by Erika and in I go. No need to do this usual description for simply look at Erika's profiles on Punterplant, Privategirls, her webpage and Twitter, it’s all accurate. Hellos, greetings and formalities settled. I give Erika the uniform to put on, ask if there are any questions or clarifications, all is good so I head off to the shower. It's fantastic and I give myself a very through wash. With this done I signal to Erika that I am ready. By calling out, "are you dressed for school yet?"
I see Erika peak around the corner. "What are you doing?" I ask and she duly replies, "I like watching you wash yourself."
"Why don't you come and help me then?" I reply.
Erika enters the bathroom and I see her in uniform properly for the first time. It is stunning and is exactly how I pictured it. The socks are just under her knees, the underwear fits perfectly as does the tight singlet top that occasionally shows the briefest of skin between it and her underwear. Erika approaches and I soap myself up and she dully takes hold and works her way around and under me. I am completely soaped up as she give me a HJ and further play around the area. All the while standing in front of me in that outfit.

With this done Erika suggest that I join her in her bedroom with the suggestive comment related to our theme. She leaves me to rinse off and exits the bathroom. Once finished I dry myself off and towels provided are large and fluffy. I make my way to the bedroom and find Erika in the middle of the bed on her knees sitting straight up. I dispense with my towel and climb on to the bed and we DFK, my hands wander her body and thighs. Erika's hands do not wander but continue the action started in the shower. From here I fall on to my back and a great BBBJ with some gagging and spitting is engaged in. She compliments this with TTM and her hand. Erika steady goes lower and lower until I am required to roll over and the suggestive comment and tone adds to the sensation at hand.

Now on my hands and knees Erika starts to rim and ultimately trombone me. It just fantastic and frankly I could have just stayed like for the duration of our time. But, there is much to do and enjoy. Tromboning concludes and we reposition for DATY. With Erika on her back we DFK, I move down over the singlet top with my hands and eyes. I pause at the skin revealed between the base of the top and her underwear and take a moment to nuzzle away, pushing up the singlet and the underwear down to expose more skin. I then come over the top of her underwear and then pull it to the side and delve in. She is perfectly smooth. I come up and roll Erika over on to her front. The view is just as erotic. The thin band of skin is still there but it is the curve of her but and the way the underwear covers it. You can still see the beautiful single creases of the base of her butt cheeks. I cannot but help to squeeze them. I carefully roll the underwear down to the base of her butt. With some more squeezes and nuzzling I eventually part them and delve in for some rimming of my own. Beautifully, flawless soft skin is just a joy to hold as I descend in. Erika moans and we continue or taboo fantasy roll play talk. We are both going to be late.

From here a Dom is fastened and lube applied, I again move her underwear to the side and easily slide in. Sitting back I gaze down at Erika still dressed in her outfit. It has been sensational erotica to run my hands over her body with the singlet top on. We stop here, move into doggie. To give you an insight to the care and preparation I can take, I carefully lower her underwear down so as not to have it twist at its sides. This requires you to slide your index fingers in both sides and slide them down. This results in them continuing to stay in shape and perfectly hang at the thighs or knees. I sit back for a moment to gasp at the view before me. I sit back up and we continue.

I slide Erika's underwear back up and we move off the bed to standing. Again, I carefully slide them down to just above her knees and we recommence. My hands rest on her hips but regularly slide up her torso, over her front and of course gripping her beautiful butt. I do wish there was a full length mirror for the front visual would truly have been a delight. We partially solve this by moving back to the bathroom.

Three beautiful highlight happen from here. The sight of Erika pulling up her underwear from behind is simple, elegant erotica, walking behind her as we make our way to the bathroom is slightly more deepened, elegant erotica but it is what happens in the bathroom once we recommence that caps all this off. As said, we have been muttering away to each other during our time. With us reengaged I have finally rolled her top up to reveal her delightful breast and she then grunts out the phrase "fuck my little cunt …….." The visual, from the mirror and behind, the sensation of us together and my hands roaming and now the verbal cues added, I am in a moment of bliss. One final little joy to be had is heading back to the bedroom. I follow Erika now naked except for the white socks. The view, the view, oh the view.......

Perhaps this is why, for I have said before, that maybe a good measure of a fun punt is that you cannot properly remember the order of events. Well, from here it is a bit of a struggle. Back in the bedroom we continue on with some BBBJ, DATY, more DFK, cowgirl and even a moment of where we cuddled for a rest. Perhaps we did something else, I can remember but we are quickly running out of time. With this we step off the bed and Erika lies against its edge for our finish.............

What a great, fun punt with a willing participant it has been. It is wonderful that you can have a role play fantasy with set boundaries and two informed, consenting adults. I have also written that I believe a key to this is the return to reality once the fantasy is finished with. I am dressed and putting my shoes and Erika has finished her shower and we have a talk about things in general in the real world. This finishes our time together perfectly.

With her towel now doing a woeful job of covering her breasts we part at the door with a social kiss.

The best 98%, over flowing half full glass of a punt you could ever have.




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 Wow, talk about a blow by blow, sounds like you fitted an awful lot into a one hour session, I would have thought that would have needed 2 hours at least. One question....what is ttm? talk to me? I don't think so in this case.

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"fuck my little cunt …….."


Glad you got to hear those words from her lips yourself Jason :) 

Such a little hottie huh?  

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what is ttm?
  Thanks for the pm Jason,  testicular tongue manipulation, nice, a bit like tea bagging I guess.  Erika really turns me on, honestly she is so similar to an ex girlfriend of mine  from about 3 years ago who was a petite 42 kgs, 39 years old and never had kids, from Singapore,  a  tight body to die for and the greatest fuck I ever had.....oh the memories. Erika looks like Sydneys version of  Brisbanes Queenie Pearl, two extremely hot Asian fucking machines.
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yeah definitely in my top two of all time blow jobs. She's very nimble and can take a good riding definitely recommend. 

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