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Congratulations! We are very glad to see that you are planning to advertise on Punter Planet.


Punter Planet is the escort-related site with the most traffic in Australia (source: similarweb.com), and on top of that, this is where your clients are.


That’s why advertising on Punter Planet works for you!


Advertise On Punter Planet


We could talk endlessly about how escort directories work on attracting visitors to their sites, via social media, search engine optimization, etc. but the truth is that Punter Planet’s success is due to the huge amount of organic content generated day in, day out, that attracts approx. 50% of our visitors via search engines.


Punter Planet is a dynamic vehicle for the advertising of your services and tours. In addition to your promotional profile, you can (and should) keep all your news coming, to be seen by those who matter, when it matters and where it matters.


Advertising on Punter Planet is also fantastic value for money. Just as an example, a private escort can advertise here from as little as AUD $3 a day (approximate figure based on a 90 day Basic package). That may not even be the price of a coffee these days! ;)


We have recently revamped our advertising guide to make it totally responsive, and hence of easy access to all visitors, no matter what sort of device they use.


This has also come with a stylish design, but that would mean very little if it wasn’t for the amount of useful features our packages offer you.


Please take a look at how to advertise on Punter Planet to see how it’s done.


By advertising on Punter Planet, you’ll also be in great company, as this site attracts the best-reputed and most trustworthy escorts in Australia.


Should you have any further questions or need help with finding the information you are looking for, please don’t hesitate in contacting us.




 (All prices include GST)


Showcased Escort (90 days) - AUD $550 (Limited availability)

Featured Escort (90 days) - AUD $385

Featured Escort (30 days) - AUD $220

Escort Basic - (90 days) - AUD $275

Escort Basic - (30 days) - AUD $165


Showcased TS Escort (90 days) - AUD $550 (Limited availability)

Featured TS Escort - (90 days) - AUD $385

Featured TS Escort - (30 days) - AUD $220

TS Escort Basic - (90 days) - AUD $220 (Promotional Rate)

TS Escort Basic - (30 days) - AUD $165


Showcased Masseuse (90 days) - AUD $550 (Limited availability)

Featured Masseuse - (90 days) - AUD $385

Featured Masseuse - (30 days) - AUD $220

Masseuse Basic - (90 days) - AUD $220 (Promotional Rate)

Masseuse Basic - (30 days) - AUD $165


Showcased Parlour Girl (90 days) - AUD $550 (Limited availability)

Featured Parlour Girl - (90 days) - AUD $385

Featured Parlour Girl - (30 days) - AUD $220

Parlour Girl Basic - (90 days) - AUD $220 (Promotional Rate)

Parlour Girl Basic - (30 days) - AUD $165


Showcased Business (90 days) - AUD $715 (Limited availability)

Featured Business (90 days) - AUD $550

Business Basic - (90 days) - AUD $440

(All business packages also come with up to 4 individual basic profiles for their girls at no extra cost)


Industry Supplier (90 days) - AUD $165



We accept payments via bank transfer or deposit. We also accept Visa and Mastercard upon arrangement.


If you are considering advertising with us, we do recommend you a 90 day package unless you are visiting Australia only for a brief period of time. A quick look at the prices list will show you that our 90 day packages will save you a considerable amount of money in the not so long term.


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