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  2. Norrislrkr

    The aging escort

    Well said @RayofSunshine66 . It is for that exact reason I prefer more mature providers. In fact the search for the ultimate "milf" is somewhat akin to the search for the holy grail in my view. Just recently I have been privileged to meet a couple of ladies who used all their skills and experience to provide an excellent service made all the better by the fact that they obviously enjoyed their work. Can't wait for the next part of the search.
  3. Scarlett B Wilde

    A First Time Guide To Adult Service Providers

    What a great fucking marketing ploy ! All this week guys- Book me for a kinky GFE and I'll add a '0' to the price ! Hehehehe....... Hmmmmm... maybe ?!
  4. Yesterday
  5. I am keeping an eye out for her coming to Melbourne simply so I can see her in the tennis outfit.
  6. The problem with so many sex workers is they are self entitled. Electra may be better at her private rates, but she is still ungrateful and entitled working in a brothel dishing out crap service and raking in a lot more money per hour than she would by potentially flipping burgers.
  7. Spoilers_689043

    Bodyline - June 2018 - Olivia

    Sorry what’s AD?
  8. CaptainCaveman551

    Dream Girl 130 - July 2019 - Lora

    Agreed. Self righteous boner killing pricks are absolute neccessary to keep things in perspective.
  9. Last week
  10. For a $75 per hour massage RNT you can't expect much I suppose
  11. Thanks for the review. Jerammee. Hope to meet the angel one day too.
  12. Jaimee

    1hr $50 Jaimee Relaxation Massage

    Time Left: 27 days and 2 hours

    • FOR HIRE

    Doncaster East 1hr $50 Mon to Sat from 10am till 5pm l studied Certificate IV in Massage Therapy. Being a caring person by nature, it was a natural progression for me to do massage. My technique involves long strokes & is soothing. I use warm oil that leaves your skin feeling revived without feeling greasy & can be pat dry. I have a cosy, clean environment set up with LED candles & soft music. My massage table has a face crest & armrest for extra comfort. It's made of soft touch contour upholstery & it's working weight capacity is 204kg. The warm oil & comforting touch relax the muscles, calm the nervous system, soothe emotions & nourish the skin. Please text me on 0449 805 982 Thank you, Jaimee


    Melbourne , Victoria - AU

  13. Thanks for the info. Unfortunately I've yet to see her and it's mainly the distance to ivys that's keeping me away. But if she's indeed leaving then I should make an effort. Are you able to confirm if she is really leaving?? Also anyone know if Maria has left for good or working private?
  14. Hard to get a day time booking with her. I think she is now working mostly night. She was one of the more memorable ones. Last time I saw her, she blew me for nearly an hour with a great variety and keeping me on the edge forever, we then fucked for nearly 40 mins and finished with her blowing me. The best was the unrushed, very caring, pleasure giving experience. To top it off, she gave me another blowjob in the shower when washing up. Night is not for me...too bad. I live too far from South St.
  15. Earlier
  16. MrBob

    Golden shower

    Time Left: 22 days and 21 hours

    • WANTED

    I am looking for a young woman with a fit body to give me a golden shower. Service does not have to include oral, vaginal sex or handjobs. Thanks


  17. Sounds like a must meet and greet. Nice review on Quinn bro.
  18. Yeah I have. She's very mechanical. If you're after her particular look, she's fine. I don't think you'll storm out of there angry at the service, but I'd be surprised if you book her a second time.
  19. Gavdog1986

    In Maryborough

    Time Left: 20 days and 21 hours

    • WANTED

    Hi im interested in an hour booking please in Maryborough


  20. Oh you are so lucky! God I miss her but I'm over shortly so will be booking her asap!
  21. Well.....I think you can guess. Yep. I caught up Summer again yesterday. She is very addictive, but it’s an addiction you embrace when you meet a truly beautiful person who also just happens to be extremely sexy.
  22. TayTay

    Back with Bounce - Pre Book Now!

    My time off has been super relaxing and has gone super quick. My very much needed mini break must come to an end and business must resume. So, it’s 4 sleeps and I will be back. I am returning and taking bookings from Friday 16th August. Usual rules apply gents, I do not take on last minute bookings and do require a day notice for all bookings. Outcall only bookings accepted. Pre-bookings way in advance make me very hot under the collar Check Out My Profile!
  23. Time Left: 19 days and 1 hour

    • FOR HIRE

    Brisbane - 3 & 4 September http://www.minamelbourne.com Email: minakimmelbourne@protonmail.ch SMS: 0458 732 249


    Brisbane, Queensland - AU

  24. AndyJ

    Mina's Upcoming Tours

    Thanks Mina.
  25. Zoe Adams, Canberra :: Please Email Email | Website | Phone N/A ________________________________________ Many of Zoe's earlier reviews can be found under her former agency's folder here.
  26. Fair enough. You make a sound case for your position.
  27. There sister shop in the CBD Sydney impress, a customer stayed with an Aussie girl there, he paid the usual 90 for 30 and the girl asked if he would like additional extras. 50 for Bj is sort of standard now, but asking 50 to touch her pussy, wow.
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