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  2. After seeing Ellie in Brisbane in April, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to meet up with her in Melbourne while she was in town. Ellie is stunning, so gorgeous, she is a sex goddess for sure. her beauty is enchanting. Ellie greeted me with her big blue eyes and huge smile, and her long legs that go all the way up to paradise. With a very hot passionate kiss from the outset, i knew this was going to be memorable encounter, one to savour. I wasn't wrong! We picked straight up from where we left off at our last tryst. Kissing Ellie is heaven, I could feel the sexual tension rising fast between us as we kissed. It was electric, Ellie just knows how to make you feel like she is on this earth only for you. it wasn't long until we were both naked and enjoying each other immensely, we were both in ecstasy, licking and fucking, fucking and licking, the sex was out of this world. it started with Ellie riding me cowgirl and progressed quickly to multiple other positions. we were fucking hard, missionary with Ellie's feet on my shoulders is a now favourite position of mine. I was lucky enough to feel Ellie squirt on my cock and then on my fingers. She tastes delightful. This girl is hot AF and couldn't get enough, I was happy to oblige. The session ran into the second hour, we were having too much fun, what a hot night this was. I was completely satisfied and remained feeling euphoric even after our meeting was over. Thank you Ellie you are an angel, look forward to next time our paths cross. Apparently a meteor crashed to earth this night, co-incidence?
  3. GP23

    Wife 2 and between

    Have you tried having a TS experience I think you would enjoy it
  4. GP23

    Wife 2 now and the RnT

    You can find some gems in massage parlours when you aren't even looking. Some of the best blow jobs I have had have been in so called legit placed when I have actually just been seeking a massage.
  5. AndyJ

    Francesca Bella Touring Cairns until the 26th May

    Thanks Francesca.
  6. Steelmaster

    Cherry Blossoms - 27/02/08 - Joyce

    Originally posted 27 February 2008 Subtitled: A last long kiss goodbye from Steelmaster This lovely lady is addictive, but she will be going home to Taiwan next week. Last week I had a session with Joyce to wish her bon voyage. But I decided at that time I would have to come back for one final longer and more relaxed farewell session. Today I found myself dropping in to Cherry Blossoms a few minutes after 5pm. I had phoned earlier and discovered Joyce started earlier today, around 4pm. I wasn't anticipating getting the benefit of the pre-5pm discount prices ($225 for an hour instead of $260), as it was already after 5pm. In some shops, your booking even needs to be finished by the cut-off time. When I told the Mamasan that I wanted to book Joyce for an hour, she stuck her head into the ladies lounge and spoke in Chinese, presumably to Joyce . I heard the words 'Internet review' and 'discount' mentioned. The mamasan is well aware that I posted Joyce's first ever review on FIA. The then mamasan ushered me to one of the back rooms and I gave her three $100 notes, assuming correctly that Joyce will bring the change. While I was showering, Joyce arrived. While she dried me, she explained that the Mamasan had agreed to charge the afternoon discount price of $225. This was a pleasant and unexpected surprise, both in terms of the cash saved, and how much Joyce's English has improved, as she was able to carefully enunciate the words 'two hundred and twenty-five dollars'. I recalled in our first session in November, Joyce had to write the session cost with her finger on the mirror. Joyce said her nights are becoming even busier as she moves into her last week before heading home. She said she was happy we can have a more relaxing one hour session this time. As we reclined together on the bed, I examined in detail for the first time the two tattoos Joyce has on her sexy body. We talked and laughed about many diverse topics as I gave her a brief back and neck massage, which she seemed to appreciate very much. Massaging her sexy bum proved too much for me, and I spread her legs so I could lick her pussy from above. She definitely enjoyed this, so I lifted her bum until she was on her knees. doggy style, and I kneeled next to the bed so could perform my best DATY efforts from behind. We both found this very enjoyable. My dick by now was rampant, and was uncomfortably poking at the side of the bed as I tried to concentrate on DATY with Joyce's delightful pussy and bum in my face. My mobile phone rang when I was in the process of positioning Joyce on her back so I could renew my DATY efforts in this more conventional position. I noticed the caller ID showed it was a business friend. I ignored the call, but Joyce asked if it was important. I explained it was a friend, and they will no doubt call back later. The caller rang again, and Joyce urged me to take the call, indicating she will keep silent. Knowing that the call would only be brief, I answered the phone. Joyce, with an evil grin on her beautiful face, immediately went down and began performing an exquisite BBBJ on my still rampant dick. It was delightful torture, trying to keep a small amount of attention on the phone call, while switching most of my attention to watching Joyce's sensational BBBJ, with her eyes glued to mine, watching with obvious amusement my agony of distraction, with the cheekiest of looks in her eyes! Fantastic. This lasted less than a minute. I hope I made some vague sense to my caller. I know I will remember the incident with delight to my dying days! When we finally stopped laughing, we moved into a wonderful long and enjoyable 69, with Joyce determined to push me over the edge with her superb BBBJ, and me trying to distract her efforts by applying my best DATY efforts. After a long stand-off, I realised I was about to go over the edge, so I admitted her oral talents were far greater than mine. She applied a condom and we spent some time with Joyce in various Cowgirl positions, followed by missionary. All of this was interspersed with lots of DFK, initiated by Joyce. I was considering trying doggy, but when I checked the time, I realised that we had only minutes remaining on the clock. Joyce indicated she will finish me off again with BBBJ, as it will be quicker. I did not argue with her irrefutable logic The buzzer sounded almost as soon as we started, but Joyce indicated that making me come was far more important than the buzzer. She swung around into 69 position and within a few minutes had me over the top. The second buzzer sounded as we entered the shower together. She did not cut short her usual delightful ministrations in the shower. As we dressed and said our final warm goodbyes, I gave Joyce a $50 tip. She at first refused to take it, saying it was far too much, but I convinced her by pointing out that my discount was almost as much as the tip. I hope that Joyce does come back to Melbourne in a few months time. She is a delightful, sexy, warm and beautiful lady. Steelmaster
  7. Steelmaster

    Cherry Blossoms - 16/11/07 - Joyce

    Originally posted 03 December 2007 In his entertaining account of his recent Mega-punt weekend in Melbourne, Anomaly427 mentioned that I took him on a market research visit to Cherry Blossoms. This was mainly so he could check out TheFatBoy's recommendation of Amber. QUOTE from Anomaly: We are shown four very nice ladies. We recall the names of Joyce, a beautiful new girl from Taiwan, and of course, Amber. It was Amber that I had heard so much about. Amber looked good, but I was VERY impressed with Joyce. She did not look typically Chinese (if there is such a thing). Anomaly and I agreed she is beautiful, but in a most unusual way. We returned to CBs mid-afternoon on the last day of Anomaly's visit, but discovered both Joyce and Amber were not starting until 6pm. By then, we had to be starting for the airport to ensure Anomaly did not miss his flight back to Sydney. Instead, we backtracked to the Colosseum where Anomaly treated himself to a third session with one of his new favourites. A week later, I decided that Joyce needed closer inspection. I drove to Cherry Blossoms, arriving soon after 7pm. I had shaved in the car on the way, on the hopeful assumption that DATY will be on the menu. I entered via the front door and found an intro session already underway. Three guys were seated in the tiny foyer (two western, one asian). The mamasan asked me to stand in the doorway. The first girl to emerge was Joyce, looking even more beautiful than when Anomaly and I met her exactly a week ago. She said hello to the three in the intro foyer, then came over to the doorway to say hello to me. I beckoned her to come closer (so the others could not hear our conversation). I asked if I booked her, can I lick pussy? She did not understand. I touched my tongue and then her pussy. Her eyes lit up with comprehension, she grinned and nodded her head in vigorous agreement. I went straight to the mamasan and said I wanted to book Joyce for 30 minutes. I wanted to make sure that the other punters did not lock her away first. The mamasan said the other guys have first choice and proceeded to run out another few ladies. All were OK, but nothing spectacular. At this point another four Asian guys entered via the back door. The place was getting uncomfortably crowded. The mamasan asked the first group of guys who they wanted to book. They started on a complex round of discussions amongst themselves, so the mamasan immediately interjected and said, "Another customer wants to book Joyce." They seemed to give no real reaction, so she quickly called "Booking for Joyce" (but many decibels quieter than Yim at the MC). Thank god for impatient mamasans. She took me to a pokey room at the back, and told me to pay Joyce. Joyce quickly followed, entering the room with a big happy smile. I asked her how much for a 30 minute booking. She surprised me by not being able to respond in English – she wrote the figures 1, 3 & 0 using her finger on the mirror. I gave her $150 cash, and showered while she went away to get $20 change. She was back before I finished the shower with the change, a paper cup of water and more towels. As I emerged from the shower, Joyce handed me a towel and started to dry me with another towel. She giggled a lot when we clashed several times trying to dry the same bits. When dry, I sat on the edge of the bed. Joyce slipped off her shoes and removed her sexy shorts in one movement, leaving her naked from the waist down, but still wearing a short halter top and sexy white striped bra. I always find it very erotic for ladies to undress in this order, but I was surprised to find Joyce has an untrimmed bush, rather than my favourite shaved pussy, or small landing strip. Joyce then quickly took off her top and bra, revealing enhanced breasts. Thankfully, they are well sized to her petite figure, and seem to be a good job. They are reasonably soft and well shaped. Her nipples are small and their colour matches closely her skin tone, unlike the dark brown nipples I am used to with my favourite Thai ladies. In the past, I have often found that ladies with enhanced breasts experience desensitized nipples, but as soon as I touched Joyce's breasts and nipples, there was an immediate and noticeable degree of erection (from both of us). Before describing the action, I will describe Joyce and summarise what I learned about her during the session. Her English is minimal, but the chemistry was there and a definite connection. We managed to communicate slowly and carefully, with lots of giggling at each successful exchange. She is 22 years old and has just arrived from Taiwan. I told her that 20 years ago I visited Taiwan. I was in Taipei and Kaoshiung. She indicated correctly that Koashiung is in the far south of the island. I said there were many beautiful women in Taipei, but none as beautiful as her! She said I have a very sweet mouth and kissed me tenderly. When Anomaly and I met her a week ago, it was her first day at Cherry Blossoms. She has a very beautiful face, but very different from any Chinese girl I have ever met. I would estimate she is just over 5ft tall and weighs no more than 45kg. She is slim, with a small tight sexy bum and not a sign of any excess weight anywhere. Her pussy lips are very dark, and when she opens them she reveals bright pink inside in stark contrast. While unshaved, her bush is not a jungle like some Asian ladies. I stroked the hair and carefully explained to her that most Asian men like this, but many Western men like shaved. She indicated she understood by contrasting her pubic hair with the silky smooth skin of her upper legs. She asked me which I like better. When I indicated the smooth skin near her pussy, she said with a big smile, "I do this?" and indicated a shaving motion through her pussy hair! I gave her a thumbs up and a big grin, nodding my head in agreement. She laughed and gave me a big cuddle. I lay back on the bed and she climbed all over me, immediately breaking into an unrestrained kissing session. Very nice surprise! We kissed and caressed for a short time, then I said I want to look closer at her pussy. She understood what I meant without any problem. She reclined on the bed and spread her legs to give me a good view. She began to gently caress her pussy lips, then teasingly opened them to reveal more of the bright pink inside. She slowly stroked inside her lips, from top to bottom, intently watching my face, which was positioned perfectly for a close-up view. She was obviously pleased with the look of rapture on my face, and I was equally pleased to see her pussy was rapidly becoming very moist. For several minutes, I resisted the impulse to dive in head first, but, finally I had to join in. I teasingly licked her fingers while she continued to touch herself, but she quickly removed her hand and pulled my head closer to force me to lick her. I gave her my best oral attention for a few minutes. The pubic hair felt different, but not a big turn off. She certainly seemed to be enjoying it, and I quickly became fully erect. She was laying on her back, legs spread, with me kneeling over her, burying my head in her pussy. I moved around so she had access to my dick – she immediately began playing with it with both hands. But very soon she interrupted me and with unmistakable sign language asked if she could take my dick in her mouth. I nodded enthusiastically, and she immediately started a very enjoyable BBBJ. I watched this with great appreciation for a few moments, then went back to more pussy licking. This position was uncomfortable, so I thought, "Time to get serious" I indicated by more sign language that we should try 69. She understood immediately. I positioned myself on my back while she swung smoothly on top and dropped her pussy accurately on my face. She has certainly done that before. The next few minutes were a combination of concentrating on giving her my best efforts in trying to make her cum, while trying to avoid cumming too soon myself. I really enjoy BBBJ 69 and have no great difficulty cumming this way. Even my tentative exploration of licking her anus and perineum brought a strongly positive reaction from Joyce, inducing even more vigorous sucking at the other end, making it yet more difficult for me to resist cumming. But after a while in this delightful position, I decided I wanted to squeeze in at least some dick in pussy action, so I indicated to her again what I wanted. This is when it all went downhill in a rush. Joyce's attempts to put a condom onto my still erect dick were not so skilled, and within moments my proud erection was wilting fast. She was very concerned with this and tried with a second condom. By the time that was on, my dick was in no condition to achieve any effective penetration, despite Joyce's willing efforts. Soon I gave up, realising from bitter past experience that the harder I try to get hard, the more impossible it will be, especially with the added pressure of the clock now running against me. I took off the condom, and Joyce immediately began to give me another BBBJ in the hope of making me fully hard again, having seen the earlier proof that this was possible. But still to no avail. I lay on my back and by more sign language, suggested to Joyce that an oiled HJ was the only hope left in the short time remaining. Once again, she understood immediately and set to the task. Once she was underway, I had a spark of genius and gently urged her to swing her pussy back onto my face. This had immediate impact and although the buzzer soon sounded to signal the end of the session, I was able to get hard, get inspired by her wet pussy and get over the edge, thanks to her vigorous HJ. The intensity of my orgasm and the volume of cum were both pretty uninspiring, but we were both happy that I got there. I headed for the shower and was very happy to find her crowding into the shower with me. She tenderly soaped me up and washed me from head to toes, including a very sexy full body rub from behind while she washed my back and shoulders. She then seemed very surprised and happy when I took the trouble of helping her wash her body (especially her boobs and bum). Once again, she helped dry me and we quickly dressed. She handed me my watch and my $20 change, which I indicated she should keep. I had timed the start of the session to check if I got a full 30 minutes, but I totally forgot to check the time at the end. Will I go back again? I think I probably will, in due course. Joyce is a very beautiful, sexy and warm person. I should not give up when the performance failure was entirely mine. PS - an update on Cherry blossom's price structure: 30 minutes, daytime before 5pm $120, nights $130 45 minutes, daytime before 5pm $180, nights $195 60 minutes, daytime before 5pm $225, nights $260 I consider these prices not too competitive, considering the very basic quality of the rooms. The prices at the MC, particularly the daytime discounts, offer far better value. But the ladies look promising, so I recommend it is worth a visit. Steelmaster
  8. Steelmaster

    Diamonds - 30/12/07 - Joyce

    Originally posted 31 December 2007 After very disappointing Sunday afternoon intros at two of my favourite Sydney parlours (Interlude at Taren Point and No.1 Blackburn St.), I decided to try Diamonds, based on its generally good reviews on FIA. I was a little nervous, as I had not checked out the reviews of individual WLs to ensure I avoided any with negative assessments. I was surprised to find there were at least six ladies available, all attractive and friendly. The receptionist offered me the choice of an all-at-once lineup, or individual introductions. I opted for the individual intros. I recommend that even if you are not offered this choice, you should insist on it. I chose Joyce from Malaysia, partly because she has an attractive face and a good body, but mainly because of her warm, friendly smile. I booked for 30 minutes, as I considered Diamonds' price structure to be too expensive to risk a longer first-time booking. Joyce is probably Malaysian-Chinese. She said she is 20 years old and has been in Australia for only two months. Her English is OK, but not fluent. She is about 1.58m (5 ft 2in) tall and weighs 52kg. She says her breasts are only B cup, but on her small frame they looked bigger – they are beautifully shaped and have nice erectile nipples. She has a curvy but firm bum and closely trimmed pubic hair. I showered and Joyce returned to the room before I was out of the shower. She followed with a quick shower while I was drying myself. Joyce joined me on the bed and proceeded to give the full progression of services listed so explicitly on Diamond's website, and described so well in many FIA reviews of Diamond's ladies. I was concerned that following this prescibed path might result in a mechanical and contrived session, but I was wrong. The cat bath concentrated on my nipples, then gradually trailed down to my groin. Joyce spread my legs very wide and licked my perineum, working to my balls and finally my very erect dick. Her BBBJ was VERY good. I had never before experienced the famous fire & ice BBBJ technique, so I am not in a position to judge how expert Joyce is at this. But, I can highly recommend it! After a cold, then hot then another cold fire & ice session, Joyce returned to standard BBBJ. Up to this point, I had let Joyce dictate both the pace and detail of the action. But now I asked her to swing around into 69 position, which she did willingly. I was happy that I had remembered to shave just before the booking. I gradually built up the intensity of the DATY as Joyce's pussy became very wet and the intensity of the BBBJ increased in parallel. Eventually I had to stop the 69 action as I was about to cum. Joyce quickly put a condom on my rigid dick and climbed on top in cowgirl position. Her pussy was so wet from my DATY that she did not use any lube. Her pussy was very tight and her cowgirl technique was so good that I soon realized that I would be able to cum in this position, which is unusual for me. I was surprised that Joyce was also very much enjoying this action, and seemed to be building up towards her own orgasm. I tried very hard to delay my explosion to give her time to finish first, but the more turned on she became, the more impossible it became foe me to hold back any longer. I came very strongly and Joyce collapsed onto my chest, holding me tight. I am not sure if she actually did cum, or if I came too quickly for her. After we cleaned up, we cuddled and talked for a no more than minute or two before the buzzer sounded. Joyce then showered with me and wished me a Happy New Year as she said goodbye. As this was my first session at Diamonds, I carefully checked the timing. The total time from enter room to exit room was 35 minutes. Effectively this means the first shower is free time, while the ending shower is paid time. I consider this perfectly acceptable, especially as the last shower was shared with Joyce. I said at the beginning of this review that I consider Diamonds prices are expensive. But after this session with Joyce, I accept that Diamonds are providing value for money. Joyce at least is highly recommended! Steelmaster
  9. Originally posted 11 August 2007 After a disappointing intro at 533 Willoughby Rd. this afternoon, I decided to try No.1 Blackburn Lane in Surry Hills. A friend had introduced me to this establishment on one of my Sydney visits last year. On that occasion, we had been impressed by the lineup of attractive WLs from Malaysia and Singapore. But the unusual intro format had put us off on that occasion. The ladies are paraded in pairs on a catwalk behind glass, with seats for the punters along both sides. The catwalk is relatively short, so the time you get to view the ladies is VERY brief. Each lady carries a number and the punters are instructed to remember these numbers so they can indicate their choice. Before heading off to Surry Hills, I reviewed the only two Blackburn Lane postings in this forum. Although dated 2005 and 2006, they did confirm I had the right shop as they described the unusual catwalk intros. I arrived at No.1 about 8.30pm. The papasan ushered me in to sit at the glassed catwalk, joining an Asian punter who had arrived just ahead of me. Papasan thrust a printed price list into my hand and immediately the catwalk lineup began. Even though I had prepared myself to try to make an instant assessment of each pair of WLs, it was VERY difficult. The first pair had come and gone before my brain and eyes were fully in gear. I had a vague impression that one of the first pair of WLs was perhaps the pick of the bunch, and that MAYBE her number was 11. The other punter chose one of the numbers (not 11) so I told the papasan that I was interested in one of the first two ladies, and maybe her number was 11. Without further ado, he called the WLs to repeat the entire catwalk performance. The one I had glimpsed first time looked even better this time, and she was definitely No.11! But it was very interesting that the second lineup included at least two or three WLs who had not appeared first time around. All of the ladies were from Malaysia or Singapore. I told papasan I wanted to book No. 11 for 30 minutes. The price structure is $135 for 30 minutes and $270 for 60 minutes (what happened to the concept of economies of scale to encourage punters to make longer bookings). The papsan surprised me by suggesting it is a good idea to book for 30 minutes, then extend if I like the service No. 11 appeared quickly at the papasan's request and took me upstairs. She introduced herself as Jennifer, from Malaysia. Jennifer is 1.63m (5ft 4in) but looked taller in her high heels. She has a beautiful face and speaks good English. She is slim with long legs, generous natural B-cups and a full round bum with great muscle tone. I forgot to ask her weight, but I would estimate it to be less than 50kg. She said she is 22 years old and has been in Australia for only two months. Most Asian ladies look younger than their real age, but I suspect Jennifer told me the truth. The combination of her age and good English makes me suspect she is a student. Jennifer disappeared downstairs while I showered. She said she will bring me a glass of Coke. I checked the time on my watch as soon as she left the room, as I am always concerned about the accuracy of time-keeping in my first visit to a unfamiliar shop. I had showered and completely dried myself before Jennifer returned - this did not look like a good start. While I waited alone for her, I took note of the room. It was only medium sized, but it was clean and well presented, with mirrors covering every wall. I like that! And the shower worked perfectly with accurate and responsive hot and cold controls - amazing! I sat on the bed and watched Jennifer remove the sexy harem-girl outfit she was wearing. Hmmmm - GREAT BODY! Pussy not shaved, but trimmed very close. I complimented her by saying I was very pleased that I had made an excellent choice. But then she surprised me by asking if it is OK for her to take a quick shower. Another negative sign re timewasting! And if we both end up showering before the booking, why not shower TOGETHER :do Jennifer showered quickly, dried herself and joined me on the bed. She opened a condom packet as she climed onto the bed, and this also seemed to be a bad sign (suggesting zero foreplay?) no3.gif But how wrong could I be! I lay on my back and she kneeled above me, caressing my chest with her delightful breasts and rapidly hardening nipples. She soon moved down, teasing my still sleeping dick with her breasts. At this point in my first bookings with a new lady, I am always a little concerned that I might suffer a degree of stage fright and take a long time to get fully erect. But before I could give this more than a passing thought, Jennifer blew my mind by taking me fully into her mouth - WOW - BBBJ - what a great way to cure stage fright! Jennifer is very good at this. Perhaps not the best BJ technique I have ever experienced, but still very good. Lots of vibrating tongue action. I was soon rearing towards full, rigid erection. I asked Jennifer to swing around so I could "see" her pussy. She did this without hesitation, and immediately lowered her pussy onto my waiting tongue. Difficult to focus too well on a pussy when it is only a few millimetres from your eyes, but I can still say that as pussies go, this is a very beautiful example. But there was another surprise here. Jennifer's pussy was already fully lubed up. When did she do this? Fortunately, the lube was not too heavily applied and tasted OK. And before too long her natural juices were flowing and the taste improved significantly. We continued in this delightful 69 for quite some time. I concentrated on delivering my best DATY technique, and after a while I was rewarded by her hips starting to gyrate and she began to grind her pussy into my face. But she surprised me by stopping the action and apologising to me that she cannot concentrate on the BJ when she is nearly cumming. I told her that her technique definitely had not declined in any way, but I figured it was time to progress to the next level. Jennifer then put a condom on me (definitely no sign of stage fright now) and climbed on top in cowgirl position. Her pussy was very tight and I was immediately worried that she might make me cum too quickly. She worked energetically on top for a few minutes, with both of us enjoying watching the action in the mirrors. Then I suggested we switch to missionary position. I figured we might already be running out of time due to the slow start. Jennifer looked even better lying on her back beneath me. And the mirror behind the bedhead was perfectly placed to give a closeup reflection of my dick sliding deep into her pussy on each stroke. Again, she soon had me close to cumming, but I am not a big fan of cumming into a plastic bag, so I finally pulled out and kneeled between her legs so she could finish me by hand and make me cum onto her beautiful breasts. After we cleaned up, we still had time to rest and chat for several minutes before the buzzer sounded. While Jennifer showered, I checked my watch and was surprised to see we had been given a full 30 minutes since I had started my shower. Jennifer said she works most days from mid-afternoon till closing time, which is sometimes as late as 5am. I said I am thinking of returning on Saturday or Sunday for a full one hour booking. She said she gives a good massage and I suspect I will really need that after I run the City-to-Surf fun run on Sunday morning. Overall, I was very pleased with Jennifer and my first booking at No.1 Blackburn. She is quite beautiful, gives very good service and I am sure I could help her to lift her perfomance to an outstanding ranking. But even more impressive is her sweet personality. If she was in Melbourne, she would fit smoothly into the top end of the Melborne Colloseum ranks. High praise indeed! Steelmaster -------------------- Update Posted 11 August 2007 The catwalk intro at first glance does appear to offer even less chance for asking the WL about her services. But when you pick one and before you head off upstairs, you still have the option of asking any key questions. In fact. the money transaction does not take place until you reach the room, so you can still change your mind. From a personal viewpoint, I have been booking Asian WLs for at least 10 years, in Australia and overseas. I have NEVER asked during an intro for details of their sevices. Knowing how shy Asian girls can be (outside the bedroom), I have always felt that most of them will be uncomfortable with questions such as whether I can have DATY. I always hope that it will be on offer, but sometimes the WL is so attractive that you know you will still book her anyway! And there is no point in asking about BBBJ, etc., as these practices are illegal, so the WL should not confirm her willingness outside the privacy of the room. The usual Asian shop intro consists of a quick succession of ladies making a brief appearance at a doorway, firing off a name and quickly disappearing, as though the last thing they want is to be booked. The best ladies take a little more trouble, giving their name, perhaps country of origin, and come across the room to hold the customer's hand while doing this rather than firing just the name from the doorway. This might show at least a glimpse of their personality during the intro, making it much easier for us bemused customers to make a better choice. If you compare the 2-lady catwalk sprint with the doorway peek-a-boo, there is even less chance of glimpsing their personality. So we are left with making the initial decision 100% on looks. This is a good reason to limit the first up booking with any new lady to just 30 minutes, in case the looks are deceiving. But in hindsight, the unusual catwalk intros at this shop should not be considered a negative. I recommend you try it with a positive attitude. I will definitely be returning to No.1 Blackburn. Steelmaster
  10. Steelmaster

    The Main Course - 22/07/07 - April

    Originally posted 22 July 2007 - 07:02 PM Last night my mind was working actively on thoughts of seeking to distract myself by booking another Asian lady. But who and where While I pondered this dilemma (and tried to watch the Tour de France on SBS), littlerooter sent to me a PM suggesting the solution - book April at the The Main Course as a guaranteed distraction. He followed up today with a second PM confirming April is at work. He suggested that I phone ahead to make a booking, and to remind her to bring her new PFM high heel shoes to the room. In more than 30 years of punting, I have NEVER booked a WL sight unseen - the ultimate blind date! I have read all eleven of April's reviews at The Main Course, including four by littlerooter. Amazing stuff. So I decided to trust LR's experience and go for it! I phoned to make a 30-minute booking and the receptionist said booking ahead for April is very sensible as she is always busy on Sundays. I rolled up five minutes before the appointed time and waited in the lounge, with a twinge of nervousness. I must try to follow LRs pattern of being brutally honest in his reviews. I admit that I have for a long time been nervous on the first booking of a new WL in case my dick presents me with a case of perfomance anxiety, or stage fright. There is nothing more embarassing than having a sexy new WL trying to breathe life into a wilting dick. Fortunately, April came downstairs from her booking before I could ponder too long on this potential problem. As she took me upstairs to the room, she expressed surprise that I made a phone booking for her when we had never met before. I briefly explained the background and told her of LR's strong recommendations. She laughed and assured me that she won't let LR or me down! Following LR's explicit advice, I discussed with April in detail that I was not seeking the Golden Shower service that he and other reviewers have so explicitly described. She laughed and said I am not such a naughty boy as them! After I showered, April came back to the room wearing the high-heeled PFM shoes so well described by LR. The sight of her in these shoes and nothing else is every bit as spectacular as LR suggested! Without going in to full detail, April began with a highly expert BBBJ, which soon eased my anxiety about any stage fright problems. When she swung around into 69, I made a mental note to acknowledge LR's accurate description of April's very sexy pussy and bum. I soon had to encourage her to switch to (covered) dick in pussy action, to avoid the imminent danger of cumming too soon due to April's devasting oral technique. But after only a few minutes of cowgirl then missionary sex, I gave into the urge to get back to the promised oral climax. Despite her incredible expertise, I felt I was building up only slowly to the inevitable explosion. I am very glad that I had read in detail from LR's reviews that April has the amazing ability to continue oral action for as long as it takes. Otherwise I would no doubt have stopped out of worry for her well being! But she succeeded in pushing me over the top to a mind-blowing orgasm. Surprisingly, we still had time left in the 30 minute session, so April gave me a very skillful and relaxing massage, which helped me recover enough strength to walk down the stairs at the end. Thank you littlerooter. Everything you posted about April is 100% accurate. And the outcome was most therapeutic for me. Steelmaster
  11. Sorry this review is so late guys. Maybe this and one other and I'm about up to date. What better to do on such a miserable Sunday afternoon than get the paperwork sorted. I thought it was worth posting this as it provides a somewhat counter view to the only other review of Jessie. All respect to donna though for his very balanced and informative review dated 29 May 2009. For this mission there was no time for research or pre-selection using FIA, instead just a sense of urgency and a trust that LFG will rise to the occasion as usual. Can't remember who introd, too long ago. I do recall though that there were three maybe four ladies and of them all, Jessica captured my interest. Jessica is a highly confident lady, taking control of the situation from the moment we entered the room. Different to many of the others at Team-LFG, Jessie left abruptly for me to shower, no hugs or kisses. It was too early to jump to conclusions just yet. When Jessie returned to the room she suggested I lay on the bed so she could give me a massage. This usually rings some alarm bells but I obeyed meekly. The first pleasant surprise was when Jessie got off her gear, she had really great tits – large and shapely. Jessie is a tall blonde, medium built Aussie lady with a very pretty (girl next door) face. My guess would be she is late 20s but I could be wrong. I don't recall the massage but I do recall she soon told me to turn over and then came the second pleasant surprise. By now I'd given up hope of this being a very passionate experience when lo and behold, Jessie sat on my groin, leaned forward and began a somewhat brief but exceptionally good spell of FK. She has soft and comfortable lips with a moist kissing style - very, very pleasant. Next, with Jessie still in control, we moved into mutual oral which was great. She was responsive to my mouth and tongue while she did her part very skilfully. This lasted a nice long time and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Jessie has a lovely shaven pussy which she used to grind [in the nicest possible way] into my face. She turned around for CG to finish which is where the next pleasant surprise came into play. All through CG, Jessie alternated between some really generous kissing and filling my mouth with those lovely, large tits. [i need to take a class on estimating tit size. I think in terms of mandarin, orange, cantaloupe or watermelon and I love them all regardless but I wish I could translate into A, B , C and D. If anyone knows of anyone offering a class in such matters - with a practical component - please let me know]. The last pleasant surprise was how talkative she was afterwards. She was open and frank about certain topics that were very interesting, to me anyway. In conclusion it was an experience that got off to a slowish start but warmed up to a very enjoyable time. I would definitely see Jessie again.
  12. Finally up to date with my reviews. There were a few scratchy notes made on my laptop at the time (a little after actually) and a quick call to LFG to confirm a detail or two. So I'm confident of its accuracy even though the experience is a few months old. I decided on LFG, firstly because I like the consistency of the place and secondly because it's close to Richmond station. Took and early lunch, jumped on a loop train and in about 10 minutes was ringing the doorbell at LFG. Already almost convinced of going with Tina due to some good reviews and a previous intro, it turned out she was the only one free. I remembered from the previous intro and it was repeated again that Tina is into the good things such as kissing, oral, mutual oral, she offers a warm, friendly service and a good time - long hand for GFE (I hoped). Tina is an attractive Aussie lady without being stunning. She is about mid- to late-30s, slim build with light brown, wavy, shoulder length hair. She has, (I'm struggling here), B-cup to C-cup breasts, which in the opinion of someone who likes to have at least a good handful, were pretty spot on. I confess I can't remember all the ins and outs but I can say the following with confidence, Tina: ** is true to her intro ** is fit and flexible ** is a lovely kisser ** kisses often and deep ** has a gung-ho tongue ** gives skilful oral ** responds demonstrably to receiving oral ** likes to fuck in multiple positions and is happy to do her share of the work ** finished with mish with non-stop DFK ** is definitely a genuine GFE I remember quite clearly after we'd finished and we were lying in each other's arms, thinking what a high quality experience it had been. There was a combination of still tingling in my loins and genuine satisfaction in my mind. A lot had gone on in half an hour and Tina had put her all into it. Nothing put on about this girl, she loves her work. Sitting here reliving the experience of it I'm asking myself why haven't I been back. The only possible answer could be there is such a wealth of lovely W/L in this wonderful city that I just haven't got round to it - YET. Tina is a very passionate, responsive, skilful and enjoyable lover.
  13. ToastedHam&Cheese

    QLD - 3 Reviews (2008-09)

    17/05/08 - YUMI Venue: Duncan St Fortitude Valley (Brisbane trip) Session 30 mins Massage Cost $70 In Brisbane for business and while killing time waiting for the plane to take me back to Melbourne I decided that I would sample a local massage. So with this in mind I grabbed the local paper and looked to see what was in my general area (as I was on foot). One jumped out at me – Japanese massage Fortitude Valley. Gave the number 0431 5200 293 (??) a call and she was happy to provide me with the address and told me if I came straight around she was available. She also says on the phone that the fee is $70 per hour and includes an oral ending. It just so happened that the address was just around the corner from where I was and so I was there in less than 15 mins. Into the secure building and up in the lift to the second floor and was met by a lovely Asian lady. The lady was a little soft in the body but her incredibly friendly attitude and lovely responsive nipples compensated this. Massage was nice and sensual and actually quite good. Very early in the session I was asked to roll over. As I am often short on the fuse I asked her to go very slowly on the orals, which she complied with. After a few minutes of incredible torment I was almost ready to pop so I asked if I could go down and dine at her lightly haired Y. She was happy to allow this and I dived in with tongue and fingers. It was here that the session had a slight hiccup when her phone rang and she answered it. I kept on going and she was responding, when she hung up she grabbed at my head and shuddered her way through two noisy and wet cums. She very much enjoyed this (she told me) and told me to fuck her – "no charge just please fuck me". Jnr by now had gone off the boil a little but was more than hard enough to gain entry to her moistened pussy and he was well behaved enough to keep off the boil long enough to see her to another shuddering cum. By now the session had gone over an hour and I was offered a shower, which I accepted and then we sat on the bed and chatted for a long time about the adult industry in Australia and places she wanted to visit. Lovely lady and a lovely session. I did pay her as I had a great time too. 28-01-09 "Balinese" English Massage 30 mins / $100 (45/60 = $150/$175) Nice enough girl 30 mins late while she had coffee with her financial adviser. Massage was ho hum and ending was very mechanical. Seemed nice enough but distracted. Great body fake EE's and cute face. GODDESS – Exotic Brunette petite & busty V. Pretty Valley 0437 850 409 29-01-09 Chinese - Yumi FS 30mins / $120 Nice enough. Tried to charge extra for BBBJ after telling me on the phone that natural oral was included in her standard service. Gave good BJ after I threatened to leave, DATY was ok but she had lightly pre-lubed. Sex was missionary only although managed to half roll her onto side. Tried to get me to shower straight after round 1 but I convinced her to let me dine again first .... Second round of missionary bonking followed after I ate her to a noisy cum. This time we finished with her rubbing my balls while I talked dirty. I think she came a second time. Ok body nothing to write home about. Certainly not 19 AABI Hot Fantasies 19 yo in/outcall all areas 24 hour 0449 909 404
  14. ToastedHam&Cheese

    Viet Nam - Overview (2008)

    Viet Nam State of play. Viet Nam is still a communist country with some fairly hardline views on sex trade so be aware that while pay for play is available it is quite illegal and you may get a knock on the door mid stroke from the local whallopers who have been tipped off by a hotel clerk you didn't tip enough. Now that being said the women in the south of Viet Nam range from very cute to smoking hot and given the opportunity and the right set of circumstances I would give the left one to unload the right into one of these pint sized princesses. Unfortunately for me the circumstances of my fortnight in Viet Nam did not allow me the pleasure of sending Jnr D on an canyoning experience. Sai Gon (or Ho Chi Minh City for those that haven't ever been there) is the capital of the South and is also the place to start your VN experience. This place is crazy with just about any experience available and not for to many dollars. It was not uncommon to get asked if you wanted MaryJane or massage at least once every 10 metres or so through the backpacker district (D1). In the main area it was the moto guys offering you girls ... they would call you over and show you pictures and offer to take you to these girls. From what I have been told the girls are usually the ones in the pics. The place that the guys will take you to is usually clean and safe. The girls are usually quite cheap (VND 200k to VND 300k – approx $14 – 21). Unfortunately the moto guys aren't so up front and you will usually get ripped badly for the trip there ... and worse for the trip home as you are in the middle of nowhere and have no idea how to get back. The other option in this district is the Girls actually on the bikes being pimped by the guys driving. Similar story cute girls, cheap and these ones you take to your own room. Check to ensure your hotel is girl friendly or ask the girl to suggest one – you may end up paying for a second room for the night but at least you wont have to hide all your stuff. This would have probably been my preferred option based on the quality of women I saw offered this way. Option 3 is the bargirls. Scattered all over Sai Gon (and seemingly all over southern VN) these bars are just normal looking bars with girls who are quite happy to see you. These bars differ from those of Singapore and Thailand in that the girls are not so aggressive in their approach. In the bars we visited the girls tended to stand back and wait while you had a drink or two and then one would approach and ask if you would buy her a drink. If you do this she will often invite over one of her friends (if there are two blokes) and then the fun starts. The girls are very touchy feely and especially liked my beard. After a few drinks they then offered to come with you. In Sai Gon these bars seemed to be mainly in the backpacker district (around the Go2 bar) and the area around the Sheraton although there are a few around other areas (avoid Apocalypse Now as this place is expensive and the girls are way over priced – although usually pretty hot). Option 4 is KaraOke bars (note the big O) – these are pretty common around the place and you get a private room and hostess who will happily allow you to treat yourself to her delights while you keep buying expensive lady drinks. Expensive but could be entertaining. Last option is the health spas. These are usually much pricier but depending on your needs and desires could be just what the doctor ordered. I did partake of this service and will review it in more detail separately. Prices here seem to be about VND800k to VND 1 million for FS (approximately an hour of massage and sex). Next stop Vung Tau – this is a coastal town where many Aussies spent their time during the American war. Didn't overnight in this area so cant really comment on the opportunities that exist although from what I saw and what I was told this area could well have the world's most friendly people and I would love to punt here. There are a number of bars in the beach area that look like strong possibilities and all the hotels advertised massage. Last place we visited was Da Lat up in the mountains. Lovely place with a nice mild climate and a very European feel (the pastries for breakfast were incredible) and for the caffeine addicts apparently this place has the world's best coffee. It also has a number of massage places, KaraOke bars and Girl bars. I cant comment on most but I did find time to visit the Golf 3 hotel and in the nite club area there were at least three working ladies all who rated about 5-7s . One with incredibly long hair chatted with us while we bought her drinks and then wouldn't let us go. She then took us to a nice little restraunt area and offered to buy us a meal. We ate and drank and while she wasn't looking paid for it. My brother disappeared and she gave me BBBJ NQNS in the back of the cab on the way back to the hotel (VND150k – about $10...including the cab fare). So my summary ... is Viet Nam the place to visit as far as P4P is concerned. Honestly probably not. There are plenty of cheap opportunities but there are also a number of obstacles. 1) the ladies almost never speak English enough to communicate. 2) the "pimps" will try to extract more from you than the girls. 3) the legal state of prostitution is not conducive (although a blind eye is often turned this is not always the case). 4) most hotels are not girl friendly. 5) mostly the services are for locals 6) short time is not timed ... you cum you go 7) its probably easier in Thailand. While you probably wont get robbed you will probably get ripped off if you don't speak the language. Although getting ripped off probably means it cost you $25-30 instead of $10-$15 That being said southern Viet Nam is a wonderful place with some of the most incredibly friendly people you would ever meet. Once you get past the frustration of the beggars and peddlers trying to relieve you of your dong (Viet currency not John Wayne Bobbit style) this place is incredible. The traffic is nuts, the food is amazing (even dog and fertilised duck eggs) but the people are what will bring me back. In the words of Charlie Daniels I guess "I'm still in Sai Gon in my mind"
  15. ToastedHam&Cheese

    Malaysia - JB - Overview (2006)

    Arrived in Johor Bahru (JB) about 2:30pm after a long scarey bus ride (about 3 hours) from Mersing. Eventually found a hotel to rest my weary bones. JB is a great place for sleaze as it is just over the causeway from Singapore and yet the prices are still in Malaysian Ringgits (about 2.6 RM to the $AUD). I stayed at the Compact Hotel, which is probably the closest to the Causeway and still in the sleaze/market district of JB. The room was large, clean and had king-sized bed and AC which was required - and all for RM 100.00 for the night (including breakfast). Decided to go for a walk and get my bearings - now anyone who has never been into developing Asia it is hard to describe the scene fully. The huge crowds filling the streets, the smells of spices and curries combining with the smells of sewage and rotting garbage, the enticement of the food vendors, the enticement of the pleasure vendors, women in Muslim head to toe coverings and women in mini skirts that you wouldn't allow your daughter to leave the house wearing. The city of JB is one that has to be experienced to fully understand. Anyway followed my usual technique for getting bearings of doing increasing blockies so that I always had some idea of where my hotel was. Within a couple of blocks of the hotel and I had been propositioned twice by SWs (more on these in another review). I had also found quite a number of "Gentleman's Saloons" and a couple of "Music Lounges" (more on these to follow as well). All this sex was being sold alongside the other delights of Malaysia - cheap food (YUM) and cheap DVD knockoffs. I armed myself with some Roti Canai and an armload of DVDs and wandered back to my room to recuperate. Didnt recoup long ... just a shirt change and some fresh socks and back out onto the streets. Now traveller advisory - JB is a very easy place to feel out of your league. Mostly the locals have a little English but dont expect it - if you have some mandarin or Cantonese you should be ok. Me i just did lots of pointing and mimes. I was also warned that after dark the streets could be very dangerous - in fact the local bank had photos of what looked like hit and runs and murders ... "would you like a corpse photo with your cash sir?". Unfortunately I didnt heed any of the warnings and went out most of the night on a walk of shame around JB. If JB was an interesting place during the day it really hits its own of a night as the SWs and touts hit the streets in droves. The walk from one corner to the next is like navigating the length of a football field ... sidestepping all those who want to tackle you and lighten your wallet (legit or otherwise). The streets near the Sikh Temple seemed to have the most life with large numbers of lady boys and lady lady's plying their trade in the parks and streets - going rate seems to be in the area of RM 40 -RM 60. Just a word of caution here - the best looking girls here seem to be the Indian and sri lankan girls - however there are a large number of Indian and sri lankan lady boys - be warned and listen for the tone of voice ... look for fake tits... and adams apples (or scarves)...lastly look at the hands (blokes hands are larger) In summary after the cleanliness of Singapore the sleaze of JB is a pleasantly dirty change.
  16. Night Time on the Streets Ok now as I have said previously the night streets of JB are not for the feint of heart. That being said the food smells from the market drove me from my room for a feed and so off I went in search of Roti, Satay, and other culinary delights. I am not one to shy away from the exotic when traveling and when I saw Sup Cobra advertised I thought that some snake soup could be the order of the day. This soup is not snake meat in soup but is actually snake venom in the soup and has a mild narcotic effect similar to fugu (Japanese blowfish). Anyway end result was I had a reaction, which meant that the soup hit me like a drug and sent me into a very focused but bulletproof state. Possibly the most dangerous thing I have ever eaten. Anyway onto the streets of JB ... after dark they are not that dissimilar to the daytime except the people are more interesting (or maybe that was the soup talking) anyway avoiding the dvd merchants (to let em down easy just tell em you already have too many for customs) I went looking for some exotic meats. Street walker No1.: Indonesian girl very slender – great body with nice b cups and tight ass. Talked to this girl for about 5-10 minutes and was almost ready to take her to my room and pay the RM 30.00 she asked for. Then in a moment of clarity I asked how old she was. DAMN DAMN DAMN only 15 and hooking just to pay for accommodation so she doesn't sleep on the street. I pay for a room for her at one of the cheaper motels and then say goodbye. Evil snake soup. Street walker No2.: Indian girl from Singapore – great body with nice curves C cup and ass to die for. This girl was a cracker not only was she one of the best looking girls in the street she also spoke near perfect English and offered to do ANYTHING for RM60.00 – I am sure I could have haggled this price as it was a quiet night but $24 for a girl who will do anything ... Anyway found her in an alley behind an undertakers shop just near the Sikh Temple. She took me back to her room where I discovered the room fee was an additional RM 20.00 – still this girl was hot and ANYTHING ... So I followed her through the locked portcullis down the steps in a dark alley. I was sure that I was going to be robbed and bashed (or worse) but no – the only cash taken was the agreed RM 80 and the only beatings were me spanking that fine ass (at her request). No showers here just a quick towel down and then she is wrapping my meat and blowing me like there is no tomorrow. Nice CBJ while she is forcing my entire ARM up her. She shudders twice before squirting all over the bed and pulling my arm out of her. Removes the rubber for CIM (sometimes I don't understand women). Keeps sucking like a milking machine and the Jnr Diver stays hard. She quickly wraps me again and climbs on starts riding me hard and begging me to squeeze her nipples hard and call her names. After a couple of minutes she shudders and tells me to fuck her nasty slut ass – as it was her ass that first caught my eye how could I refuse. She rolls into Doggie pos and pulls me into her – no lube just her juices – damn this girl is wet. Start pumping her ass with a steady beat and next thing she has her hand in her pussy wanking me while I am fucking her ass. Too much for this Diver I start to grunt my way to another release and she suddenly jumps off and demands I cum on her nasty slut face – is it just me or does dirty talk sound so much dirtier when its in an accent. Anyway I did as she asked and tried to avoid laying on the bed while getting my breath back (the room didn't look as clean as I like) finally she washed me with warm damp towels and I dressed and she led me back to the street. DAMN I was still hard – Evil snake soup Street walker No3 and 4.: Chinese girl very slender – almost too curvy with nice D cups and fat ass and her Sri Lankan friend who had a body most girls would kill for. After the last session I went back to the room and showered ... and tossed a load away trying to relieve my hard-on. No luck so back on the streets with a circus ten in my pants. Evil snake soup. Anyway this time I found a Chinese girl with a very pretty face who offered me and her friend, who was a Sri Lankan with a killer body, for RM 70.00 (cost an extra RM20 for room fee when we got to their place). I had my doubts about the Sri Lankan but thought what the hell and off we went. Back at the room the Chinese girl stripped and immediately started on BBBJ while the Sri Lankan stripped to G- String and played with my balls and the Chinese girls tits – after about 5 minutes of this swapped with some nice tit fucking I came all over those soft tits, I turned and decided it was time to face the music and pulled the G-string from the sri lankan – and I was right – this attractive girl wasn't all girl – now do I go or do I stay. The nervous look on his/her face was enough to make my mind up for me. To cut a long story short they could not believe how I stayed hard and the three of us fucked and played for about 3 hours until I had to beg them to stop coz my dick hurt. Evil snake soup. Crawled back to me hotel at about 5 am showered and crawled into bed ... still hard ... Evil Evil Evil .... Wonder if I can get it in Melbourne.
  17. ToastedHam&Cheese

    Malaysia - JB - Music Lounges (2006)

    Music Lounges. After my back re-alignment at the Gents Saloons I strongly felt in need of a cleansing beverage and as any good traveler knows where you can here loud music you usually can find beer (even in a mostly dry country). So in my meanderings I came across a place called the Shanghai Music lounge and wandered in for a beer. Now this is a bit disconcerting for a first timer – you walk in and are met by a large bloke who asks what beer you want. You select and are then led to a dark dark dark cubicle and there you wait. A few seconds later the aforementioned bloke yells loudly into a microphone, and you are soon joined in your booth by one of the establishment's ladies ...and usually your beer. The beer comes in a 1 litre bottle and will usually cost you about RM 25 –30 (advertised price is usually RM 20-21 which is happy hour price and does not include taxes). Anyway the lady will pour your beer into a cold mug (usually not a beer glass) and then snuggle against you to try and solicit further purchases of beer and their services. At the Shanghai I was joined by Xio (??) or number 333 (to avoid confusions with other Xio's) who was very affectionate and kept offering to take me for "hot towel" and demanding more tips. No 333 was, I think, much older although it was too dark to tell – anyway I avoided the temptation to hot towel with her and drank my beer very quickly so I could leave without it costing me a mint. My second experience in JB ... once again I leave with spots in my eyes due to pretty much skolling a litre of Tiger beer. Summary – didn't see anyone at the Shanghai I would consider "hot toweling with" Ok on to part three ... looking for some more action I found another Music lounge with many SW's patrolling the nearby streets. This one is called the OK lounge and has a similar setup to Shanghai Lounge except not quite as dark. It also seems to have much younger and slimmer girls working here. Ordered another Tiger and was shown to a cubicle. Waited ...waited and then * Boom * loud voice over microphone. Soon a nice lady joined me (No 88) and started chatting. Her English was quite good and her general knowledge belied the fact that she had never been to school and could not read or write. I spent a very enjoyable hour or so here drinking beer (RM 28.00 per bottle) and chatting with this lovely lady. The company of this lady (which included suggestive comments and the occasional grab of my crotch and my hand up her skirt) cost me RM 14.00 – we both sensed that the next stage was more than we needed – I didn't want the "hot towel" and I paid her as if I had taken the option so all sides got what they wanted. Me I got the company of an intelligent woman over a beer. She got paid and didn't have to wipe my baby batter out of her eyes. Anyway after 2 bottles and RM 70.00 decided it was time to eat and go to bed like a good boy ... after all it was now dark and I had been warned that the streets of JB aren't safe after dark.
  18. ToastedHam&Cheese

    Malaysia - JB - Gentlemen's Salons (2006)

    New Hollywood Saloon After getting my bearings in JB and locating the potential punting points I went back to my room and showered and changed (again). Walked the short distance past the touts trying to get me to buy their knock-off dvds and found myself talking to an older lady in front of the New Hollywood Gentleman's Saloon. She was offering massage for RM 30.00 which to my aching bones sounded alright (also I had heard that the woman out front is rarely the woman who provides the service). So I allowed her to drag me up the stairs into a dodgy looking room that looks like a hairdressers salon ... then through into an open area with a couple of massage tables ... and lots of women wandering through. Anyway I was asked for the money which I passed over, then apparently there is some extra for RM 6.00 which I believe is the hand towel thing they use to de-sweat you. Finally I was allowed to lay down on the table ... face up ... no no no do not take off clothes. So I was about to get a massage for about $10 bucks and had to be dressed to get it ... ok. Massage was administered by an older unattractive Indonesian lady and was fairly ordinary for about 3 minutes and then I was asked if I wanted hot towel massage (wanky wanky) ... why not ... RM100 ... I don't think so ... RM 70 ... ok. Out to the next room and another massage table ... still fully clothed. My pants were undone and a very rough handjob followed. This procedure was done in front of about 4 other ladies and I finished without any real enjoyment. Then I was back in my pants before I was even cleaned up. Damn messy women. Then the massage continued this time three other women joined in ... 1 more Indonesian and 2 Chinese (who were a little younger but no more attractive) massage was very rough and done poorly to the point where I thought that I was going to need physio for weeks. Anyway after 45 minutes more of massage from 2 to 3 to sometimes 4 of these ladies it was time to walk out ... if I can ... my back felt like it had been broken and the blood flow to my brain had been all but cut off ... I was seeing black spots. Anyway no permanent damage to anything. So my feeling about the saloons was pretty indifferent. Nice friendly ladies, enthusiastic but inept service.
  19. ToastedHam&Cheese

    Dallas Dancers - Overview (2006)

    After the FIA gathering at Dallas last night I realised that there were certain things that I have come to take for granted over the past 4 years which may be of interest/help to anyone visiting the place for the first time (or in fact many of these apply to other clubs as well). So I thought I would compile a quick list of potential traps and things to avoid in visiting Dallas (in particular) although often these will apply to other places as well. Entry Dallas ... as most clubs ... has a cover charge which I think is around $10 (sorry but I cant recall ever paying it) this is not like the charges in Sydney's cross where you haggle the price with the Bouncer. However if you call into the greasy food emporium next door you will usually find that they actually have a pile of passes which will save you the cover (or reduce it). Most clubs offer some degree of free pass system it often pays to visit local shops (or even some of the adult book stores in the city) to track down passes. During the entry process it also pays to be nice to the bouncers ... this is not a strip club specific thing but after working as a bouncer I realised that the people who had been nice to us generally got thrown out much more gently than the idiots (go figure) Lay of the Land Arriving inside the club its easy to get distracted by the pretty half naked ladies on the podiums and stage (Dallas has 2 podiums ... one just inside the entrance and one against the far wall plus the main stage area) Identify key points: 1) The bar 2) Where you think you will sit (or stand) to get best views 3) where the toilets are. Luckily for Dallas punters this is pretty simple bar is pretty obvious at the back wall as you get to the top of the stairs ... although this can be hard to spot if you arrive at busy times. Standing or sitting is personal preference although I will mention that the taller tables near the far end of the bar are directly under heating/air con so you might get too much hot or cold and the girls may not spend as much time chatting to you (icy nipples exploding all over the place is bad for business ) Lastly for Dallas the toilets are set lightly different ... the Males is closer to the entry (bet you guys had never though about the fact that the blokes toilets are often the furtherest from the door) in the case of Dallas head towards the bar...follow it to the left.... avoid the temptation of heading to the obvious doorway (the bouncers will politely inform you that these are private dance booths) the actual toilets are hidden a little further to the right. Drinks The drink prices are about usual for clubs but there are ways to maximise your drinking dollar. Firstly Dallas currently has no price variance for premium and "cheap" spirits. So if you drink bourbon for example its the same to drink Jim Beam or Jacks as it is to drink Old Crow or cougar. Also beers are on a pricing scale where a crown only costs 50c more than a draught so drink like a king. It will still cost you an arm and leg but at least you will have a better class of hangover. If you are really a tight ass the drinks downstairs are some of the cheapest in Melbourne with pots at $1.50 and base spirits $2.50 Girls / Stage Dances In the words of Motley Crue ...... Girls Girls Girls ... The main reason most blokes visit a strip club (specially one that doesnt have big screen tvs showing sport). The Girls at Dallas are not all the model type you would expect at somewhere like MG but they are on the average much friendlier and certainly smilier (is that even a word??) Dallas is pretty much like most places in that the girls earn waht they make dancing ... the club does not pay them. So if you like a girl and want to spend time chatting etc either buy a dance or buy a drink ... or be aware that they may need to "check the time they are on stage" and leave you for someone with a better lubed wallet. The girls are required to periodically dance on the stage or podiums ... this is generally just an advertising thing with the pretties in flimsies trying to look sexy while the dj plays inappropriate music. They will do shows for you on podium if you tip them ... $20 will get em naked. The feature shows which occur every hour or so on fri and sat nights are usually "Jug Strips" which means that the girls show off their spectacular jugs. Um ....no.... actually means the girls go round with a beer jug prior to the show seeking donations ... once again this is what the girl gets paid for doing the show. If every guy in the club threw in a couple of dollars the girls would be happy ... as it is there are no end of tight pricks looking for a free show and that means if you really want the girls to notice you ... the tip needs to make either a good rattle in the jug (lots and lots of coin) or be very plasticy (ie notes). The girls do notice and appreciate people who tip well and they will often come and sit with you after the show for a while (without hassling you to buy lap dances). Last note on the shows... while they are often advertised at set times the shows can run up to 30 minutes late and sometimes change order but usually the main ones to be there for are 10.30 Super Strip and 12.30 Lesbian show. Private dances The girls make most their money from Private dances in one of the three private rooms. The dance you receive will generally depend a lot on the individual girl and how she related to you (no NOT a Tassie thing ... but how you have treated her etc) but the general rule is that there is absolutely no touching although the girl may initiate some degree of non genital contact ... very rare at Dallas. Dances at Dallas should cost minimum $20 which is usually for about 5 minutes in the strangely communal private room ... If you spend more you will get a longer dance .... and the girl will be happier. There are private cubicles and a shower room near the blokes toilets which can be used if you are planning on spending $50 or $60+ for your dance (obviously I havent seen these rooms yet). There is also an area to the left of the stage which can be curtained off for larger groups (eg bucks nights, birthdays or religious youth group trips). Be warned that some of the girls will "try it on" and tell you that dance minimum is $50 ... if you werent planning on spending this tell them that you only wanted a $20 dance and that you will be shopping elsewhere (if they are prepared to rip you off on price what other rip offs are they capable of) also let some of the other girls know when you chat with them (girls who try and force their prices up are generally not popular as guys who dont know better believe this is standard and go elsewhere for cheaper service) Anyway thats the general FAQs for Dallas Dancers ... if anyone wants to know anything else I will be happy to assist if i can.
  20. ToastedHam&Cheese

    Cabaret Club - Fortitude Valley QLD

    Well isn't this one of those places that I bet all the locals know about but don't want to share with any of us southerners. If I lived in Brisbane I think that I would find it very easy to spend a lot of time (and money) in this place. Entry Entry to Cabaret is obtained by navigating between the homeless and indigenous persons crowding the footpath and requesting your change and squeezing past the large bouncer into the foyer area where you find a little cloak room looking area (wo)manned by a pretty young lady who will happily relieve you of your $10 cover charge and then demand that you also contribute to the tips jar. Just a note here for members of the defence forces I noticed that a group of guys who entered ahead of me on my second night all showed army id cards and only paid $5 and didn't get hassled for a tip. Lay of the Land Once you leave the initial entry area you have a bar to your left, toilets to your right and ahead of you a flight of stairs descending to the main dance area. The top of the stairs is the furtherest into the club where you are permitted to use your phone. Down the stairs you have a large dance area. Immediately to the left is a second bar, which is opened only when it is busy. Around the walls are bench style seats (similar to those in Kittens in Sth Melbourne) that are kind of uncomfortable but where all the action happens (more later on this). In the back corner to the left is an area, which is hidden by partial partitions and is where the naked naughty dances happen. To the right in the back corner is a stage area of sorts with mirrors and a couple of poles. The front right area has a podium stage area. Drinks The drink prices are about usual for clubs but there are ways to maximise your drinking dollar. I didn't sample spirits but I did drink a number of crown lagers at $6.50 a stubbie. Now maximising your dollar here is done by paying exact money to the bar staff. Otherwise you will find that your change is immediately deposited into the tip jar (or if you don't allow this you will find your service at the bar gets very delayed from that point on). Girls / Stage Dances The Girls at Cabaret are not all the model type you would expect at somewhere like MG or Goldies in Melbourne but they are on the average much friendlier and certainly smilier (is that even a word??). They are very natural girls with curves (mostly natural curves) and really great attitude (mostly). A number of these girls are Melbourne girls (even a couple from Dallas) but all of them are good fun girls who seem to enjoy this place. In particular there were four girls that really got my attention. - Bree is a lovely curvey blonde. She didn't smile much but had a very sexy pout and a great body. I met Bree on a quiet night and she allowed me a sample dance in the main room for $10 which she took off the price for the dance in the private area later. - Ivy is the sort of girl who I could easily spend an entire pay on just watching the way she smiles. Making this girl laugh is not hard and is more than worth the effort (I think I love her * sigh *) She is a petite brunette from a south eastern Melbourne suburb and she is super cuddly (not fat but enjoys snuggling and cuddles) I also sampled Ivy in the private dance area. - The third girl is another I could easily fall for but unfortunately I was drunk enough that her name has slipped my mind. This girl is a very tall brunette with tatts and a gorgeous goth look. Lots of leather and black is the uniform for this girl. Piercings and dark hair complete the goth look but the eyes are all smiles and fun. Spend a bit of time joking with this lady and the time will be an investment in your evening's fun. - Lastly but not least is another lovely brunette with beautiful curves and an incredible smiling face. I also forget this beauty's name but she smells of coffee body cream. The girls are required to periodically dance on the stage or podiums ... this is where they make their money (mostly) during their stage/podium/room time the girls strip to just G-string and then work the room. These girls offer short topless lap dances (usually 1-2 minutes but sometimes longer) for $5. For $10 you get longer dances and for $20 the girl is naked (although this can sometimes occur with the cheaper dances if the girl likes you). There are no feature shows at this place but with full contact (not genital) lap dances you cant fault this omission Private dances Private dances are where the girls really make the dollars. For $50 you get a private dance of about 15 minutes and get a fully naked girl writhing in your lap (a little dark in this area but that may be a good thing too. The dance you receive will generally depend a lot on the individual girl and how she related to you (no NOT a Tassie thing ... but how you have treated her etc) but the general rule is that the girl sets the rules as to what you can and cant do. Anyway that's the general FAQs for Cabaret ... if anyone wants to know anything else I will be happy to assist if I can but would love to hear from locals if I have omitted anything.
  21. ToastedHam&Cheese

    A Newbies Guide to Strip Clubs

    Strip Clubs I haven't been to a strip club - what should I expect? Firstly if you haven't been to a strip club ... then you should get new mates. Visiting a strip club has been a rite of passage for people coming of age ever since such clubs started. Ok so we are past that and you now have new friends. First thing that you need to realise is that a Strip club is usually not much different to a normal bar with some minor exceptions. Exception 1 - There are a lot less females (if this is not the case please check and make sure that you are not in a MALE strip club) Exception 2 - The females that are in the club are usually a little less clothed Exception 3 - There is no dance floor ... just stages and podiums Exception 4 - Drinks are more expensive Ok. I have decided to go to a strip club ... how should I act? Now you have taken the plunge and arrived at the strip club of your choice. If you have done your homework you would have probably discovered that the local adult bookstore has some free entry passes to many clubs and a quick visit will save you the $10-$20 cover charge. In the club the rules will usually be very similar to what you are used to in any other bar. Don't get to drunk or you will be asked to leave (or helped to leave) Don't get loud and obnoxious or you will be asked to leave (or helped to leave) Don't harass other customer ... you know the deal Don't harass the dancers or you will definitely be helped to leave. Basically be respectable and treat the other people in the bar (staff and other customers) as you would want to be treated. The main difference with a strip club over a normal bar is that the ladies will be much more friendly (at least they are for me ... some of you lucky pricks may have more success in normal bars) and they will tempt you with their womanly ways ... do not be tempted to touch them. Enjoy the moment by all mean but DO NOT touch. In these clubs the girls get paid only what they make from dances they do not get paid a wage and often they even pay to work at the club. So don't be a cheapskate if you are there to see naked women expect to pay for it. If you don't buy dances or contribute to "jug strips" then dont expect the girls to hang around chatting all night. What happens with the stage dances? The main stage is where "free shows" often occur. These shows are often paid for by management and are used to encourage the customers to stay longer and drink more. The trend now is for clubs to make these dances "Jug Strips" which means that instead of the club paying the girl to dance on the main stage the poor girl has to spend an hour wandering amongst the groping hands and do what basically amounts to begging in order to get a few coins / notes to pay for her nudity on stage. Be as generous as you can if asked to contribute, as generally the girls hate asking as much as we hate being asked. Anyway stage shows are often the best way to enjoy these clubs sit back watch the show and CHEER ... most girls really do not perform at their best in these shows unless the crowd shows a little bit of energy. Tip for new punters ... when the water pistols, sponges full of water, or shaving cream appear move back from the stage (or risk having to explain to significant others why you have shaving cream in your butt crack). What happens with the private dances? The main stage is not where the main action occurs. Most action in these clubs actually occurs in private rooms where the girls dance one on one for you in exchange for your first born ... oops I mean in exchange for a measly few dollars ($20+ usually). Normally the events leading to this occur something like the following: 1 Girl comes and sits at your table ... or stands next to you at the bar. 2 Girl chats briefly 3 Girl asks if you want to see her naked. 4 Girl drags your sorry ass into the room before you can stop yourself. 5 Girls gets your money 6 Girl dances and removes clothes (YAY!!) Once in the private rooms you will be sat down and directed as to where to put your hands and how to position your legs ... the standard is for you to sit with legs apart and your hands at your side. You will also be given the golden rule. The dances are a non contact sport ... if you touch the girls you will be asked to leave. This does vary from club to club and state to state depending on laws and house rules so it does pay to ask what you are allowed to do ... if in doubt you should however, follow the above rule. At the end of the dance say thanks (no need to not be polite) Private room clubs like Club Striptease ... what are they like? A variation on the above comes in the form of Private Room clubs which are the in between of a strip club and a parlour. You enter the club and get met by a receptionist who will often ask if you have a booking with anyone in particular. If you don't then you will be led into an introduction area and the dancers will come and introduce themselves one at a time and you will be asked to make a choice. After your selection you will be asked how long ... and then your wallet will magically be lighter. The girl (or receptionist) will take you to a room where you will often find a chair, some mirrors, a radio and a box of tissues. The girl will enter the room and sometimes offer extras (kissing, wide spreads etc) and then after negotiations are completed she will start to dance. At some point she may ask if you would like to get comfortable ... this is not an invite to kick off your shoes and wriggle your toes (think about the box of tissues ... if you cant work it out ... then take off your shoes and wriggle your toes). Usually these dances allow some degree of touching although genital touching is out (except you on you and her on her) When time gets close to the amount you have purchased a buzzer will go off ... or someone will knock on the door and tell the girl to finish up. Say thanks on your way out.
  22. Very entertaining review, thanks for sharing! As to the booking 'negotiations', environment and session itself........ But hey, you were blown away. Good work!
  23. Yesterday
  24. Clandestine

    Private Escort - May 2019 - Asia Lee

    Body type not my taste
  25. Basilboy1962

    Delilah @ LFG. Released January 2009.

    Delilah , Dee Dee, Simone . I have very fond memories of one of the legends of the industry.
  26. Sometimes I like to plan my punts. I pick a venue and research the venue and the gals there. Sometimes I don't plan my punts. Today was one of those days; I was feeling spontaneous, carefree and at one with nature. Today I decided to follow that old grey wind that was blowing. It took me to Top on Tope. stand up in a clear blue morning until you see what can be alone in a cold day dawning are you still free? can you be? Bromeo is hanging out with the bros out the front and rushes in to greet me. He rings the buzzer and tells me to take a seat for the show. For the uninitiated, the intros here are very quick. Blink or sneeze and you can miss at least 5 gals popping their heads in. Bromeo announced the arrivals of the gals as they came to the reception desk. All Asian, all cute and all with sexy, slim bodies. As expected, hardly a boo from them and no chance to ask questions about services. None of the names were familiar to me and I didn't have a clue who to pick. Under normal circumstances I would walk out and go next door to MC. I've done that before but not today. Today was different. Today I wanted to roll the dice and chance my luck. Nothing really separated the gals and in the end it was between number 1 and number 3. I just went eenie meenie meini mo and picked Donna: Asian, very cute face, dark haired, tallish and slim. I tell Bromeo of my decision who leads me to the room where we settle the financials. Now, if you're looking for 5 star accommodation, this ain't the place. It's more like a self rated 3 star caravan park. I am so digging it. Once inside I try to hang my gear on the hooks on the wall. They're all crooked and everything just slides off. I quickly realise what the concrete floor is for. I smile and laugh to myself as I throw my clothes in the corner and take a splish splash. Donna arrives as I am getting out of the shower. She hands me a towel and strips. I take a good look at her and like most of what I see: tall (about 5'8), size 6-8, A-B cups and natural. I try to engage in some groovy banter but soon discover her vocabulary is limited to "Korea", "condom" and "sorry". God I luv this place. Donna appears apprehensive. I sense she is very new. Notwithstanding she's very polite as she motions me to the bed. There's something very endearing and very cute about her. Onto the bed for what I assume will be a back massage. Wrong, wrong, wrong. She started the kissing - shoulders, ears, back, progressively working her way down. Nothing groovesational admittedly. At least she was trying and not, in my opinion, being mechanical. There was an increase in intensity by the time she reached my cheeks and thighs and I thought, just for a fleeting moment, woo hoo the ball play would start. Wrong again grooovypants, wrong. Donna motions me to turn over for some frontal action on me. I have DATY in mind however and get her to lie on the bed. I start with her feet and thighs and work my way all around her groovelicious body. I concentrate on her inner thighs and surrounding regions as I close in. I am thinking DATY is a goer and yes, I am right . Good for me. while you see a chance, take it find romance, fake it I'm working my tongue and lips on her pussy and clit. I'm sliding my moist finger across her lips. I'm rubbing her clit. She soon comes to life as her breathing becomes deeper and her body movements natural and more pronounced. I then insert a finger into her to complement the attention I am paying her. She's very, very moist and very, very at one with herself and nature. With DATY over it's my turn to get jiggy. Donna starts with a BBBJ. There's no ball work and I've had better but hey, I am not complaining. She shows no sign of stopping and if communication wasn't an issue I would groovily suggest CIM. But communication was an issue and she was new. I respected that and let her go on until it was finally time to put the condom on. We try cowgirl after some fumbling with the condom and some CBJ. It wasn't working and the groovatron was stalling. Donna regroovinates the little fella as I enter her nice tight pussy in missionary. It feels great and continue in this position to close out the session. Nice gal but yeah, requires more experience. Glad I took the chance. while you see a chance, take it find romance
  27. It's been a while between groove juices. While the thirst has been there, the gods and moons that rule my universes have held other groovy pursuits for me. That was, until the sisters of destiny start singing to me............ Gonna find my baby, gonna hold her tight, gonna grab some afternoon delight.
 My motto's always been when it's right, it's right, why wait until the middle of a cold dark night.
 I'm singing the chorus now in the Grosvenor intro room. There are two afternoon delights on offer pour moi: Violet and Sarah. Violet is asian, very sexy and comes at ya like a groove express. It is hard hard to say no to this groovy gal but I do. I have met Violet at intros before and she doesn't kiss and DATY - so she says which rules her out on this occasion. Sarah moonwalks in next. She's petite, late 30's, size 10ish and a very cute, ashen blonde who says all the right things and ticks the check boxes. Pay my dues and head off to room. It's a downstairs room which I admittedly find a tad small. I prefer upstairs but am content in the knowledge the room comes complete with a groovy gal, bed, shower and listerine - the blue one. The session commences with back rub and Sarah gliding her breasts over me. Felt OK but would have been so much groovier with more pressure. Kinda lacked sensuality IMO. Onto front and more rubbing, gliding and nipple kissing action. I sense no groove thing happening and am not even inclined to pursue kissing. Sarah starts working on groovy junior as we get into a long, long, long 69 session. I start some digital insertion and Sarah has no objections. I assume the ten pin bowling grip and work my way to getting a strike while Sarah is feverishly rubbing herself in between tongue strokes. It appears to be working with Sarah making all the right sounds and motions. I blow my load and continue to groove Sarah. She smells and tastes so sweet. Sky rockets in flight, afternoon delight Afternoon delight. The buzzer goes to end our session. I am satisfied having whet my appetite but not feeling exhilarated. Sarah is a groovy gal and we had groovy fun but there was no groove connection.
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