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  1. Past hour
  2. Ok well getting back on the punt is so much easier now that the internet is up and running or so I thought. Back in the day you rang the girl she gave the usual description , busty, fit and size of her cock and a quick run down of what she offered. Though when you got there whether it was a TS or a female WL what description you were offered must have been lost in translation. With the internet it appears even though we now have pics the pics may be old, retouched or just not the girl that opens the door. Generally if I see a pic of a girl I think I am booking I expect the girl in the same condition as the photo to open the door. Recently booked a TS WL who in the photos looked stunning and even when I requested a selfie looked enough like the photos for me to head into town. Getting to the hotel and up to the room I was extremely horny when she opened the door and we'll wasn't what I was expecting. She was about a good 10kgs heavier than the photos. I was now in a conundrum do I continue with the booking as a fair bit of logistics goes into organising bookings these days or do I walk. She was still sorts attractive and when I mentioned that I wasn't sure going through with the booking she assured me of a good time. By this stage I was extremely hard and was about to go hand over the was and head to the shower, when I said No, sorry you are just not what I was expecting. She mentioned something but I was already out the door. Probably the most frustrating thing is that was my punt for the week and now I have to try and balance my life and organise myself again which is easier said than done. In saying that it appears there is a bit of talent arriving in the city on the next week so hopefully my next experience is a good one
  3. Thanks for the clarification and keep up the good work!
  4. Today
  5. @arsetronomer Better luck on your next punt
  6. Japanese massage is the best form sensual massage. A session with Yumi will bring the best out of you. Beauty plus quality service every time. We are open until 5am every night! www.silverfoxmassage.com 376 Pitt Street, Sydney CBD 2 Eden Street, North Sydney Check Out Our Profile!
  7. Fancy some ice cream 🍨 at Wendy’s? Dessert is always available at Eden Garden. Wendy is in today!!! www.edengardenmassage.com 407 Pacific Highway (rear entrance 6 Alexander St), Crows Nest Full Service from $90 hhr 0452 168 188 See you there xoxo Check Out Our Profile!
  8. Wollongong, from 22nd to 24th July Nanda Prado - 0426966281 Check Out My Profile!
  9. reddragon64

    Punter Planet Welcomes Imani Elite As An Advertiser!

    Gentlemen this lady is a bucket list level... must see... goddess. But don't take my word for it... there will be reviews rolling in once she gets to Aus!
  10. Scout_

    Some general pointers

    1. Be polite. This is pretty bloody easy, basic manners, a good hand shake, eye contact. It all goes a long way, Believe it or not, even half naked sex workers get creeped out when you stare at their body while talking to them. Both of us have to be comfortable for this transaction to work. 2. Get all your cards out on the table before you book. There is nothing more frustrating, for both of us, to get up into a room and then discover that you want something the sex worker doesn’t offer. Make sure you discuss with your chosen person before you commit to booking of any out of the blue fetishes, fantasies etc. you want to do before you put money down. It pisses the punter off and makes the sex worker feel uncomfortable to reject you in the room after you’ve paid. It is also very important to LISTEN to the services the sex worker provides. Look out for key words ‘light kissing’ don’t try tongue in the booking, ‘mutual oral WITH A DAM’, don’t get mad when she doesn’t let you go down bare. It’s just general communication and listening skills. 3. Push boundaries and you will be disappointed. This relates to the previous heading, know what you can and can’t do with the lady, and if there is something you’re not sure about in the booking, ask before trying. It is also just general courtesy to ask before doing anything. Consent still applies in a brothel, in a room, in a booking. Consent, not compliance. If you push the boundaries, you will often be told off, maybe given a warning, if you try again, you’re being a dick and your booking may be cut short. Some workers are more lenient than others. I am personally very strict but have found myself in situations where saying no has done nothing and I am too scared to try and leave because of belligerent, drunk, high, angry men. You don’t want to be that rapey/assaulty guy that ruins a sex worker’s day. I’ll say it again, consent is everything
  11. Yesterday
  12. 10$ extra for daty and kissing, many haters of paying extra's may consider that price , wow.
  13. I know it's been a while but I'm back from my long hiatus. Reminds me of Sally squirt... but with a suicide girl twist. Hair is a little shorter but maybe because she had it tied. Loads of tats and piercings. Very young and is fairly new to the scene. Doesn't like daty and doesn't offer it so i wish I had asked prior. Thankfully she let me finger her asshole and digits while I fucked. Kept changing condoms during oral and sex and does the Chinese method of wiping down which was a big let down for me. But if you're down with new youth lingo(says babe an awful lot), like stretching out tight cunts and lifting them up as you pound them, this is the girl for you. Be wary, she only does max 45min bookings.
  14. I dropped in to Bliss on Crown for the first time after some ambivalence from some of the reviews I've read - but I wasn't after any extras so went ahead knowing the price was pretty much set. The receptionist was lovely, and I soon met the three girls available and quickly settled on Amber. She was polite and a clear communicator, expectations were aligned. And she was smoking hot. So I booked her for an hour. Nothing about the session was rushed, I was invited to remove her lingerie and oil her body up at every opportunity. We have some very pleasant conversation during the massage - and the massage was basic but still amazing, it really worked the right places in my upper back and she's got a pretty masterful body slide, running her elbows alongside your spine while her perfect, large breasts run over your body. Being my first time there I'm not sure if all the rooms are the same, but the mirror placement in our room was amazing to watch this all happening. Which was true for the flip too - the mirror on the roof gave a perfect view of her body sliding over mine. She really took her time on the happy ending, straddled across my legs and really making it an experience, pulling me in close at times I sat too. It was an amazing end. We then showered together and chatted through the last 5 minutes. I'm sure not everyone would describe her as naturally sexy, but she's a really beautiful, intelligent and honest girl, and she certainly knows how to look after you. Recommended, please look after her :)
  15. I really hope she visits WA again...she is sounding better and better all the time. Thanks for the Intel mate.
  16. Jack Annof

    Bodyline - July 2018 - Andrea

    Great review - I've been looking for a nice Latina!
  17. We can find you your old account. You should've contacted us.
  18. Have you tried our 4 hands service? Imagine 4 hands covering your full body Wendy & KK are in today to pamper you, with lots of love & kisses. Full Service fr $90 half hr per 1 pair of hands Edengardenmassage.com 407 Pacific Highway Crows Nest 0452 169 188 Check Out Our Profile!
  19. Have you tried our 4 hands service? Imagine 4 hands covering your full body Orange & Apple are in today to pamper you, with lots of love & kisses. Service from $40 half hr per 1 pair of hands silverfoxmassage.com 376 Pitt Street, Sydney CBD 2 Eden Street, North Sydney Check Out Our Profile!
  20. This review is from a few months ago. In typical fashion I woke up toe'e as a roman sandal and with no prior bookings I started surfing Scarlet Blue's Blue The Blue Room to see who was available at short notice. After firing off about 20 text messages I got a reply from Chloe Luv. She normally starts her day at 1200 and was happy to see me 30 mins earlier than her normal start. She was easy to communicate with and very accommodating. I arrived at her apartment, a new building in the Valley which had visitor parking downstairs. It's easy to get to and in and out of. FYI there are a few good restaurants downstairs should you need some food after your session. Chloe is a very attractive Korean lady, with the distinctive round Korean face. He body is exactly as depicted in her photos, she has big breasts, particularly for an Asian. I can't remember of they were enhanced or not, but the were great. She was very attentive and engaging, we sat on the couch chatting and getting to know one another at the start. This felt a bit strange for me to be honest, I'm more of a "get into the shower and get on with it type of guy". I think she would suit older gentlemen, of you want a more platonic style experience (but with the sex of course) then I think she would be the girl for you. That said, I eventually got into and out of the shower and got her into the bedroom. I paid for the Sinful experience which I can say she delivered on. She is a very erotic woman who seems to enjoy sex, she went along with the way I like it which is vigorous, physical and intense sex. I've mentioned before in other reviews I like an hour with an escort to be a sweat covered, breathless intense physical workout. Chloe went along with me for the ride; however, we talked openly at the end and she mentioned that it was a little more vigorous and intense than she was used to. To give you some context, my go to is Frankie Stone (she is a pocket rocket who fucks as though her life depends on it) and Gabriella Reis; I've also had a memorable experience with Aubrey Black (before her online porn fame), my point is my style is more intense workout/ PSE than cuddly GFE. I'd say of you are looking for an attractive Asian who is erotic and passionate then Chloe Luv is the woman for you. She has lived in Brisbane for a very long time, she's a local. So in summary, the sex was great she gives a great blow job and can give an intense session; however, that's not her comfort zone. I had a great time with her, she is an attractive and lovely lady who provides a genuine service. Hopefully I've been helpful for those of you thinking about seeing her.
  21. Allarah Bentley


    Just in case you forgot.. 🙈 I will be available today between 11.00am-8.30pm and Sunday 9.30am-8.30pm. ☺️☺️ Check Out My Profile!
  22. Last week
  23. Hello Sydney & Brisbane, I will be heading your way for the remainder if July. SYDNEY: July 22nd - 24th - 10am - 10pm BRISBANE: July 25th & 26th (leaving the 27th) SYDNEY: July 27th & 28th & 30th - 31st Incase you missed the memo, I am running an offer during the month of July. Book 1 hour pse (exclusing anal) and get an additional 30 mins gfe complimentary Valued at $1550 for $1000 Meow, Yasmin xx Check Out My Profile!
  24. Fantastic Friday night at Silver Fox >10 beautiful young gorgeous girls to choose from. Luxury CBD or North Sydney locations. www.silverfoxmassage.com $40 per half hour Come for a sensual massage with our angelic Helen. xoxo Check Out Our Profile!
  25. KK time at Eden Garden is always enjoyable. Winter has never been so hot !!! 407 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest $90/hh all inclusive http://Edengardenmassage.com >10 girls available daily, young and gorgeous only Check Out Our Profile!
  26. Decided on a visit to N100 instead of dinner given I wasn't heading into the CBD until much later in the evening. Intro to at least 5 girls with a good spread of variety, age and nationalities, and for some reason I thought the place would be busier, but then again this was only my 2nd visit here for the year given I am not in Melbs as much as I would like atm. Luna was the last girl to intro and between her friendly smile, awesome French accent and slender body, I had made up my mind before our short conversation was over. Decided to treat myself to 90mins to usher in the weekend after an average week at work. Paid an extra $100 for all the extra's agreed upon, which were CBJ, ball licking, light kissing on the lips, and FS. I did get the feeling Luna was more shy than I expected (certainly more shy than most French girls I have met), so when she hesitated before agreeing to FS, I was straight up and said I'm going to pay for it anyway, but lets just see how we go and if you dont feel like it, then no need to worry at all - trying to be the gentlemen and make her comfortable at the same time. The big smile following this short exchange told me she understood what I meant, so she excitedly ushered me into the worst shower of all time... Out of the shower, and straight onto the bed for an OK massage (5/10 at best); which was somewhat enhanced by some sensual kisses along my shoulders and neck whilst still massaging my lower back. After 15 or so, she asked me to turnover and then she laid next to me, guiding my hands all along her body, and making sure I took my time between her legs and along her chest. Some more passionate kissing followed only briefly before she took hold of Jnr for a quick HJ before throwing on the helmet and commencing a good CBJ (6.5-7/10). I asked Luna to shift her awesome ass closer to me whilst she was going at a good speed on the CBJ, so I could play with her pussy. Although she started dry, with a little lube she briefly stopped the CBJ after about 5-6 mins to cum all over my hand. After a quick drink, she jumped straight onto Jnr and commenced with her on top. Not as tight as I had hoped / expected, but she was moving her hips and ass very well, which enabled us to quickly find our momentum. After making her cum again in this position, we switched to doggy for 8 mins or so before switching to missionary. By this time, I realised that challenging myself to an energetic session after 10+ mixed drinks was taking its toll, and that we both needed a quick moment to reset. Well whilst lying there, Luna took over and was just kissing me everywhere whilst performing a much better HJ than earlier. After she encouraged me to be less gentle with her tits, ass and pussy, I fingered her again and we luckily managed to cum together! I managed to spray her smooth stomach as her thighs continued to shake once again for 30 seconds or so after we stopped. Some light but funny conversation followed before round 2 kicked off, and the awesome HJ did the trick again and I was hard and ready to go. Back on with another helmet, we went straight into doggy before I finished round 2 with her on top. The sight of me pounding Luna pretty hard, deep, and as fast as I could for the last 15mins or so of our session - and watching her whole body bounce and quiver as she came again, was the main factor that got me to the finish line again. Maybe also that awesome encouragement we need occasionally in that amazing french accent was also a key motivator. Overall, a lovely girl who knows what she is doing if you are clean, polite, friendly and make her laugh a little along the way (her callouts). WIR? Absolutely, perhaps next month when I am back in Melbs - although she mentioned her and a friend were heading on holiday in August for a couple of weeks, so will try and remember to ring ahead when I am next in town.
  27. Angela Stone

    Canberra Tour 1st-3rd August

    I'll be touring Canberra from the 1st-3rd August. I will be available by myself or with my doubles partner. My Canberra tours always book out before I get there so don't hesitate to get into contact. Angela xx Check Out My Profile!
  28. Corporate Kara Member Venus Nymphs 31 posts Type: Escort City: Brisbane Location: QLD Posted Today. Posted Today. It probably depends on whether she has an epiphany later in life like I did ... Fuck, this Government job sucks, I'm really over it, but love the money. Holy shit, I am going to be 141 by the time I pay off my house. Holy shit, I forgot to have kids and get a husband, but I spent my life building a career (somewhat) and focusing on being a long term dating girl .... If only I had put my energy into my future, career not being an awesome girlfriend to another handsome guy who waved at me. Time to be single and get it together... Hey, I know what, I might be an escort. Because it beats writing speeches. Or was a clever smart girl at 20 and made it a career to get incredibly wealthy and works for a good ten years. Hindsight as the Menzas would say, is that if I had my current brains and could go back in time, I would be a smart 20 year old. But I'm several years shy of 40 so perhaps a few years as a wee career diversion. But wow, it's been damn exciting. And it stops me dating because I have lots of dates. However I can laugh, because at a party if someone asks me, Oh you don't have a husband? I'm thinking oh yes I have plenty of husbands. (just not mine). Sorry terrible joke.
  29. Queenie Pearl Escort

    Queenie Pearl Tours up to September 26th

    TOUR Brisbane based SYDNEY 2-5 AUG MELBOURNE 22-24 AUG PERTH 11-13 SEPT ADELAIDE 24-26 SEPT Booking: 0478823886/ missqueeniepearl@gmail.com Hi lovers, I‘m visiting you soon!! People say i look sexy, i would say i look slutty xoxo Come and let me know what do you think x Deluxe Relaxation 30mins $200/1hr $300 Full Service 30mins $250/1hr $400 GFE 30mins $300/ 45mins $400/ 1hr $500/ 1.5hrs $750/ 2hrs $1000/lunch date $1000/ dinner date $1500/ overnight $3500 PSE 1hr $800/ 1.5hrs $1050/ 2hrs $1500/ dinner date $1800/ overnight $4000 Price & services: www.queeniepearl.com/service-details Selfie: www.twitter.com/queeniepearl3 Line: havingfunqp wechat: havefunqp From HongKong 中文/English 27yo natural C/160cm/size 6/46kg no drug/no tattoo/no smoke Check Out My Profile!
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