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  2. Sadly, your timing is a bit off with the Xivirus, but you look fabulous!
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  4. 28 and lost it to a lady in Kings cross. Let's see that was around '82. The cross was scary back then let me tell yo
  5. Welcome to PP , Harper
  6. I doubt it. One of the better GFE providers I’ve experienced, including head fucks and all. Probably early 30s at a guess.
  7. ^^ @001Romblk, message her on PP via pm @Bella Fox
  8. Last week
  9. @James.sully Hey, James while I appreciate the fact that you are a newbie have you tried visiting the website links posted by MrDickButt where there are countless photos of the incomparable Lily.?
  10. Harper Dare

    Busty, brilliant and blonde MILF

    Time Left: 27 days and 23 hours

    • FOR HIRE

    Hello my name is Harper, Busty, brilliant and blonde with the complete girlfriend experience. I am a petite size 6, 5"3 shortie, with (F) cup breasts. Typically a blonde, occasionally a splash of colour depending on my mood/naughtiness. As an ex elite private school girl with a Bachelor degree, I can assure you I am the sophisticated eye candy that can accompany you to any special occasion such as your business luncheon, dinner date or a night at the theatre. As the evening turns into night, we can take this behind closed doors, rolling around in the sheets as playful as I can be, I can also be a little minx. Other girls might leave you wanting more but I just want to give it to you! I can be whomever you want to be, the girl next door, adoring girlfriend, mistress or your personal pornstar. Sex is always fun with me and I am adventurous indoors and out. I can follow your lead or completely own you, that is your choice. You can be rest assured you will feel comfortable with me, I will be attentive to your needs and leave you with a memorable experience that one time with me is simply not enough. I have an addiction to fashion and annually attend Melbourne Fashion week, a love of culinary delights including wine and champagne and spend my weekends on the Mornington Peninsula beaches taking in the sun in summer. Text me on 0400 023 284 and you will not regret it. X SWA 12867XE


    Frankston, Victoria - AU

  11. Safari Missy

    All Tours CANCELLED

    Due to the current situation i'm forced to cancel all TOURS (Newcastle, Melbourne and Canberra) and take a break for a while. I hope to see Y'all in good health when all this is over. Stay Safe. Check Out My Profile!
  12. The roster is now empty from Wednesday night onwards. That’s good health wise for everyone who works there, including the receptionists. Not so good for them financially, but health is paramount. I hope I can catch up with my favourite ladies once again as soon as this is all over.
  13. nev

    Toowoomba Tour Cancelled

    Cara, you will be top of my list when all this crazy is over.
  14. Scarlett Maison

    Business (not) as usual

    Scarlett Maison Purveyor of Pleasure Hello Lover, there may come a time very soon when I’m told that I have to cease providing my services, who knows how long for? Until that happens I'm available if anyone would like to spend time with me. There are a few changes so please read my blog for more information. Virtual hugs, Scarlett x Check Out My Profile!
  15. Scarlett B Wilde

    Coronavirus And Advertising

    I have stopped seeing clients physically.
  16. Hello my naughty Hobbyists, To not let you guys down, im trying to re-activate my OnlyFans account. In the main time hope you all are well and safe. Much love Gabriella Reis xx Check Out My Profile!
  17. They are complying with the orders and will shut at midnight.
  18. So I finally manage to make a booking with Blackbooty, love the name and it’s very accurate, the whole booking process was really simple and quick which is something you don’t get much of these days but thats how things are these days, so on the day of the deed she was wearing a leather two piece, she’s a nice looking woman, but unfortunately the photos are kinda out of date, so if your thinking of booking its a 50/50 she’ll either be to your tastes or not. now down to the good stuff, she’s gives amazing head, loads of spit, real deep throating and she’s ok with face fucking so bonus, she did this warm water thing during the blowjob, and dam i wanted to blow then an there. (In short BBBJ is God level) bit loose when it comes to the pussy and too tight in the ass, most of the session was just re-lubing. as much as i liked the first half of the hour I couldn’t find myself infatuated enough to get another boner, so instead of more A2M or just anal, i went throat fucking and a bit of a shower blowy, if she operated a Glory hole in NSW her popularity would sky rocket. Again, i took a gamble on her based on the reviews on here, most were accurate to an extent. WIR, probably not, it was fun but I not worth the repeat.
  19. She posted a Snapchat conversation and I happen to know the bloke. Apparently they had a lengthy conversation, he politely suggested she stop posting "yuk" messages about older men given the nature of her line of work. She apparently took a screenshot, then posted a very aggressive reply via PM (or whatever the Snapchat equivalent is called), deleted it, and then blocked him. What she posted to her snap in an attempt to humiliate him is very much missing the whole story. He's a big boy and has no problem having a debate but she's denied him even seeing it let alone being able to reply. Weak. So she can apparently dish it out but not take it. I'm sure things would be different had he merely said "OMG ur so hot" instead of making a suggestion that could have increased her earnings. I'd screenshot what she posted but she's very clear if you screenshot you're blocked too and I wouldn't mind rubbing one out to her new titties when they're revealed. However she really is a bit of a nasty one IMHO especially given all she ever had to do was keep her mouth shut and be pretty. Look, I get that most WLs are going to be a bit 'out there' and some of the best sex I've had had been with WLs who are batshit crazy. Comes with the territory. But FFS when you add Gen-Z look at Moi narcissism to the mix it's like some of those punter report Twitter's by utterly man hating retiree WLs. Just a trainsmash.
  20. Earlier
  21. Scarlett B Wilde

    Wait ... is this a Pricing thread ?!

    I believe you've hit the nail on the head Captain. No, not every one is going to to play fair - nothing in life is 100%, yet I do see value in a community attempting to set standards. I guess these forums are a great example of how not everyone will get along, yet in general it works. Of course you'll get bad apples. Like take the Police force. I genuinely believe that the police force is a good thing, yet of course we can show examples of incredibly bad behaviour as well. Maybe focusing our intentions on the positive and help those grow ? I'm not stating that we must pretended that there's no weeds in our gardens, just that ... a 'common sense' will prevail as human beings I believe we know instinctively how to do that. Looking at the world all black and white leaves out far to many colours of the spectrum.
  22. reckless

    Piper Jackson visiting Perth 23rd - 27th March (Postponed)

    Missing that black and white shot.
  23. Saw Lucinda again and had an even better time. If this girl doesn't actually love her work she does a spectacular job of faking it. And after a second look they are more C than B
  24. Thanks for the review Sometimes you have to be in the right frame of mind to get the into it Next time will be worth the wait
  25. andrewpand

    Escort for late April early May

    Time Left: 19 days and 15 hours

    • WANTED

    looking to arrange an over night booking with an adventurous lady for the end of April early May. I will be arranging a 5star cbd hotel for the night Looking for a lady that would have or could arrange a few wicked weasel (or similar) bikini changes over the night. other important things for me are dirty talk, gagging and greek. Watersports would be fun but not essential


  26. @Mortein i have not asked her to adjust her technique, maybe i should have but i am generally quite shy on the first sesh, also as kasey said before, everyone on his own when it comes to bbbj. Mind the rest of the session was really good. I ll say best blow in perth for me is from little lulu but she stop working for now because of corona
  27. Scarlett B Wilde

    A Deeper Understanding.

    Thanks Jason. Appreciated babe. I'll note that a member mentioned I didn't count the time of the month. OOppppsss...
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