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  2. Definitely sensual. No extras with Summer, but she makes up for that with a very sexy massage.
  3. Noticed Lena has returned to BR has anyone seen her lately what's her massage style Like.
  4. Realman1988

    Bodyrotic - April 2019 - Samira

    She Gave on of the best massages I have ever experienced. Perfect combination between soft and sensual and firm therapeutic massage. Best ass I've ever seen at bodyrotic. She gave me amazing views of her body in the mirrors. Maybe you got her on a bad day She is a really nice Lady when you get talking to her maybe she is a little shy and quiet at the start but warmed up to me very good after awhile.
  5. Thanks might have a punt and book an appointment with her. Have a feeling she would be very popular. Is she more on the slim or curvy side cheers.
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  7. Danger27

    Sexy new private escort

    Thanks Chantelle. I'm interstate at the moment, but back in Feb....
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  9. Hi my update on Jasmine returning to RC is correct ( check the roster which is out now) but Jasmine only working 4 days next week, our long wait is over
  10. PlayDohBalls

    Bodyrotic - January 2019 - Jennifer

    I look forward to your review.
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  12. Welcome gorgeous lady
  13. Thank you for the review. It's been a very long time since I've had the pleasure of spending time with CMQ. She really is in a class of her own. I should see her again and write a review.
  14. Guys, Faina is back. She hasn't posted any news yet but you can find her profile here: https://escorts.punterplanet.com/profiles/1138-faina-meave
  15. iv posted photos of a session i had with christine a few years ago im sure she would be ok with it if you ask her
  16. Willy Wanka

    Bodyrotic - January 2021 - Kiara

    What did I say about paragraphing your reviews?!
  17. When we discuss massage, we usually consider massaging on head and body with essential oils and often other areas of the body. But when we focus on sensual massage, that is usually referred to as erotic massage or adult massage we feel this is simply not a massage. Such is usually not therapy by any means. Would you truly think that sensual massage, erotic massage or adult massages have a bit of benefit? Sure, it is. There are lots of points to learn about massage therapy, the key benefits of massage therapy and a lot. Are you thinking about the physical and mental health advantages of erotic massage? It’s not a thing that is only for sex. Additionally, it is an excellent therapy for your health that we are likely to talk about it in this article. Erotic Massage is also known as sensual massage for people who prefer to discover the Eastern origins of art. However, almost all messages are art, therefore the erotic massage. It is a form of bodily therapy, that requires nude or unclothed bodies participating to achieve or increase your sexual excitement. If you are a one who loves to activate libido, then these sexual remedies are most effective for you. Several methods are utilized all over the world in several countries to improve sexual interactions along with personal pleasure by using erotic/adult/sensual massage. Benefits of Erotic or/ sensual massage Muscle mass Enjoyment Parent An Anxious Handles Joint pain Balance blood pressure level Improves blood circulation Eliminates swelling and pain Boosts immune system Build, maintain and restore bodily performance All massages can boost muscle mass relaxation, decrease stress, balance blood pressure level, and build, maintain, and restore the bodily perform. I do not think sensual massage, adult massage, and erotic massage aren't the same as one another. They are approximately a similar thing. The title merely differs. The primary benefits of these types of massages are - sensual massage body to body sexual massage is one of the anticipations of getting the genital excitement to sexually excite along with lead to sexual release. Therefore, it helps you to experience and get your body more in every moment. In Australia, several massage studios are offering to you sexual or erotic massage. They are extremely sensual. If you do not understand what are these kinds of massage therapies, and not understanding the fundamental factors, go to a massage studio and request for a sensual or erotic massage, then you will be in danger. However if you have previously obtained several times and very much knowledgeable about sexual massage, then you can do and enjoy. Sensual Massage for Couple Relationship It has been verified that massage regularly can increase white blood cells. White blood cells perform a vital role in protecting the body from sickness along with illness. Well, in truth an erotic massage or sensual massage or adult massage can basically consider as physical exercise. Several research had performed on this topic and have been performing but most of the research indicates massage therapy both sensual or non-sensual is useful for health and well being and mind. Relaxing massage strokes burn less than 65 calories throughout 30 minutes of massage. For the man, massage may have various titles; lots of people say it is usually for the body, a lot of claims it is for body and mind as a whole. Unlike other popular forms of massages (consider Swedish, Thai, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone and the list can continue), sensual massage is performed like a sexual remedy to activate libido that is essential for the couple relationship. Sensual massage or erotic massage is of Eastern origins. It is regarded as a creative art form and a form of useful bodily therapy that has been used for a long time. How To Give Sensual or Erotic Massage 1. Set the scene Most of us are usually sensitive to environment and context. To ensure that provide fully relax internally the outdoor environment has to be ideal for enjoyment. Ensure the room properly cleaned Only use candlelight Layout comfortable bedding and pads Play soft music Eliminate all interruptions 2. Get ready some massage oil Work with organic, fresh oil, because you’re possible going to be applying this on the outside As well as inside. Put some tablespoons in a dish around the bedside desk. if you include a few drops of essential oil to make your personalized infusion. 3. Apply gentle, smooth touch The key element here is “sensual”. Sensuality is concerning invoking, exciting, and teasing the senses. You’re not there to carry out focused deep tissue to settle long-term joint pain or cure scoliosis. You aim to provide every ounce of focus on the body and places your hands touch it. 4. Communicate Look in occasionally if the push is fine. A few areas will be more/less sensitive than the others, therefore might prefer your touch to change appropriately. Ask should any areas are calling to and looking for more focus. 5. Escalate Understand that the arc of the sensual massage is a huge tease from first light touch on the back to full normal excitement of sex organs. So don’t rush. You need to create pressure and anticipations. As you success, gloss over genitalia but don’t quit and invest sufficient time on more obvious erogenous areas at this time. Bottom line You mustn’t be skilled like a masseuse to provide your partner with sensual and enjoyable knowledge. Massage therapy isn’t a step by step method. Give your partner’s responses identify where your fingers go next. Observe the areas which they reply to the most, and have fun or enjoy them as you see suit. It’s all about discovering their body and understanding what they enjoy and what they love. It’s a great method to connect bodily, whether it’s during a sexy role perform or a close backstroke at the end of a lengthy week.
  18. Samantha X After Dark

    New Private Angel - Olivia Bardot!

    Hello Gentlemen, The adventurous and incredibly sexy Olivia Bardot has joined Private Angels! This PLAYBOY cover model with toned size 6 body and perky DD breasts is based in Canberra & Sydney. Check out her photos and profile: https://samanthaxafterdark.com.au/private-angels/olivia-bardot/ xx Check Out Our Profile!
  19. Thanks for the reply. Sounds a very promising, professional lady. Whilst I am a bit wary of checking my number onto an escort database - I'm hopeful someone would explain how that works (is it secure) ... it seems that she has a number of glowing reviews!
  20. @steve87 Thanks for info . I did not enquire about extras, nor did she mention anything to pay additional, session just followed .
  21. longhorn69


    I read in 'The Advertiser', the other day, about how destructive condoms are to the environment. STI's and pregnancies are on the increase across Australia and other countries, even with the covid lock down. After some investigations by various health departments around the world, it turns out that condoms are bad for the ecology and the health of the planet. They do not break down, and are a danger to wildlife. It appears that there is a concerted effort by on-line ecological activist web sites to ban the use of condoms to save the planet from further pollution It appears that the spreading of STIs and unwanted pregnancies is a small price to pay to save the planet. No matter that a few more million babies will do a lot more harm to the planet in the long run. It seems that there are three alternative condoms on the market. Two only partially breakdown, still making them unsuitable ecologically. The other is made of sheep skin. It gives no protection against STIs, and is shunned by vegans, ( I am not making this up). And this practice is embraced across the globe by men and women eco warriors. But it also has another downfall. Men around the world have cottoned to this new ecological movement, even though they think it is nonsense. They have now become quasi eco warriors, so that they now have an excuse not to wear a condom, and insist that the woman also goes along with the, "Lets do our bit to save Mother Earth". Regardless of their beliefs. It also seems that this new band of quasi eco warriors are also demanding the same when visiting WLs. If you wish to further read about this new phenomenon, just go line and have a look. It's an eye opener We are certainly living in strange times
  22. Time Left: 23 days and 8 hours

    • FOR HIRE

    Meet High-Class Darwin Escorts. Langtrees VIP Darwin is a long-established High-Class Gentleman’s Club with a relaxed lounge setting where you can mingle with our ladies before making your choice. We have the most sought after Escorts in Darwin. Located right in the heart of the city at 27 Austin Lane, Darwin, we offer both in and out calls with rates starting at $150/15mins. Our friendly staff look forward to welcoming you to Langtrees VIP Darwin very soon x CALL US NOW: 0434 901 777 View our website here: https://www.darwinescorts.com.au/


    Darwin, Northern Territory - AU

  23. I have seen Claudia somewhere around october 2020 last year. I have nothing but positive about this girl. She is genuine and makes sure that you enjoy your booking. One of the genuine providers who cares about your enjoyment during the booking rather than focusing on making you cum quickly and then end the booking.
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  25. Sounds like a fun time, @Danny Raj. Cheers for sharing.
  26. ShannonStarr

    WE NEVER CLOSE - Langtrees VIP Canberra

    Time Left: 20 days and 7 hours

    • FOR HIRE

    Welcome to Langtrees VIP Canberra's Premier Bordello & Cocktail Bar. Here you can expect a warm inviting welcome from our stunning ladies and staff. We can proudly say that we are Australia’s only licensed bordello and cocktail bar. When you climb our stunning marble stairway, you will be transported into an intoxicating playground reminiscent of the roaring ’20s which guarantees your experience to be intimate, comfortable, and one not to be forgotten. Our ladies bring a level of beauty and service previously unseen in Canberra due to the fact that we are able to offer a selection of stunning ladies from all around the world. Each lady has an individual profile and schedule view-able on Langtrees.com. We offer in house services from 15-minute interludes up to all night love affairs. Escort services are available in Canberra, Yass, Goulburn, Batemans Bay & surrounds. We invite you to come and visit us upstairs at 32 Grimwade Street Mitchell and feel free to direct your inquiries to our friendly reception team CALL NOW: 0468 885 264 View our website here: https://www.langtreesofcanberra.com.au/


    Mitchell - AU

  27. Samantha X After Dark

    New Private Angel - Charlotte Gray!

    Gentlemen, Please give a warm welcome to Private Angel, Charlotte Gray from Canberra. Charlotte is naturally bi-sexual, fun-loving, sassy, comical and sophisticated. Check out her pics & profile: https://samanthaxafterdark.com.au/private-angels/charlotte-gray/ xx Check Out Our Profile!
  28. TNQDogger

    Celebrate PP's 10th Birthday With Cash Prizes!!!

    Better luck next year ...it’s already here
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