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  2. Introduction How do I begin this review? Do I scour the thesaurus for synonyms for amazing, beautiful, goddess, deity, intelligent, funny, witty? I don't think my vocabulary has enough superlatives to encapsulate how wonderful of a person Jessi is. I saw her ads a few years back when she was still Danielle Bliss and she was the one that got away - I didn't get to see her before she took a break. Once I saw her advertising once again under Jessi Fox and piece 2 + 2 together, I knew I had to seize this opportunity. I (mildly) stalked her Twitter and profiles waiting for her to announce a tour to Melbourne. Lo and behold, the very same day she announced a tour, I immediately contacted her and made an appointment. Contact with Jessi was incredibly smooth and easy, and any of my requests or questions were easily answered and addressed. Fast forward to the day, and I can say without a doubt then when I finally saw Jessi in person, she blew me away (in more ways than one). I requested for her to wear a miniskirt, and she specifically went out before our appointment to find one! This is truly a girl that enjoys what she does and give it 110%. She was wearing a tight white t-shirt, green miniskirt, and black heels. It doesn't sound sexy, but her curves were accentuated by her tight clothes and her legs seemed to go for miles. We talked a bit while she handed me a drink and settled the pleasantries. Entrée After a quick shower, I sat on the bed while she slowly stripped for me - she was wearing sexy lingerie under her clothes (similar to below picture minus the stockings). While grinding against me, I reach around her petite waist and held her closer to me while we kissed; slowly at first before we built up the speed and action. Her skin felt so smooth and supple as my hands roamed around her body while we kissed. As she pulled off all her clothes and lingerie, I marveled at her body. Perfection personified in an angel, with a tight body and perfect midriff that had a line running down the middle. I'm not sure about the general mass, but for me that hit the nail on the head for me. She pushed me back to lay down while she licked my thighs, then moved to my balls and finally to mini-me. Her tongue moved up and down and it was hypnotizing to watch her head bobble up and down while I slowly sunk into paradise. The suction, salive, and twisting motion all coalesced together as she built me up. Her eagerness to please makes me genuinely believe that for Jessi, giving a blowjob feels just as good for her as for the guy receiving it. Not wanting to be the only one that thoroughly enjoyed myself, we moved to 69 where I got to feast on heaven. Her body responded to my tongue as it wriggled around and teased different parts. After 5-10 minutes of 69, I moved back to lying down so I could thoroughly enjoy looking at Jessi while she blew me - a sight I never want to forget. Main Course After we finished our entrée, we moved to the main course which is of course Jessi herself. She helped me dom up and blew me a bit more to help lube it up a bit before using actual lube. I was pretty much a starfish as I laid there while Jessi serviced the hell out of me - we started off with her on top. The sight of Jessi gyrating on me and thrusting herself up and down onto me has seared itself into my retinas, soul, and body. This is a woman that looks like an angel but is a devil in the bed as she enraptures and enslaves your mind and body. As we swapped positions and moved to missionary, I gripped her by the ankles and pounded away. Her moans leaked out of her mouth and encouraged me further - she definitely enjoys it rough and hard. Moving to doggy, I got a good sight of her petite waist and plump butt. At her encouragement, I spanked her ass to warm it up before slowly entering in from behind. I gripped her sides and thrusted over and over while losing control and gripping her hair to help me push even harder and faster. As I felt myself edging closer and closer to the edge, I pulled out and laid down while Jessi tied her hair and went to work. Everything that transpired built up to this final moment of ecstasy where Jessi's amazing blowjob finished me off. As I climaxed, she kept sucking and sucking as I kept cumming into her mouth. Truly a wonderful note to end on as my cum dribbled out of her mouth as she sat back, back arched, skin glowing, and looked nothing short of amazing. Or so I thought? Dessert We tidied up and cleaned ourselves before laying back down and talking. We talked about Sydney, Melbourne, her job, my job, and life in general. I think most people don't appreciate the fact that ladies like Jessi are much more than just a body - conversation with her flowed so easily and smoothly compared to 90% of my conversation with other ladies, and I would say friends in general. Her attention, experience, and intelligence truly blew me away and elevated my Jessi Fox experience to another level. As the conversation flowed, she moved towards me and grabbed me down below and moved her mouth towards me. The sudden change in events were unexpected, but not unwelcome. Her hair was already tied up, so she instantly went into overdrive and blew me into the Twilight Zone. As I laid there rock hard, I insisted we move to doggy where I could grip her sides and hair while pummeling away. The second time was no less wondrous as the first as her moans and tight gripping (downstairs) moved me close to the finish line. A quick swap to missionary again where I could admire her body further and I felt myself getting closer and closer to the finish line for the second time. I lay down as she blew me - even more vigorously than the first and second time. As I was physically spent, I laid there like a starfish while she fought on like a trooper and helped me cross that final line. As I laid there, utterly defeated, Jessi drained me thoroughly. She looked up and asked if I came.. which I believe is less on me, and more reflective on how thorough and draining (in more ways than one) Jessi was. Final Thoughts TL;DR - Jessi is absolutely worth it and honestly my No. 1 experience. Don't ever go to Sydney without having seen her a minimum of one time. Maybe two. She's absolutely gorgeous, her body is tight and soft in all the right places, and her personality is angelic. I know this review went on and on, but my experience compelled me to regale you with as much as I could have, as one paragraph doesn't do Jessi justice. Everything about her is great and if anything, I haven't done her justice in this review. For us poor schmucks not located in Sydney, give her Twitter a visit (@jessifoxau) and see a few samples of what legal drugs look like. I've rambled on enough, but you HAVE to go see Jessi at least once in a life time. It's kind of like a default bucket list item that everyone is born with. Sorry not sorry for the long review. Jessi deserves it. Thank you Jessi!
  3. Jessi Fox|January|2019|Private Escort|||0412577773|jessifoxxxau@gmail.com|www.jessifox.com||100% Real|$600|Victoria|||Weekday|Daytime|21 - 25|Asian Origin|Korea, South|Very Good|Brown|Medium|Hazel|Pale|Average - Around 165 cm / 5'5"|Athletic|6 to 8|C to D (Medium to Big)|Yes|All Waxed / Shaved|None|None|Yes|Girlfriend Experience|Yes, DFK (Deep French Kissing)|Yes, BBBJ and CIM (Cum In Mouth)|Yes|No|||||||An absolute goddess!|Lovely|Out of this world!
  4. If it’s Phoebe Mortein saw, she has been reviewed a couple of times before
  5. It seems very hit and miss there, could be the night or who is on, can you review the girl mortein? Has anyone seen stella yet?
  6. Charlie

    Private Escort - February 2019 - Mina

    That's why we pay them! Well done M8!
  7. It's been a while since they advertised here (something like 2017), so we're glad to welcome Ivy's Sweet Place back to Punter Planet. They now have new premises in O'Connor (Perth for those not from WA) Please visit their profile and take a look at their beauties of different backgrounds. I hope that you manage to pay them a visit very soon for some fun and games. I also hope to keep seeing your reviews coming. Please welcome Ivy's back. Visit Ivy's Sweet Place's Profile!
  8. When did you visit there? I didn’t have the those other problems you mentioned. The white linen was quite fresh and even ironed, pillows and cushions on the bed, air con seemed alright I even had 2 loud sneezes lol. Probably they did some improvements. The only problem for me is the hard and low bed very difficult for dodgy style.
  9. ^^^ Exactly my point. It's clear the owner's not interested in providing proper beds, mattresses, pillows and bed covers. Probably trying to save money on laundry. Looks like an empty warehouse with a makeshift bed held together by several stuffed cardboard boxes and no bed covers or pillows. Also, there were no curtains to shut out the light coming through the windows and the air conditioner wasn't working either. Only positive about the place was the shower with soap and a fresh towel provided. As I said earlier, the place needs a lot of work done. I pay good money, I expect better.
  10. Me the same mate, the bed is very hard, I complaint the other day, and the owner said ‘ what r u talking about, I paid $$$$ for my mattress, they are the best , never loose the shape......’ Hahaha
  11. Hello there Sydney! I'm coming to see you from the 18th - 24th of February 2019. I would love to see you for a date and am staying in a suite at Crown St Darlinghurst near William St in the CBD. I can also outcall to CBD hotels. If you would like to see my rates and services or other images, please look up my Punters Planet profile on the Escort Directory here or visit my website. I hope to see you this visit! Kind regards, Piper xx Email: piperjackson1@hotmail.com SMS: 0478111845 Whatsapp: +61478111845 Twitter: PiperJackson_xx Website: PiperJacksonxx.co Check Out My Profile!
  12. Dave Weldon

    It started with a sore back

    Very similar thing happened to me. In my 50s, in love with wife, but we'd been 10 years without sex. And never thought I'd go to sex workers. Then, out of horniness and curiosity, went to the Thai massage place nextdoor to my gym. It had a rear entrance, so I was pretty sure it was R n T. Fantastic massage, body slide and HE by lovely girl. Left feeling elated. That experience brought my sexual side to the fore again, and I soon graduated to escorts.
  13. After eyeing Mina's profile for a while on SB I decided to book her. There were some issues with the $200 deposit which didn't end up being either of our fault (I won't go into detail here) but I ended up securing the booking. Mina was wearing a very sexy schoolgirl outfit with underboob which was to die for. Mina really does have a great figure. I had a quick shower, then sat on the sofa where we started with some DFK. Mina is a great kisser and her lips are beautiful (thinking they are enhanced?). She then started a BBBJ and oh boy let me tell you her BJ skills are out of this world. She is a master of DT and it feels amazing. Mina then moved on the floor between my legs and continued with the BBBJ where she made plenty of eye contact. I ended up cumming in her mouth and she kept sucking, letting the cum slowly drip out of her mouth. We cleaned up then moved to the bed where we had a nice chat. Mina is overall a nice and fun lady and very easy to have a conversation with. I told Mina that I wanted to do 69, so she stripped off her clothes then jumped on me. Mina really does like having her pussy eaten, she did get quite wet and was moaning quite heavily. The BBBJ again was amazing and I ended up cumming in Mina's mouth again. Thinking I was done, I asked Mina for a massage which she delivered and it was great. After some more chat, Mina asked me how many times I think I can cum to which I replied "not sure". She then started giving me another BBBJ without asking again with CIM...then another after that (with 69)! It's the first time I've had an escort wanting me to cum as many times as I could and it was amazing. After going well over time, I had a quick shower, we got dressed then we said our goodbyes. Mina said she would very much like to be fucked next time which I agreed with (laughing). Overall, Mina was maybe one of the best experiences I've had with an escort. Her service was great, she agreed to all my requests and she's not a clock watcher. I will definitely be booking Mina again soon.
  14. Mina|February|2019|Private Escort|Scarlet Blue||0458 732 249||https://scarletblue.com.au/escort/mina|SWA 8385XE|100% Real|$500|Victoria||Incall to Escort's place|Weekend|Evening|26 - 30|Asian Origin|Korea, South|Very Good|Brown|Long|Brown|Tanned|Average - Around 165 cm / 5'5"|Slim|8 to 10|C to D (Medium to Big)|Yes|All Waxed / Shaved|None|None|Yes|GFE/PSE Combined|Yes, DFK (Deep French Kissing)|Yes, BBBJ and CIM (Cum In Mouth)|Yes, without a dam||Yes|Yes|No||||Very pretty|Fun|Fantastic time
  15. Yesterday
  16. @dantay so she is petite but curvy, if you know what I mean. It’s not a massive butt coz she is not big herself but her butt is like super firm and shaped nice.
  17. Thanks mate. Hope you're well. It was with the lovely Phoebe. She provides a great service. My complaint was their extremely uncomfortable beds. Cheers.
  18. @Mortein Good to see you on this side of the country mate About this post ( and your mention about posting review of sometimes ago) I'm guessing that also the girls' quality is not wort to put black on white
  19. ^^^ I pay to enjoy sex on a comfortable bed. Otherwise, it's a waste of my money. Period.
  20. The heck mate? You don't go to a brothel based on its bed quality surely? Surely girls' quality are far more important?
  21. It seems the owner of Ivys bought this new place along South Street with a view to renovate as they go along. Interior feels like a warehouse in various stages of renovation. Makeshift beds in the rooms are very low, hard, noisy and extremely uncomfortable to fuck on. Left with a backache. Won't be going back until they get some proper and comfortable beds..
  22. I saw her last week....don't think I'll be seeing her again
  23. @Butt Enthusiast Thanks for the review. Doe she have a very curvy butt like some ebony girls or is hers more flat? In the video she looks very thin and not like the very voluptuous african american divas I long for
  24. We are very happy to welcome Naomi Storm to Punter Planet. Naomi is a petite ebony model-like escort visiting Melbourne. She presents as sweet, passionate and lots of fun. Please visit Naomi's profile for more sexy pics and other info. I hope you manage to catch up with her during her visit. Please let us know how you go and please welcome her! Visit Naomi's Profile
  25. AndyJ

    Rachel Barrie touring Sydney 21-25 February

    Thanks Rachel.
  26. No, I was very happy and thought i had got my moneys worth. As most ladies charge more for PSE I did not mind. PS she said she will be back in March if you are interested.
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