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  2. After seeing Ellie in Brisbane in April, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to meet up with her in Melbourne while she was in town. Ellie is stunning, so gorgeous, she is a sex goddess for sure. her beauty is enchanting. Ellie greeted me with her big blue eyes and huge smile, and her long legs that go all the way up to paradise. With a very hot passionate kiss from the outset, i knew this was going to be memorable encounter, one to savour. I wasn't wrong! We picked straight up from where we left off at our last tryst. Kissing Ellie is heaven, I could feel the sexual tension rising fast between us as we kissed. It was electric, Ellie just knows how to make you feel like she is on this earth only for you. it wasn't long until we were both naked and enjoying each other immensely, we were both in ecstasy, licking and fucking, fucking and licking, the sex was out of this world. it started with Ellie riding me cowgirl and progressed quickly to multiple other positions. we were fucking hard, missionary with Ellie's feet on my shoulders is a now favourite position of mine. I was lucky enough to feel Ellie squirt on my cock and then on my fingers. She tastes delightful. This girl is hot AF and couldn't get enough, I was happy to oblige. The session ran into the second hour, we were having too much fun, what a hot night this was. I was completely satisfied and remained feeling euphoric even after our meeting was over. Thank you Ellie you are an angel, look forward to next time our paths cross. Apparently a meteor crashed to earth this night, co-incidence?
  3. GP23

    Wife 2 and between

    Have you tried having a TS experience I think you would enjoy it
  4. GP23

    Wife 2 now and the RnT

    You can find some gems in massage parlours when you aren't even looking. Some of the best blow jobs I have had have been in so called legit placed when I have actually just been seeking a massage.
  5. Ellie Zena|May|2019|Private Escort|||||||100% Real|$550|Victoria|||Weekday|Evening|26 - 30|Caucasian / European Origin|||Brown|Short|Blue|Pale|Tall - Above 170 cm / 5'7" |Curvy|10 to 12|C to D (Medium to Big)|No|Neatly Trimmed|None|None|Yes|Girlfriend Experience|Passionate Kissing|Yes, BBBJ (Natural Oral)|Yes||Yes|Yes|||||An absolute goddess!|Fun|Out of this world!
  6. AndyJ

    Francesca Bella Touring Cairns until the 26th May

    Thanks Francesca.
  7. Hi lovers from Cairns 😋 I’m now touring in cairns from now until the 26th May... come to meet me, for a genuine passionate, erotic GFE and much more...😘😋🔥💦💦 Check Out My Profile!
  8. Very entertaining review, thanks for sharing! As to the booking 'negotiations', environment and session itself........ But hey, you were blown away. Good work!
  9. She told me would be Monday 20th going to SYD - she is a bit all over the place, i wouldn't trust her to keep shit like that totally up to date ...lovely lass tho - Brissie guys, if is until 27th, get there while you can,.
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  11. As of the 27th of May according to her page on Scarlet Blue.
  12. Clandestine

    Private Escort - May 2019 - Asia Lee

    Body type not my taste
  13. Basilboy1962

    Delilah @ LFG. Released January 2009.

    Delilah , Dee Dee, Simone . I have very fond memories of one of the legends of the industry.
  14. Hi Canberra Lovers, I will be in your city from June 4th to 6th. This is my first time touring in the Capital, and I am very excited to make new friends there. I hope we can make some wonderful memories together x With anticipation, Jessi Please visit my website jessifox.com for more details about me. Check Out My Profile!
  15. Hi Melbourne lovers, I will be in your city from June 18th to 20th. I do not like rushing, hence do not accept last minute bookings, so please ensure to make a booking in advance to create great memories together. I look forward to meeting some wonderful people during my visit. With Kisses, Jessi *Please visit my website for more details about me - jessifox.com Check Out My Profile!
  16. AndyJ

    Mina in Sydney Tomorrow

    Thanks Mina.
  17. AndyJ

    Brooklyn’s Visiting Sydney next week :)

    Thanks BRE.
  18. mina

    Mina in Sydney Tomorrow

    Mina in Sydney Available in Sydney city on 22 and 23 May Get in touch now to make an appointment Website: http://www.minamelbourne.com Twitter: @minamelbourne SMS: 0458 732 249 Email: minakimmelbourne@protonmail.ch Check Out My Profile!
  19. Last week
  20. Bedroom Eyes Escorts

    Brooklyn’s Visiting Sydney next week :)

    BROOKLYN will be touring Sydney (29th May- 4th June) Call/text: 0421947788 This will be her last Sydney tour before heading overseas Visit our website Check Out Our Profile!
  21. @tyro85 Thanks for the review, Tyro. I also have been following Lexii on twitter, she seems to enjoy what she does. I doubt if l will have the chance to meet her so it is good to get a positive report on her. Cheers.
  22. Following Lexii on Twitter is a lot of fun, she’s regularly posting sexy pics and videos and all this content is great encouragement to make a booking. After seeing her latest video I could not bear it anymore, I had to make a booking for later that night. Texting her was pretty straight forward, and finding her place was just as easy. She opened the door and there she was, the sexy busty blonde….and her big dog. He’s a friendly and loves a bit of cuddle. The real fun was to be had upstairs. She mentioned how much she enjoys sucking cock but I probably enjoy going down on a woman just as much and it didn’t take long before my tongue was between her legs. She said she doesn’t really do this for the money but rather because she loves sex and from the way she was moaning and pulling my head towards her pussy it showed. I told her that I wanted to see her squirt, unfortunately it's not something that she can do on command but she didn’t disappoint. With the help of some of her new toys and my fingers I was licking up all her pussy juices. Anal was paid for but unfortunately she was not really into it that night. She was really really tight and it felt amazing for the brief time i was in there but she was not enjoying it and she was very disappointed about that. Said she usually loves anal but I guess I got her on an off night for anal. I was actually really surprised by how disappointed she was about this, guess she really wants to please a man. She refunded me some of my money which was much appreciated, I doubt most girls would’ve done that. I love anal and was really looking forward to it but despite her not wanting to do it that night I still had great time with Lexii. Her pussy is insanely tight and her BBJ is awesome. It’s hard to find a lady who really enjoys what she does so I’ve already made plans to go back and see her again.
  23. Lexii Dayne|May|2019|Private Escort|||0479 055 600|lecsiiliscious@gmail.com|https://twitter.com/DayneLexii||100% Real|$450|Western Australia||Incall to Escort's place|Weekday|Evening|31 - 35|Caucasian / European Origin||Very Good|Blond|Medium|Blue|Pale|Average - Around 165 cm / 5'5"|Athletic|8 to 10|C to D (Medium to Big)|Yes|All Waxed / Shaved|None|One or two|Yes|GFE/PSE Combined|Yes, DFK (Deep French Kissing)|Yes, BBBJ (Natural Oral)|Yes|Yes|||Yes||||Model material|Fun|Fantastic time
  24. Christine McQueen

    Christine McQueen in Adelaide 20th-21st May

    Christine McQueen in ADELAIDE now. @MissKittenCMQ at your service 0434709067 SMS only. #AdelaideEscort #HailYourQueen #SHEISCOMING Check Out My Profile!
  25. You're welcome Lowfat - she's fecked off to SYD today I believe....
  26. Now that's how you write a review! Concise and (almost more importantly), hilarious. May need to drag myself up the M1 for a taste of this.
  27. Mods - pls move if there is a more appropriate section for this (she will move from QLD to NSW this week). Sent an e-mail on Friday (my conkers were splitting their shells) and asked for appointment on Saturday - reply came within a hour asking me to book with her assistant via text. I booked in for 1 hour PSE ($650) asked about toys for us both - she came back and asked for $1000 with $400 deposit - I immediately cancelled saying i thought the toys would be included as part of PSE - she came back and said as a one off she would do it for the $650. I said i would give $100 deposit as was a little wary. She agreed immediately. Saturday came, my wallet was full and my balls fuller! I got to where i needed to be on time - had to wait around 10 mins for instructions on intercom - usual stuff....waiting around, nervous as Cardinal Pell having his last smoko outside court. Up the lift to the highest of floors - knock on the door and it opens to a tattooed goddess dressed only in a thong and 6 inch stripper heels - she looked as tasty as a bacon sandwich, i wanted to squirt tomato sauce all over her . The place was a shit hole and smelt like smokey backdoor to a nightclub. she led me to the bed and sat me down to go over the rules and ask what i wanted from the session (telling me there was a trucker convention on in Brissie, and she'd been fucked senseless by hairy truckies all weekend - not sure how i felt about that!) - Rules were all agreed to - pretty much anything goes except "fingering" - I was going home for a soft-boiled egg later anyway... She then got off the bed and dropped to her knees took me into her mouth for some oral without (I can say this now she's buggered off to NSW). Her lips like the big twisty balloons that street clowns make in to dogs at kids parties - see her twitter to see what I mean. She gave a masterclass in oral technique: shaft-nibbling, scrotum-licking, ball-sucking, tongue-swirling, shallow, deep, delicate, firm, fast ... she had more variety than a Royal Command Performance. Talent like hers is as rare as a break-dancing chicken ... and considerably more entertaining. she laid back on the bed - shes got bacon curtains you could make a sarnie out of - they are big and dangle down like a brush turkeys waffle - fucking delicious. I sucked and slurped but i guess the numerous truckers had fucked the sensitivity out of her - i could sense that she was bored shitless with me doing that - Fuck me she said - so i tried, i really did. Major General was ok for a couple of mins, but the amount of lube on my covered dick and that she must have put up her beautiful fanny made it a slippery mess down there and the lack of any traction (and my stupid old cock being droopy) made me give up on this....So i though "Sod this, I have sex at home, but I don't get blowjobs like this very often." her oral technique was indistinguishable from Pippa Middleton's. She can take it potatoes deep, you can slap her face with cock, pull her hair and head so you really feel the glans slipping down her throat - she seemed to much prefer this kind of abuse to my meagre oral or 30 seconds fucking her....what a trooper! we then moved to the main course - some anal play - she took out a dildo and said is this ok for your arse - i was a little spooked but acquiesced - turns out my ass isn't as stretchy as hers. Out it popped and she then rammed it up her pussy a few times....off she went to her bag of tricks and came back with a more accommodatingly sized vibrating butt plug - up that went with ease and delightfully stayed there - Britt occasionally changing the buzz settings - at times i felt like Robert C. Gleason Jr. in the electric chair - except i haven't killed anyone as yet! Her fingers encircled my pink totem pole like Red Indians around Colonel Custer and those trout like lips slurping on my vegetable patch was sending me to the heavens....Within a few minutes I squirted fresh semen. There was so much spunk, she looked like she had webbed fingers. I felt proud. She even took a picture of it and posted it on her Twitter feed - she was also proud! As she left the room I squeezed the last drop of juice onto my fingertip and had a taste - it was slightly sweet with a hint of rhubarb. On the way back to my car, I played air guitar
  28. Reallycantwin

    Private Escort - May 2019 - Asia Lee

    No idea. Didn't try. You can ask her.
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