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  2. Eden Garden Sandwich is the best on the North Shore Choose your buns and the filling and be rewarded with instantly. Quality is what we stand for, come and try us out! Check Roster at www.edengardenmassage.com $90/half hour 407 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest Check Out Our Profile!
  3. Fifi has been well reviewed around here and my review is basically preaching to the choir. She's as good as everyone says she is! I've seen her a few times now and she does not disappoint at all. She's got a great personality, extremely easy going and makes me feel comfortable the moment I walk in. Communication via text can't be any simpler. She's very articulate and accommodating at the same time (e.g. specific attire despite giving her very short nice). Once the "session" begins, it's all hands on desk. I usually get a bit nervous and I think she senses it. So she always takes it slow and makes it extremely sensual. Her DFK is beyond this world! I won't delve into any more details about all the extra activities that went down in the session but I'm sure you can imagine it with me! The one thing that might bother some people is the use of alarm clock which will ring at certain intervals. Not sure if she uses it for everyone but she has used it our time together. I have no problems with it as I'm usually done before the time's up anyway! But either way, you'll enjoy it! She's great at massage too if anyone's into that sorta thing!!
  4. Private Escort - July 2018 - Fifi|July|2018|Private Escort|||0466965690|fifimelbourne@gmail.com|||100% Real|$550|Victoria|||Weekday|Daytime|31 - 35|Caucasian / European Origin||Very Good|Dark|Long|Hazel|Pale|Short - Under 160 cm / 5'3"|Curvy|8 to 10|DD and above (Extra Large)|Yes|All Waxed / Shaved|||Yes|Girlfriend Experience|Yes, DFK (Deep French Kissing)|Yes, CBJ (Covered Blowjob)|Unsure||Yes|Yes|||||Beautiful|Fun|Fantastic time
  5. Today
  6. Disclaimer - This was at the North Sydney Parlour First time writing a review so I apologise in advance if it's a little bit lacking. It was also only my second time going to an R'n'T. When I rocked up to the shop, an Asian girl answered and no one else was there so I just went with her. Told me to strip and then disappeared for a couple min, after taking my money. She told me to lie down and went straight to massaging my body, starting with my legs and working her way up, surprisingly strong and the massage was decent. After a bit, she turned me over and said something for $50 or HJ for $20, I assume it was CBJ but who knows, obviously opted for the HJ just in case. Started with a slow massage then slowly began to stroke it faster and faster. I asked if I could touch her, just in case she gets mad or something, she was somewhat reluctant but agreed, so I felt her up a bit while she did her thing. After I came it was a speedy cleanup, paid up my extra 20 and it was done. She was pretty cute but really awkward, didn't help that I was nervous too. Tried to make conversation but she just awkwardly laughed and went on. Overall 6/10 looks 8/10 service 5/10
  7. Forgot to ask|July|2018|R'n'T Massage|Silver Fox North Sydney||8958 5164 ||http://www.silverfoxmassage.com/|||$75|New South Wales|||Weekday|Evening|26 - 30|Asian Origin||Poor|Dark|Long|Coffee|Tanned|Average - Around 165 cm / 5'5"|Slim||AA to B (Small to Average)|No||One or two|None|No|Clinical Experience|Unsure|Unsure|Unsure|No|Yes|Yes|Yes||||Very pretty|Cold|It was okay
  8. Basilboy1962

    Bodyline - June 2018 - Alice

    Alice is a gem. Her full service is worth trying. She enjoys herself and gives her best to see you have a great time. I must go back to see her.
  9. ricardorabbit

    club 741 Brooklyn - July 2018 - shanaya

    Trust me, she knows. Read her other reviews, it's as though she wrote them herself don't you think? She's had stalkers and this undoubtedly gives a sex worker mental issues such as paranoia. I think your secrecy after mentioning that you'd heard of her very likely impacted the level of service you received. As to the other issues and rudeness you experienced I have no comment to make, other than I can imagine all the things a sex worker must go through, and the toll it takes on both their physical and mental health.
  10. arsetronomer

    club 741 Brooklyn - July 2018 - shanaya

    I should have... I know most of them are members in the forum.I did not want to aggravate her temper and some how cool her down. May be you are right I should have Did not want to sit there and explain to her about the site and reviews.
  11. ricardorabbit

    club 741 Brooklyn - July 2018 - shanaya

    Every brothel worker and many private escorts know about this site and the fact that they are reviewed here. Indeed, many advertise here looking for business. This forum makes an income from selling advertising space to sex workers. Articles in the major newspapers and their websites have been written describing this and other sex worker review forums, they are not a secret. This is how I learnt of it's existence. Sex workers, or even their employers, pimps or boyfriends, whatever, often write reviews about themselves here in order to make themselves sound good and attract clients apparently, and why wouldn't they? I can't fathom why @arsetronomer states above that he didn't want to tell this sex worker that he had read her reviews, as though she, a seasoned brothel worker across multiple establishments, firmly entrenched in the sex trade, doesn't know of this forums existence. Keeping his source of knowledge of her secret likely made her paranoid as she has attracted stalkers before from this trade. If he had mentioned the forum as his source perhaps his experience would have been better. Being secretive is suspicious, this forum is well known and utilised across the trade, as I've mentioned. It would be a very unprofessional sex worker or brothel that didn't monitor what was written here by their clients. It's hardly a secret, it actually helps the industry in it's business.
  12. Christine will be in Brisbane from Wed Aug 1 12pm to Sat Aug 4, 2018 7am. SMS Only Please No Blocked Numbers Phone: 0434 709 067 Visit My Website Send Me An Email Check Out My Profile!
  13. Jeff_drop

    Bodyline - July 2018 - Andrea

    Sounds good, thanks.
  14. randomnights

    Bodyline - July 2018 - Andrea

    She will be about dd to e. Its proportionate to her tight skinny waist.
  15. Jeff_drop

    Bodyline - July 2018 - Andrea

    DD and above an mean many things.... hoping, E,F,G hahah Great, thanks.
  16. ricardorabbit

    club 741 Brooklyn - July 2018 - shanaya

    Why didn't you mention the reviews @arsetronomer? It sounds like this sex worker would benefit from reading her clients perspective on things.
  17. randomnights

    Bodyline - July 2018 - Andrea

    It says in the review - DD and above. She will be a DD easily.
  18. Hi all, I dropped in and saw Alice about a month back for a 3/4 hour session. She was friendly at the intro, but to be honest, I probably wouldn't have picked her out of a line-up on looks alone, however I'd seen a good review here and decided to go with that, rather than a prettier unknown girl (of whom there were many). Anyhow, Alice was really nice to be with and I soon relaxed. I didn't opt for extras and found that standard service was really good anyway. She gave a great massage with lots of sensual touching and her huge pendulous boobs running over me had me pretty aroused. On turnover, she gave me wonderful oily Spanish work and we kissed for a while as well, which was unexpected and lovely. Her handjob to finish was gentle and kept me on edge for a long time, before a big finish overtook. She gave me a back rub for my time left over and I left very happy. I'd recommend Alice and while I'm still trying to find a window to see Charlie again, I'd definitely see her again and explore extras next time. TA
  19. Alice|June|2018|R'n'T Massage|Bodyline|||||||$225|Victoria|||Weekday|Daytime|26 - 30|Caucasian / European Origin|||Brown|Medium|Brown|Pale|Average - Around 165 cm / 5'5"|Full-figured||DD and above (Extra Large)||Neatly Trimmed||||Sex Buddy Experience|Yes, DFK (Deep French Kissing)|Unsure|Unsure||Yes|Yes|No||||Attractive|Fun|Great service
  20. Jeff_drop

    Bodyline - July 2018 - Andrea

    Nice one what cup size are we taking?
  21. Yesterday
  22. as most do....
  23. randomnights

    Bodyline - July 2018 - Andrea

    You wont be disappointed.
  24. Decided to give this place a go as i was staying very close by so an hour visit was on the cards. Rooms nice and clean, soft music and lightening. Vivian walked in and she is very attractive, massage started very light massage not asked if i wanted to hard or soft. After 15 mins she left the room.... ohh no i thought here we go with the switch but she did return Then came the roll over and the questions were asked, and she put the hard sale on for a friend to join in ( I really should have said no) OK friend comes in and more hard sale she was not quiet as attractive as Vivian but still nice on the eyes. We came to an agreement and 2 shots on "the table.... well then the egg beater goes and a I try to say calm down but she says "it's ok honey" damn I suppose this is what you get when you negotiate a 2 shot session, bang clean up and roll over for 4 hand massage... not much better than the 2 hands.... ready for next so roll over and here we go again. I had put other options on the table with one down 1 up, was a very not much time spent down there as the other cat bathed me so blocked the view, then back to the finish. The high light was when the egg beater was going Vivian was leaning over my head massaging my forehead and when the shot went off is did travel a fair way and hit on target, think that was a surprise for both. WIR no
  25. Vivian and +|July|2018|R'n'T Massage|Silver Fox||8057 3051||https://www.silverfoxmassage.com||100% Real|$75|New South Wales|||Weekend|Evening|21 - 25|Asian Origin|China||Black|Long|Brown|Pale|Average - Around 165 cm / 5'5"|Petite|8 to 10|AA to B (Small to Average)|No||||||Yes, Light Kissing|Unsure|Unsure||||||||Very pretty|Cheeky|It was okay
  26. Today Monday Roster: Juliana: New Top Girl! Cuba (Latina), 23yo, 168cm, Super H Cup. Here is the lady you can not miss out. She has a gorgeous looking, wild curvy hair, wild temperament, perfect hourglass figure, super hot H cup, slim waist and a killer booty. Moreover, this lady is very passionate and positive. She is very professional in Latin and pole dancing. She is always invited to perform in championships. When you come to see her, you will understand how inspiring she is. You will be intoxicated by her exquisite fluidity of movement. She is always activated herself to show her beautiful to everyone. Her super hot body will make you crazy but later her sweet talking and perfect skills will totally satisfied. She is 100% dream girls for any one. --It’s very hard to find a beauty with most sexy body and beautiful personality like Juliana. She is the stunner you can not miss! Highly recommended! Rita: New Top Girl! 20yo, 167cm, F Cup, a sexy half-breed Latina femme fatale. Curvy long hair, sexy sun kissed skin, sexy attractive face and hot shape with F bust. She is a woman of character ! Also, she offers excellent massage and top services. She is every gentleman's hot number! Pretty is not enough to describe her, even ladies will be crazy with her gorgeous and sexy looking! --Too sexy so outstanding looking and so nice, enjoy look at stay with her. If you look for super sexy and good looking girl , Rita is the girl you are looking for! Highly recommended! Bella: Top Girl! 20yo, 170cm, C Cup. A must see luscious Chinese model. Leggy slim body, smooth milky skin and pretty face with enchanting smile always. 5 star massage skills and services. If you looking for a pretty and soft personality girl friend, she's the best choice. ---Very open mind, this top model provides most intimate Girl Friend Experience. That's why she is so popular and always fully booked. Nicky: New Top Girl! 21yo, 165cm, H Cup, a super busty girl from Singapore. Fashionable gorgeous looking, sun kissed skin and vivacious personality. When you see her, you will marvel at her breath taking H boobs and sexy hot booty. You can't wait to stroke her wonderful body! Amazing massage and services, She is ready to bring you pleasure with her H Cup boobs and her fantastic skills. -- Super busty girl, very passionate. You will find out:" I want to stay one more hour with her. Her smile and body are really enjoyable!" Gina: New Top Girl! 22yo, 168cm, D Cup, luscious Taiwanese girlfriend. Beautiful face, athletic sexy body with legs that go on forever, will make you breathless when she wearing silk stockings. She is an intelligent and elegant Office Lady. Fantastic massage skill will rejuvenate your body. --good massage skill and service, leggy model , the money you spend on her will be 100% value back! Sarah: New Top Girl! 20yo, 167cm, F Cup, She looks like a noble Philippine Princess from an ancient castle. Melted chocolate skin, long sexy hair. This beauty has your dream figure, slim but a divine F bust, seductive looking and enchanting eyes. She is 100% a dream girl for everyone. Can not miss this top girl. She is very energetic and playful, could meet all your desires. Amazing massage skills, absolutely gorgeous! Highly recommended! --fully booking girl, too sexy looking too good service, open mind sex No. "I only like Sarah!" ---one of our regular customer who just look pretty girls after try many pretty girls review! Susan: New Top Girl! 20yo, 168cm, D Cup, a top Chinese model. New to Australia. A super star with gorgeous looking, leggy curvaceous figure. You burned when you see her perfect body. Beautiful personality, she is very patient and friendly to everyone. A must see Girl Friend Experience! --open mind pretty girl, top sexy service, very sweet and soft personality, many gentlemen will come back enjoy her service and try to stay one more hour with her. Coco: New Top Girl! 20yo, 165cm, C Cup, a luscious fashion Malaysia school girl. innocent and stunning looking, long silky sexy hair, soft personality and sweet talking, very friendly with enchanting smile all the time. First class massage skills and services. -- If you are looking for first love Girl Friend Experience, Coco is the right girl! Jennifer: New Top Girl! 20yo, 165cm, E Cup. This beautiful school girl is very sweet, perfect smooth skin, always great smile on her innocent face. First class massage skills and she always motivate herself to best status to fulfil your desires. -- An young innocent school girl, she offers fantastic massage services and received 100% positive feedback. Bianca: New Top Girl! Czech (Europe), 23yo, 170cm, 100% natural H Cup and Kardashian booty. A must see busty Uni girl from Czech. Gorgeous looking, super hot H boobs which you can not stop to stroke and a killer booty. She is always patient and passionate to everyone, and ready to meet all your hidden desires. Come to spoil yourself and enjoy this European sweet heart. ----Super busty and huge booty Europe girl. If you are looking for a hot chubby girl, she's the best choice. Vivian: New Top Girl! 22yo, 168cm, C Cup, a leggy Hong Kong air hostess. Tall slim but sexy curvy body, smooth milky skin and stunning face. Very friendly with great smile all the time, wonderful massage skills and services! ----open mind, firstly class services, No.1 good nice girl, everyone will respect her since she is always nice and offers best service. If u looking for open mind services, Vivian is the right girl. Book to try. Olivia: New Top Girl! half breed Spanish girl, 21yo, 170cm, F Cup. Here is the lady you can not miss out. She has a gorgeous looking just like Cleopatra in the movie, noble temperament, perfect hourglass figure, super hot F cup, slim waist and a killer booty. Moreover, this lady is well educated, cultivated, very soft and sweet talking. When talk with her, you feel totally relaxed. Now we are so lucky, she is here at our shop to share her beautiful to anyone, she was well trained to be graceful and mannerly all the time. This beauty is very easy to connect with because of her sunshine personality and qualified communication skill. She is 100% dream girls for any one. Whole Sydney friend and traveling friend: Do not miss this top girl. --You can hardly find a beauty with most beautiful personality like Olivia. Also she is open mind girl, She is the stunner you can not miss! Highly recommended! Nana: Top Girl! 19yo, 168cm, D cup, slim but curvy body, pretty face, luscious intimate Korean girlfriend you are looking for! Super patiently, friendly and top services! She respects every gentleman and treats him like a King! --A youthful shy school girl, when stay with her, you feel like she is your first lover. Jessie: New Top Girl! 21yo, 167cm, C Cup, affectionate lovely Vietnam girl. Stunning looking, curvy figure and beautiful personality. She always brings a positive attitude, treats every gentleman like her best friend. She offers first class massage skills and services. Honestly, she makes every gentleman happy at the end! --Very patient girl, always optimistic and happy, she can rejuvenate both your body and your mind. Naomi: New Top Girl! 19yo, 167cm, C Cup, a very enchanting model. New to Australia. A super star with gorgeous looking, leggy curvaceous figure. You burned when you see her perfect body. --Beautiful personality, she is very patient and friendly to everyone. Amber: Top Girl! 20yo, 170cm, C Cup, milky smooth skin, a graceful leggy Chinese Office Lady! Sweet pretty face, curvaceous figure and very friendly. She is an intelligent OL but actually she also can be your very naughty girl friend to meet all your desires. Linda: New Top Girl! 20yo, 166cm, D Cup, milky smooth skin, a graceful leggy Chinese Office Lady! Sweet pretty face, curvaceous figure and very friendly personality. --She is an intelligent OL but actually she also can be your very naughty girl friend to meet all your desires. Must come to try. More clear details, please visit our website: www.massagecbd.com Check Out Our Profile!
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