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  2. Well at least you were part of the plan of action. Shame you can’t watch but hopefully you might get some details of the session which will be fun. Violet is stunning . Best choice IMO
  3. TheMissZoey

    Miss Zoey — On Leave

    Hey Thank you! I was wondering when the right time was to return.. I don’t want to do any damage or not be able to be working when I’m not fully healed. Thanks so much, hope you’re well. Xx
  4. Thanks for the tips, gents! I've passed them on, and she's most excited by what she's seen!
  5. Arrived at Rose Castle after phoning to see how many girls working. Told there were four. After a 15 minute only Charlotte and Kristal available. Heard Jasmine introducing herself to the punter in the waiting room next door. Kristal was not an option after her previous performance and Charlotte wasn't my type. Told mammasan I would wait for Jasmine, about 50 minutes. My patience was rewarded when she introduced herself with a beaming smile and an outgoing personality. Off to the room, inpsection and a shower where she dried me off. Onto the bed where she offered me her shaven pussy while she gave my balls a good licking before a CBJ. Then she climbed on top leaning forward to offer her nipples for sucking. I asked what her favourite was - doggie. What a cute little but t which she ground back. I was already close from the CBJ so I had a small cum. She turned over changed condoms then I had a full finish. A massage to conclude the massage included another CBJ! However I was too spent to manage a hat trick! WIR. Definitely! But I would book Jasmine before leaving home. Definitely up for the repeat performance.
  6. Jasmine|September|2020|Parlour Worker|Rose Castle|702 Boundary Rd, Coopers Plains|07 3277 1111||https://rosecastle.com.au/||Not real|$225|Queensland|||Weekend|Daytime|21 - 25|Asian Origin|Philippines|Very Good|Black|Medium|Brown|Tanned|Short - Under 160 cm / 5'3"|Slim||AA to B (Small to Average)|No, natural breasts|All Waxed / Shaved|None, no tattoos|None, no piercings|Yes, intercourse|Sex Buddy Experience|Unsure|Yes, CBJ (Covered Blowjob)|Yes, DATY on offer|||Yes, rub-down|||||Pretty|Outgoing|Fantastic time
  7. Yes Violet would be an excellent choice as long as she likes her tasteful body art.
  8. @Roj there are a few lovely ladies to visit. How about Rhianna, Violet or Samantha?
  9. A girlfriend of mine wants to try her first 'girl/girl massage' (and she won't let me watch - doh!) and when we were on the website today looking at the roster of girls that see women, we were surprised at the lack of photos of many of the masseuses. She's a real 'plan ahead' kind of girl - she's nervous about seeing a lineup in the flesh & would rather know what her options are from the visuals on the website. I had a look at some of the familiar names from my previous visits over the years, and noticed many of these ladies don't have photos anymore. Seems a bit odd! I thought a photo would be the first thing to draw a customer in ...
  10. I too am interested in any intel on Simone. Am tempted to try, but these days I'm more likely to go with one of the ladies on my repeats list than try new and risk a dud punt (reflection of the times we live in).
  11. Yesterday
  12. @PacoMan The grass is definitely greener on the other side of the fence.
  13. So, "fence" is your punting name I assume
  14. I recently met Kylie, the new receptionist. She looked rather hot, and I thought it would be good if she jumped the fence as Tania once did when she became Jaime
  15. Firstly, I agree with @AndyJ comments that reviews of advertisers must be treated the same as other reviews to maintain the credibility of the reviews. May I suggest to the writer of this review that he either consider further editing of this review or ask for it to be entirely deleted. This review seems to oriented towards emotion rather than objectivity and this reviewer seems like a chap who is normally rather more objective, based on looking at some of his other contributions to this forum. I presume we have a credible reviewer reviewing a very well regarded working lady and yet this review appears to not be of the standards of reliability normally displayed by this reviewer. PS I have never met Black Booty so my perceptions are based entirely upon several of her otherwise highly favourable reviews on Punter Planet
  16. Lily has asked us to respond, and as we normally do, I'm pasting her reply below with a couple of minor edits to protect the privacy of the reviewer or direct attacks, but which don't detract from the reply anyway, as the idea of the service providers' replies is not for them to retaliate but to simply address the points made in the reviews. I'll make some comments below it regarding the only points Lily's reply alludes to us. Obviously the reviewer may address any points directed at him. However, as it alludes to us, I'd like to respond regarding this paragraph: Being an advertiser on this platform, shouldn't make any difference on how we deal with reviews. Basically, it shouldn't be assumed that we agree with a review or with anything written by third parties. That not only can be found in out forums T&Cs for members, but also in our T&Cs for advertisers. And beyond that, by editing reviews of our advertisers, we could be easily accused of having a vested interest in doing so, something that does not benefit us nor our advertisers for that matter. At the end of the day, particularly for those advertisers who have many positive reviews, a negative one, only acts as a confirmation that reviews normally don't get vetted or edited, adding credibility to the group of reviews an advertiser may have, the sort of credibility that is completely absent from many advertising directories. We often read things that we personally deem rude, obnoxious, just plain nasty, however, we don't necessarily take it upon ourselves to act as parents, or tutors, or try to find some remedy where those involved in a person's education process have seemingly failed. In this case, I was taken aback by reading quarter way through the review, that the experience and observations were so different to others I had read of the same escort, that I stopped reading and replied as I originally did. My mistake was not continuing reading in detail the rest of the review, so I didn't get as far as some comments, that we normally would've edited with an edit stamp as "Unnecessary Comments" (So, I apologise for dropping the ball there). Those who commented later did not report these comments, possibly also assuming it's not necessarily our onus to edit them, and by the time I realised, the reviewer had already showed regret about them, which is when I suggested him to edit them. An outcome we much prefer to censor things ourselves. Any email from Lily and her new photos reached me after this fact. Lily has been welcomed to reply, and we happily grant her the opportunity. However, I need to point out that the edited version of the review is not much different from the original one as far as alleged facts and opinions. The reviewer simply removed the rude comments, but the rest remains pretty much the same (and in the review template he changed his original rating on Overall Performance to "We didn't click"). Anything of what's still there to be read are matters of opinion, and other than giving some personal opinion as I originally did, we are not here to debate them, the same way we are not here to attribute intentions to the reviewers. That's what the escorts' replies are for, and then readers can make their own minds. Thank you.
  17. Last week
  18. Anyone know where Tanya is these days? She's recently dropped off the roster.
  19. That's good, I don't like to see any hair down there, not even a landing strip that to me feels a bit like a woman sporting a mustache. Anyway glad to see it went well with this Korean girl, if you happen to find out her name please let us know and we'll edit the title for you. Cheers.
  20. Is a wank better than a gloved HJ ? Almost.
  21. hope she oiled up the glove - sounds like if done properly it could be fun (or shite if its just a dry cheap servo station glove)
  22. Odds on I think. Start saving and take extra cash next time! Sounds a solid punt. Thanks for the review
  23. I walked into the shop and the reception bloke asked how long I'd like to stay. I said one hour and as always he asked if I wanted 2 girls. I said no and he offered me a deal $200 for two girls but I only had the correct money of $125. He took my cash then motioned towards the door behind him. I had a shower and then Seoul walked in. (I actually forgot her name, so Seoul it is). Seoul had black and white maids costume on. We said hello and I laid down. I had a medium massage and we talked every now and then. She mentioned some girls do F/S and thought she maybe hinting that she does as well. Time came to rollover and Seoul took her costume off. She had sky blue panties on and slowly took them off to reveal her hairless pussy and giving me sexy eye contact. Her tittie's were perky and nipples looked erect. She oiled up my already hard boner and worked her magic. Every now and then she would give a sexy moan. She was pretty in the face and had nice sparkly eyes and nice lips. I blew my load and had a shower whilst watching her get dressed. Can't wait to go back again one day.
  24. Seoul|March|2020|Massage||||||||$125|New South Wales|||Weekday|Evening|21 - 25|Asian Origin|Korea, South|Good|Dark|Medium|Brown|Olive|Average - Around 165 cm / 5'5"|Petite||||All Waxed / Shaved|One or two||||Unsure|Unsure|Unsure||Yes, handjob|Yes, rub-down|||||Very pretty|Lovely|Great service
  25. She sounds like a dud. Better luck next time.
  26. $150 for the GFE geez can't believe people actually pay for that while I have experienced two girls at RC that gave me that experience as we clicked as part of the service for no extra charge
  27. Yikes! Rose Castle seems to have good reviews for many other girls. A girl who gives a gloved HJ is one to avoid. (CBJ is fine in my opinion).
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