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  2. Vitesse

    Setting the Mood - C'mon Babe...

    I got scammed $100 dollars extra for a tantric service as a newbie many years ago, found it to be somewhat ott and kinda fake just like those who claim to be able to squirt but piss all over the place instead.
  3. Dave Weldon

    Setting the Mood - C'mon Babe...

    I've done some tantra myself, but so far, outside stimulation is still paramount! I'll work on the breath. Thanks for your reply.
  4. Last week
  5. @Dem No the older lady I thought was the receptionist ( will not mention her name as respect privacy)is the lady who owns RC , Jasmine informed me ,will edit to make clearer.
  6. Scarlett B Wilde

    Setting the Mood - C'mon Babe...

    Well thank you Dave. Appreciated. It's kind of a broad subject yet to boil down to essence. Desire comes from within. While you may get excited by an image / person / object beyond yourself- you feel the desire within yourself right ? This understanding of the desire process beyond just mental, physical and emotional make it 'experiential'. Once you have this 'experience' a number of times, you can bring on states of this 'experience' at will. In other words you can place yourself in a state that is more receptive. Breath is a huge part of our physicality, as oxygen fuels the body. Many don't know yet - Inhale - Blood pressure goes up Exhale - Blood pressure goes down So depending on your own preference you can bring about a state within your body to feel more. Hence you can heighten your sexuality. By my sentence " .... to be that open vessel " I was stating that I can bring about my own sexual desire and am not dependant on outside stimulation, hence a client that wishes to have a booking more about themselves can, and still be with another whom is sexual aroused as well. By open I was kind of saying 'independent'.
  7. @nev Yes , The very efficient and nice welcoming secretary ( mentioned in my review).Found out from Jasmine the above mentioned lady who I thought was the receptionist is the actual owner of Rose Castle and a member of PP which in my minds is a must if running a sex providers business.A great Lady and so far doing a great job . Can be corrected 1st parlour opened in QLD , so well done . I am not familiar with the RC website, but as mentioned before a updated roster would help all.
  8. That's a good cheap root. I'll have to give that place a try. Always happy to support a place that supports PP/
  9. lucky77

    Jasmine's Availability in Wet July

    wau !! speechless!
  10. JP666

    Jasmine Lane - The New Girl!!

    Looking forward to catching up next week x
  11. Managed to see Jasmine on the way home .Moto I use “ Go hard or go Home “ This case “ Go Hard then go Home” . Might be last punt for a while , could be last opportunity to see Jasmine. Great service for $105 / 1/2 hr , a pocket rocket to please you, also wonderful girl .
  12. I was also lucky enough to meet her on a few occasions. Without a doubt the best ever at BR.
  13. Post a Review and enter a draw for winning $100 (5 prizes to be awarded monthly for the rest of 2020). Conditions apply! (Please read at the bottom of this post). To celebrate Punter Planet's 10th birthday this 21st August, we have thought of a virtual way to balance the CV doom and gloom until the end of the year. From July up to December included, we'll be drawing 5 prizes of $100 in cash each, for those who post a qualifying review during this period (plus the ones already posted during April, May and June). We'll endevour to get together to celebrate our birthday in Melbourne some time during the year, when things get better. However, since we cannot do that at the moment, we've thought of this joyful way of spreading some happiness across our reviewers. It's also a bit of our own Marshall Plan to inject some money back into the punting economy. Our treasurer Josh iRobot, has done all the sums and calculations, and we have come with 5 prizes of AUD $100 each every remaining month of 2020. $100 may not seem like a lot in punting terms, but it may cover some R'N'T or 30 minute session at some parlours, or simply contribute to your total expenses if indulging at a higher level. When you think in non-punting terms, $100 goes even a longer way. Hence, why the prizes will be in cash, and you can do whatever you like with that money (after all, you must have spent some dosh before posting a review). Now, the prizes will be delivered exclusively via bank transfer (and please note the name Punter Planet will show in statements) or via the Beem It app, which is better, as in that case it won't show. We could consider some other alternatives but that will be in a one on one basis and not guaranteed. So, if you have a debit card linked to any Australian bank account, download and activate the Beem It app now. At the end of every month we'll get together with some members for the draw of the names out of a hat. Maybe in July, that will be done just with iRobot and me, as things are a bit tough in Melbourne for another six weeks. The winners' names will be published that same night or the following day. To enter, post a qualifying review or more (as the more reviews you enter, the more chances you'll have. You may even win more than one prize if Lady Luck is on your side). In recognition to your great job at the peak of the CV restrictions, in July will also include all eligible entries posted in April, May and June. From August to December, only those entries posted each month will take part. Now, what is a qualifying entry? For the purpose of these draws alone, a qualifying review: - Cannot be older than 3 months at the time of being posted. - Must include some form of published contact details (phone, link to ad or website, etc. For cryptic R'N'T reviews, please see next point) - Must include the name of the service provider (Establishment's name and girl's name. For cryptic R'N'T reviews, you'll need to be able to provide us names and contact details even if you don't disclose them in public) - Must follow our guidelines on how to post a review and be informative. - Only reviews posted in all-members areas (sign-in required when not about advertisers) are eligible. - Webcam reviews are not eligible. There are 2 other requisites needed for a review to be eligible for Star Master's status, that we won't apply here for the draw. One is that each of the 5 qualifying reviews to become a SM must be about a different girl (if about privates) or a maximum 3 are accepted about a same business (if about a brothel/agency). The other is that for SM eligibility reviews need to be exclusive to PP (or reworked for PP in such a way that we get the bigger/better version of it). None of these 2 conditions will apply for the draws, but if you are not a Star Master yet, it's in your best interest to comply with these two rules too, so the reviews are also eligible for Star Master's status, apart from participating in the draw. Needless to say, if not exclusive, and the review is posted elsewhere too, you'll need to prove you are the same person to us. So, keep those reviews coming! Get posting now. Let's make the best out of the remaining of 2020. Cheers!
  14. brainnbody

    Bodyrotic - January 2015 - Nina

    Amazing lady, just a joy to be with. Her hands were magic enough, fantasising about other things might just send me more crazy than this damn virus.
  15. Piper is visiting Brisbane from July 19th to 24th. Please SMS to make a date! I can best be reached via SMS or WhatsApp (+61478111845) or email (piperjackson1@hotmail.com) if you'd like to make any enquiries! I will mostly be active on my Twitter profile @PiperJackson_xx Kind regards, Piper xxxx Sydney: 1st - 11th July Available for incall in Sydney CBD or outcalls to CBD hotels Brisbane: 19th - 24th July Available for incall in Brisbane CBD or outcalls to CBD hotels Canberra: 28th - 31st July Available for incall in Braddon or outcalls to CBD hotels Check Out My Profile!
  16. It's never too late to start reviewing, the same as for many other things in life.
  17. No probs, I felt waaaaaaay to shy to write a review 4 years ago, but enough time has passed now I'd love to write a review of her from back then, but she hasn't been at BR for years now, so it would only be my glee and amusement of others as to how awkward a newbie is...
  18. And thank you for reporting back. Glad it was a very good experience for you.
  19. I was driving in last minute and called on the way to book Freya who I'd seen once before, but they told me she wasn't going to be available until around an hour later. Having only come in to see the line up once before, I was a little nervous to do so as I didn't want to feel obligated to pick someone I wasn't sure about. That said, when I arrived, the receptionist re-assured me that if I wanted to just wait for Freya after seeing the available ladies that it would be no problem at all, which was really nice. I can't remember who else was on at the time, but to me Samantha was just really lovely, spoke nicely (they all did though), and seemed keen to spend some time with me. With these line up things, I really have no idea what one should be asking, but other than saying 'Hi nice to meet you' its a bit humbling that a lovely lady is putting herself out there wearing not much just for me to choose and probably makes me go a bit shy, but however it works, I try to look for some kind of sign that they're actually interested in spending time with me. I booked Samantha for an hour and after sorting out the payment, Samantha came and joined me in the room. I asked for a little bit of striptease first as for me watching a woman take her clothing off is one of the most amazing sights behold. It also adds a little bit of variety. After a nice little show Samantha came up nice and close to me whilst I was sitting up on the table having just enjoyed watching her. She started putting light touches on my body whilst maintaining good eye contact and it just felt really great. She encouraged some nice touching back and feeling her tight toned body was just great. After a few minutes of this, I was pretty on fire and she offered to begin the massage but as the connection felt really good we just continued like this for a while. We eventually ended up on the table with her bodysliding me in reverse position which offered some amazing views. Because she's got such a nice body, I'd actually think almost any position she offered would be a good view. I won't go into much more detail than that as I'd rather keep some details to myself. I will say this though, Samantha was just really lovely to me and treated me very well, which I can't thank her enough for. She seems a very genuine person and gave me a great escape from real life for an hour. I didn't ask about extras either and glad the discussion didn't come up. Bodyrotic was my first time doing anything like this 4 years ago thanks to reviews on this site that gave me a rundown of what happens. The main reason I started here was because I wanted to go to a place where I knew sex wasn't part of the deal. It's nice just to be looked after for an hour without being pressured to pay more. Seeing as though extras is now off the menu again, I might be going back again soon. (I've only been there 4 times total).
  20. Samantha|February|2020|Massage|Bodyrotic||02 9557 7999||https://www.bodyrotic.com.au||100% Real|$275|New South Wales||Establishment's Venue|Weekend|Evening|31 - 35|Caucasian / European Origin||Very Good|Blond|Medium|Blue|Tanned|Average - Around 165 cm / 5'5"|Athletic|6 to 8|C to D (Medium to Big)|Yes, enhanced|All Waxed / Shaved|None, no tattoos|||Girlfriend Experience|No|No|No|No|Yes, handjob|Yes, rub-down|||||Model material|Lovely|Fantastic time
  21. Dave Weldon

    Setting the Mood - C'mon Babe...

    Hey Scarlett, this is thoughtful and thought-provoking, as always. What do you mean by this: 'I have enough training in tantra to be that open vessel'?
  22. Great thanks for the info Rob. Probably a benefit for them at the moment that their contractors are locals. Good 'ol dick inspection mate, can beat it
  23. Beautiful Blonde Brooklyn will be visiting Sydney this month Tour Dates: Sunday 19th - Wednesday 22nd July. Pre bookings essential. Call/ txt 0421947788 Visit our website Follow us on twitter Follow us on Instagram Check Out Our Profile!
  24. @Vin Wall Hi Vin ,my 1st encounter there and only intro 2 other girls . I am sure plenty of variety there , Rose Castle is portraying itself as a multicultural parlour not a Asian parlour , the nice efficient manager tried to emphasise that and ecxplained most of her girls are locals . Asian star is having difficulties getting girls as most gone back to China etc so no new girls with cov restrictions. To me another big plus Rose Castle actually do a dick inspection which to me is very important , quick simple all good.
  25. Thanks for the review Dem. One could be forgiven in thinking Jasmine is the only WL at this joint with the wealth of her reviews.
  26. My pleasure. That's that's what we're here for. Glad she took care of you. Not many like her.
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