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  2. 28 and lost it to a lady in Kings cross. Let's see that was around '82. The cross was scary back then let me tell yo
  3. Welcome to PP , Harper
  4. I doubt it. One of the better GFE providers I’ve experienced, including head fucks and all. Probably early 30s at a guess.
  5. This hooker must be a GILF by now. FFS who in their right mind would tap her?
  6. Gee whiz, after 7 years are you just trying to get this topic back to the top? If ever I saw a promotion this has to be it.
  7. ^^ @001Romblk, message her on PP via pm @Bella Fox
  8. I've also filmed a First Timer's guide which will be posted on soon.
  9. As professionals- 'sex' workers can provide you with the understanding, consideration and 'service' to get your needs met, yet I believe a few questions need to be asked before you go down this path. What are your thoughts and feelings on sex ? I'd imagine that you've used porn to supplement the very real need of human skin contact, which is a fantastic tool to understand your own needs and desires yet it can also be a hindrance. Let me explain... Firstly... Porn tends to be very up-regulated. Meaning it's incredibly up paced ALL the time. There's little sensitivity or curiosity during a scene, and this can have little to do with the producers of porn itself- more the medium and business model that porn finds itself in. Porn isn't education. It's Entertainment and titillation. That's an unfair pressure to put upon an industry. While the industry certainly can and does address these needs from time to time, it's certainly limiting to those whom desire choice. Sex education belongs in school or the skin trade / sex therapists. Not movies. The individual sensitivity that can be given to one can't be replicated in a medium that must be bought by the 'many'. Also, due to porn needing to produce income, variance or difference is a risk which isn't something many a business is keen on doing, hence porn tends to be more mainstream than individualistic. Which when doing something as personal and intimate as sex, should be based on who you are, and how your feeling at any point of time. Secondly ... it's one thing to be lying and 'put' upon porn ( not actively engaging another ), versus the very real and subtle feedback you receive from another human being. You can and will learn through repetition to ignore the very real feedback from others as it's only natural to do so as repetition is the mother of all skill. Hence why many men that masturbate a lot, tend to 'train' themselves to only cum in a certain way. So why the 'hate' on porn - There's no hate here. Just an acknowledgement of the environment that many virgins may find themselves which means appropriate action can be taken by those in need. Which brings me to the other side of your question as to 'what' to do to your girlfriend ? As if there's a magic technique that would magically make you an incredible lover ?! And that's the point I was making with porn. Very little correspondence is done in porn, yet with a personal sex worker / escort / masseur, we're experts at negotiating the needs of others, and ourselves. That's literally our job. These techniques are learnt over job after job after job. It's not a "..done one client, Wow.. I'm amazing at this.." type skill. Yes you can read books and watch video after video yet remember when I mentioned 'repetition is the mother of all skill' ? That's what a long term sex worker can provide. Years and years of skill, devotion and experience with dealing with others within the sexual arena. Many may boast about their skills yet how many outside the sex worker community actually make an income or run a successful business ? Virtually Nil. And let's not forget that sex work is really a service based business hence it works on repetition. If I know what I'm talking about, that's great. If I can actually practice what I preach and derive and income from it. That's brilliant. So why the bang up about how great sex workers are about their jobs ? Because I'm about to say something that may not necessarily resonate with you yet with over 9+ years in the business- I've learnt a thing or two. I suggest that maybe 'one' session regardless of length will most likely have a positive effect, yet 'sessions' with a WL will be most beneficial. You'll have time and time to 'learn' not just about the mechanics of sex- yet your understanding of it. And what's there to learn about sex ? How about pleasure ? While sex's function is to procreate, we as human beings have experienced and developed sciences around the subject of sex. Hence we can and do have sex outside the desire of procreation yet still fulfil that 'desire' or 'need' for what sex also gives us. Pleasure. Hence I believe while there maybe a real desire to 'get over your first time' you may be missing the greatest thing about sex of all. Pleasure. Now the ability to feel pleasure is inbuilt in your nervous system and yet our minds can and do tend to over ride this system and then all of a sudden we can become disembodied in the experience of sex. Have you made this all about the other and not yourself ? This is a very valuable time for you to explore yourself within the care and company of a professional other to learn about yourself, and not, as you put it 'embarrass' yourself ? Yet I challenge your thinking into it's also quite disrespectful to 'do to another'. Yeah, just rub her clit. That will drive her mad. It certainly will in my case as my clitoris is very sensitive and most likely piss me off if porn style pressure is applied. A sex worker can provide an 'education' of questions to ask another and ways of doing so that you have an environment that you can grow in confidence. Not because of techniques you've learnt, yet ethics that help guide you towards connection with another. And on the ethics let's speak about one that you may find challenging. When did the pleasure of another become your duty ? A woman's pleasure is her own duty. If she can communicate to you her desires and your willing to abide then great. How awesome is that ? Yet if you're of the belief that you somehow must know the in's and out's of another human being ? I'm curious where you may of learnt that ? Most likely.. porn. Don't treat human beings like that. Treat them as individuals. Do the same to yourself. There may be those that will say that this long winded post is too much, and I invite those to consider that if you're seeing a professional for hundreds of dollars an hour, maybe you'd appreciate someone whom has taken the time to put it out there. Or maybe just a body to lie there is enough ? Due to the lack of any 'real' information on the client I've had to generalise to cover the bases and mindset felt by Chelanxar. The very risk I spoke about at the beginning. Sweetheart. I wish you all the best in your search, and welcome you to the delightfully rude, embarrassing, awesome, sensual, intimate world of sex ! Most of all .... Enjoy !!
  10. Is Bella Fox still working during the lock down. According to her Twitter post 5 Days ago she would be.
  11. Yesterday
  12. @The Unknown Long time no review! "...and started a slow DATY session which I'm sure she enjoyed." How did you know? You got some positive feedback?
  13. We are very glad to welcome Harper Dare to Punter Planet. Harper is a slim, busty and blond Cougar based in Melbourne. She is well educated and can also be a great social companion. Please visit Harper's profile for more sexy pics and other info. I know these are odd times to welcome new advertisers, but I hope that Harper will still be with us when we go back to normal life. In the meantime, please welcome her to our site. Visit Harper Dare's Profile
  14. Last week
  15. @James.sully Hey, James while I appreciate the fact that you are a newbie have you tried visiting the website links posted by MrDickButt where there are countless photos of the incomparable Lily.?
  16. @MrDickButt dont suppose u have any pic or vids of Lilly?
  17. Harper Dare

    Busty, brilliant and blonde MILF

    Time Left: 28 days and 5 minutes

    • FOR HIRE

    Hello my name is Harper, Busty, brilliant and blonde with the complete girlfriend experience. I am a petite size 6, 5"3 shortie, with (F) cup breasts. Typically a blonde, occasionally a splash of colour depending on my mood/naughtiness. As an ex elite private school girl with a Bachelor degree, I can assure you I am the sophisticated eye candy that can accompany you to any special occasion such as your business luncheon, dinner date or a night at the theatre. As the evening turns into night, we can take this behind closed doors, rolling around in the sheets as playful as I can be, I can also be a little minx. Other girls might leave you wanting more but I just want to give it to you! I can be whomever you want to be, the girl next door, adoring girlfriend, mistress or your personal pornstar. Sex is always fun with me and I am adventurous indoors and out. I can follow your lead or completely own you, that is your choice. You can be rest assured you will feel comfortable with me, I will be attentive to your needs and leave you with a memorable experience that one time with me is simply not enough. I have an addiction to fashion and annually attend Melbourne Fashion week, a love of culinary delights including wine and champagne and spend my weekends on the Mornington Peninsula beaches taking in the sun in summer. Text me on 0400 023 284 and you will not regret it. X SWA 12867XE


    Frankston, Victoria - AU

  18. Tempting, but I thik I will just put a little $$ aside each week and once the world is back to normal try out my own Big Bong Theory
  19. Safari Missy

    All Tours CANCELLED

    Due to the current situation i'm forced to cancel all TOURS (Newcastle, Melbourne and Canberra) and take a break for a while. I hope to see Y'all in good health when all this is over. Stay Safe. Check Out My Profile!
  20. The roster is now empty from Wednesday night onwards. That’s good health wise for everyone who works there, including the receptionists. Not so good for them financially, but health is paramount. I hope I can catch up with my favourite ladies once again as soon as this is all over.
  21. nev

    Toowoomba Tour Cancelled

    Cara, you will be top of my list when all this crazy is over.
  22. Scarlett Maison

    Business (not) as usual

    Scarlett Maison Purveyor of Pleasure Hello Lover, there may come a time very soon when I’m told that I have to cease providing my services, who knows how long for? Until that happens I'm available if anyone would like to spend time with me. There are a few changes so please read my blog for more information. Virtual hugs, Scarlett x Check Out My Profile!
  23. Scarlett B Wilde

    Coronavirus And Advertising

    I have stopped seeing clients physically.
  24. With a looming close down, maybe sit yourself in a bubble bath at home and I’ll describe to you in detail via FaceTime what it’s like. Just a small charge though, which I’m sure you will find reasonable.
  25. They will have to comply with the Govt directives, so from midnight tomorrow there will be a long vacation.
  26. Hello my naughty Hobbyists, To not let you guys down, im trying to re-activate my OnlyFans account. In the main time hope you all are well and safe. Much love Gabriella Reis xx Check Out My Profile!
  27. They are complying with the orders and will shut at midnight.
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