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  • AndyJ

    Punter Planet Welcomes You Back!

    Welcome to the revamped Punter Planet community! :)


    My energy over the past few days has gone into struggling with mysterious technical hurdles and the natural work involved in the upgrade process. It's been many years since our last upgrade, so it's been hard work to reconstruct what we've built and also tuning it up for the future.


    I planned this upgrade for 3 months, but there's always something unexpected, and hence the site it's not at the point where I'd like it to be before reopening doors. You'll notice some things missing but most of them will be added in the next few days.


    Just explore around and you'll see this a more modern and bigger mothership. Don't despair and please be patient, you'll get to like in due time whatever looks unfamiliar.


    There three ways of navigating the site, which are these three little menus at the top right of the screen.


    Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 7.45.41 pm.png


    All Activity will look familiar to whoever uses social media. There you'll just see everything that happens on the site (well, almost), and the status updates have been updated to feature photos, embedded videos, etc. So, this could look a lot like Twitter in no time. But these things won't show in the main New Content timeline (in the future only status updates by advertisers will show there too).


    New Content is the classical way of seeing forum topics, but we've added blog entries, and advertisers and Punter Planet news (so, basically the same you saw before plus blogs). They do have social media style timeline too, that you can expand or condense to your liking. You can also customise these streams to see exactly what you want to see.


    And of course Latest Reviews is self-explanatory. Just that, reviews. (And again, you can create your own review streams, with feeds coming from just one State, etc. But mind you, there could be a lot of clicking involved unless you're just interested in only a few service providers.


    One thing I find great is the Create pencil at the top of the screen. From there you can create any kind of content. Just expand it and you'll see what I mean. :thumbsup:


    Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 7.55.10 pm.png


    Anyway, people, I'm exhausted. Re-discover the site on your own, and if you have any questions, we'll be very happy to answer them.


    Enjoy and make the best out of it!

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    Thanks guys, much appreciated. There are still some minor hiccups that we need to iron out.

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    Midnight Marauder


    Jobs like these will never be without hiccups. I would be thinking something is drastically wrong if there wasn't any..

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