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  • AndyJ

    Brand New Advertising Package From $66 A Month!

    We are very happy to launch a new State-based ad package on Punter Planet from AUD $66!!!


    In an effort to offer a similar package to what other directories offer at a similar price, we have created a new package to satisfy the needs of those escorts and businesses who are happy to advertise mainly at a State/City level in our directory.


    Advertise on Punter Planet - Escort Advertising


    Our original packages were all designed to display across directory and forums, including the front page of our advertising guide. This gave these packages (including the so-called Basic or Standard) a premium nature when you consider the enhanced exposure. This also translates into higher prices than those asked by many directories out there, as they demand a lot of manual work from us.


    So, we have decided to introduce a package that does not demand as much from us, yet offers you similar features to what's standard elsewhere.


    The State-based package is a great option if you consider that we rank consistently very well for city-based keywords such as "Sydney Escorts" and so on.


    Escorts get your State-based ad at only $66 a month or $110 for 3 months. Businesses buy yours at $165 for 3 months.


    You can read all about its features and set up your profile here.




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