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Free Massage Without Obligation Exchange

Price - $0.00

Time Left - 16 Days, 8 Hours

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I am a certified male Massage Therapist who loves the company of WL's and am willing to offer a no obligation 1 hour massage catered to your needs and desires. You ladies work very hard and I've enjoyed the company of several of you over the years and am happy to return some satisfaction, even if I haven't partaken of your lovely services. Please have a look at my website if interested and contact me to arrange your relief.
Mikey ;-)


  • Condition Barter Arrangement
  • Duration 1 hour
  • Days Any
  • Time Any
  • Location Brisbane
  • Type of Visit Either
  • Services Your Desire
  • Age 18+
  • Ethnicity Any
  • Hair Colour Any
  • Eye Colour Any
  • Body Shape Any
  • Dress Size Range Any
  • Breast Size Range Any
  • Height Range Any

Emma English

Q: What do you expect in return?

A: An opportunity to give a lovely lady a therapeutic massage, seriously nothing more. I love to help people through massage, I love beautiful women and escorts so really it's a Win, Win, Win situation for me 😊

Emma English

Q: How is it win win. You are giving away your services for free.... why don't you offer your services to males on the forum. Lots of health complaints from men who aren't able to afford such services or don't think they will be effective.

A: That's my choice. I advertise elsewhere for paid therapeutic services for everyone.
For me, oiling up and massaging a beautiful working lady is payment enough.
I wish you all the best in your ventures.

Emma English

Q: "For me, oiling up and massaging a beautiful working lady is payment enough...." and you call yourself a professional?

A: I do and act very professional in my paid service. This was intended as an opportunity for two consenting adults to exchange time and space in a caring nurturing environment. Many people enjoy the process of a therapeutic massage without any sexual activity. It can be a very sensual experience of its own. In my paid service I take great pride in relieving someone of their aches and pains. In my complimentary service I take great pride in caring and nurturing someone's needs, but only engage in further sexual activity with those I've already made mutually agreed exchange of attraction. This is how I am able to offer a free massage to willing Punter Planet working ladies.
Next topic of debate dear?

Emma English

Q: So if you are messaging me you are also offering a happy ending?

A: Hello Emma and sorry just back to you, yesterday was a very busy day for me. Please allow me to address this question in a moment.

I was a bit rattled by your previous posts so I contacted a WL whom I used to give massage to as thinking I might be coming across as a creepy troll, rather than a genuine person. She reminded me how you WL’s have to deal with men constantly offering exchange of services for sex, not to mention far too many men acting worse than horny boys! Upon reflection, I can see where an offer of anything free to a WL would have concern of expectations or hidden agenda. My question to you is, do you feel my offer would be more likely of success with asking for something in return? I was thinking best to delete current ad and add, “If an ongoing situation were desired, an exchange of service could be discussed and mutually agreed upon”. What are thoughts or suggestions please?

As for your current question, if “a happy ending” were desired, I would consider it as I do enjoy watching gorgeous women enjoying pleasure and particularly an orgasm at the aid of my hand(s) and particularly tongue. I reiterate though, that this would only happen after mutual discussion and agreement. Also, I would not expect any reciprocation unless an ongoing situation was desired. I notice you are in Melbourne and I am in Brisbane, are you planning to visit Brissy? I don’t get to enjoy Melbs nearly enough as I would like so fulfilling your request would be difficult. I do thank you for taking the time on this lengthy post and any insight you have to offer.
I wish you luck in your endeavours.

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