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3 wonderful nights



Now, plenty of you have read my reviews. And plenty of you have had plenty to say about them. I personally don't really care much... but I do think it's unfair to the ladies I have seen for their reviews to be taken negatively. So, instead of writing up a review, I'm writing up a blog with the girls relatively de-identified. I'm sure they'll be able to recognise themselves... but I'll leave it up to them to say anything about what I've written.

A little context for the less intellectually capable who seem completely unable to read between the lines: I do not believe in having sex with anyone I don't love. I am happy to spend time with anyone... and even let a lot of things happen... but I draw the line at sex. I don't expect you to appreciate or understand this... but that's okay. It's a me-thing.

Anyways! Onwards and forwards,

I met 3 very lovely ladies over the last fortnight and was very pleased with all of them. Each in their own special way showed me a lovely time.

First, I met with the lovely G.

She was a very beautiful kiwi girl who wined and dined me to my heart's content. She wasn't quite the girl in her pictures (she'd put on a little weight since they'd been taken...) but was still incredibly beautiful. We talked about lots of various topics and she showed genuine interest in what I had to say. I think during the course of the night, she basically poured a whole bottle of red wine down my throat lol. But it was fun. I'm actually struggling with what else to say... mostly because it was a very PG13 night... but as I said, it was fun.

Next I met E - the tender intelligent girl from Brooklyn with sexy practically tattooed all over her.

We sat and chatted for a while, then E suggested I take a shower and lay down for a massage... E's body rubbing against mine was quite a feeling, I'll say that much... But me being the horribly nervous person I am, became a shivering ball of anxiety. We actually laughed over it and E was still amazingly nice and tender about it all. What did I learn from this? My sensitive spots are ultra sensitive... and will rapidly result in the blood draining from my peripheries. But also that spending time with an intelligent lady who I could talk to about more than just general things was just as arousing as her smile.

And lastly, I met S.

Ah S... what to say about her... S was a very cute, very homely little vixen who gave me what I would consider the proper GFE. Not in the intercourse way... but pretty much everything short of... She kissed me... a lot... and corrected my laughable technique lol... she lay herself on top of me and played with my hands as we chatted... she curled up beside me and we laughed over youtube clips and mtv together... all in all, a really nice night... the kind I would really like to have with a gf one day.

So this was a short version of 3 wonderful nights with 3 wonderful women. There was no sex. There were a few sexual activities... but none that I'm willing to share. I would have already booked in to see them all again, but alas seeing 3 ladies within a fortnight does not make the wallet very happy. But I would like to see them all again. And I would probably not ask for much different. Why? Because I enjoyed what time I spent with them, and I'm not one to cross my own set of highly sketchy morals. But that's just me. You may be more flexible in your morality or just have less strict ones. In any case, may your dreams always be made sweet and your beds warmed by a lovely lady~ ttfn


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Megan Delaney


Fuck em, if money has exchanged hands you're entitled to review.

The outspoken ones will make it sound negative but believe me there are a lot if lurkers who appreciate such reviews

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Are you saying reviews you wrote were criticised because you didn't have sex? That's very wrong.

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No, I'm saying that there was a lot said, most of it unfriendly. And that I didn't like that the women I had seen were being looked at badly because my experience didn't align with what others wanted. Aside from what's available for all to see in the public record, there were several private messages and much said in the chat room... but *shrugs* that's now several months ago and I now give my feedback via different avenues.

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