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out bush

Claire Cavendish


Having a great time out west in Bathurst. Totally different experience to touring the cities being out here. I've seen shearers, farmers and I reckon country Aussie guys are way different to you city types!! Mostly friendly, nervous, very undemanding - no swinging around the chandeliers out here - they are just really happy to see someone pretty turn up in their town. bathurst is really nice - wide streets, lots of trees and old houses. Big wide skies and green everywhere. You can still get decent coffee and Woolworths though :)


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Arent country guys just the best!!!!

They are just so happy to have a nice girl spend time with them :)

I love country clients <3


Not saying anything bad about city guys.. but city guys are good in small doses lol....


Glad to hear you are having a great time out bush xxxx

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I'm from the country. Nothing beats country air except good country women...yeeeHaw.:lol:


Now if your down country Tasmiania...check the scars onyour clients neck. They may be sneaking in two for one!!

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