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April 2010 - Naughty Times (TS Jennifer) - The Feast of Jennifer




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Sexually Explicit Transgender Themes and Course Language


Mature Audience Only




My learned, dear friends of FIA,

Here I stand alone, judging and being judged.

If I am marked to die, I am enough to do my lover loss;

and if to live, a greater share of honour.


Proclaim it FIA, through my post

That he which hath no stomach to this review,

Let him depart; his passport shall be made

I would not review in that man's company

That fears his fellowship, to review with me.


This review is called The Feast of Jennifer

Should I outlive this day, and come safe home,

I'll stand a tip-toe when the day is named,

And aroused be, at the name of Jennifer.


We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;

For he today that sheds judgemental thoughts of me

Shall be my brother;


And special gentlemen with minds made up

May think themselves accursed they did not read on,

And hold their manhoods cheap,


While then he speaks

That read and shared with us,..upon..Miss Jennifer's..day.


My remaining brothers and friends,

Gently to read, kindly to judge,

This review.


My sincere apologies to William Shakespeare for fucking up his amazing poetry.





Have you ever been walking along the street, taking a piss, cutting your toe nails, in a meeting, reading the paper, having a hair cut, eating dinner, driving to work, anything really, to discover you were thinking about sex? I suspect most of you can relate to that. It's certainly a very sticky thread in my head, probably in most heads.


Have you ever been walking along the street thinking of sex and find yourself getting a more and more graphic? Such joyous contemplation as hungrily sucking her warm, moist tongue deep into your mouth as you gently massage it with your lips. Enjoying the beaming smile of her gorgeous face as you inhale her life's breath deep in to your lungs. Suckling like a baby on her full breasts with perfect nipples. Going dowwwwnnn! I suspect most of you can relate to that too.


Last one brothers. Have you ever been walking along the street thinking graphic sexual thoughts and you find yourself reliving a memorable experience? You've just unbuttoned her tight jeans and slid them off, revealing long smooth legs with elegantly painted toe nails. You've hooked your index fingers in the sides of her sexy, lace panties and begun to slide them down over her plump buttocks. As you do so, you expose the most perfect, half erect penis you've every seen. It is so beautiful it momentarily takes your breath away. You gently touch its length with trembling finger tips and feel the amazing softness of its head with brushing lips. It moves as it hardens but the real contradiction is that it's so hard yet so soft at the same time. It is a noteworthy anatomical paradox, this beautiful penis. I wonder how many can relate to this most pleasing thought.





My main thing is women but every so often the urge mounts inside to go the other way. Hairy guys with deep voices and stubble don't do it for me so that leaves me in TS territory. As Miss Aeryn describes it best, "The Best of Both Worlds" and it is true for those times when the need is in me. To me, the idea of a beautiful, feminine face and a sexy womanly body is a turn on, end of story. The fact that underneath there's a schlong instead of a yoni doesn't give me any grief. In fact, being one who values difference and the excitement of something out of the main stream, it is quite the opposite - hence the driver of my need.





I'm afraid Jen has been a little addiction of mine for some time. I've been visiting her for a hand full of times per year since we first met because she's got the looks and skills and I've learned to like her very unruffled personality.


Location: Naughty Times and other

My First Visit: September 2003

Most Recent Visit: April 2010

Current Cost: Depends on where

Age: These days about 30

Body: About 170cm and very slender, waxed all over

Breasts: Budding - see text

Looks: Very pretty, very feminine

Hair: Shoulder length light brown hair

Ethnicity: Aussie of Italian parents

Dress: Usually tight jeans and lacy top or a short dress both with lacy underwear

Personality: Shy, cheeky, lay back


This meeting began as usual with a shower then a brief catch up on our respective work and personal lives and of course "The Transformation". Pretty soon the discussion gave way to some kissing. Jen has full, incredibly soft lips and often, an active tongue depending on her mood.


Jennifer was in a playful mood and moved through various poses, presenting different body parts for their share of attention. We continued with some more kissing then I inspected her emerging breasts. [This is something I've only been able to do for the past year, now she's decided to take the big step and grow them. Over the past year she has transformed from a flat, boy chest to having gorgeous little new breasts with cute puffy, pink nipples. They seem very sensitive and are still growing. It's exciting witnessing the change and I'm looking forward to the finished result.]


I then moved down her lithe body to touch her smooth legs and feet, this soon transformed into a tongue massage. I then moved to a position where I could concentrate properly on her special place. The first few visits she gave me the choice of doing it covered or natural but she doesn't need to ask these days. Personally, I'd rather cut my cock off with a chain saw than do it covered, but fuck, that's just me.


Lacking a working lady's experience to make such a call with authority, I'm prepared to go out on a limb and say Jen's cock is quite, quite perfect. During "The Transformation" it has become very difficult for her to cum which makes the process seem a little incomplete, but she says that will return when she finishes the treatment.


This time we finished the booking off with one of Jen's hot blow jobs (CBJ). I've gotten to appreciate the style of the slow, firm, deep workout while my eyes and hands devour anything in reach.


We've rarely explored penetrative sex. I fucked her (protected) at our first meeting and have never done it again. Little Flexi doesn't seem to cooperate and I think I've lost confidence to try. As far as being fucked is concerned, I have a pretty big fear about it. I don't mind the idea but lack the fortitude. Maybe one day but it would take someone a little less lay back than Jen to coax and encourage me through it.


So there it is! I'd recommend Jennifer to anyone who has an interest in such matters and would like to try it with an attractive, easy going babe who is neither pushy or ego driven (apart from her new titties anyway). I'm happy to take any questions by PM if you're feeling shy.


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