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Caitlin @ Barabings. Released Feb 2012



When the river runs dry you will return to the scene of the crime


I like mixing up my FS and RnT and when in RnT mode usually groove into Barabings. I like the place as most of you know who read my adventures and have had many a groovy time there. Upon reflection I don't think I have had a dud session at Bings. Touch wood!


Most importantly, I know when I do go, I can chill out and relax and importantly, get my happy ending.


Talking to a stranger


I'm a spontaneous punter by nature. Most times I roll the dice and groove into a place, check out who's available and whether any gal shakes my groove thing if you get my drift. Yeah, it can be hit and miss but gotta say I do love intros. One minute you're talking to a stranger and the next minute you are groovin' with them. How cool is that I ask you. The downside of it, naturally, is sometimes I walk away and turn a blind eye to it all.


You will make me call your name and I'll shout it out to the blue summer sky


Caitlin is a petite little thing. Dark hair, nice face and unlike my previous encounter with Mandy @ SWL no rack on her. She had a groovy little smile and naughty disposition that won my heart and kept her name at the top of the list until it was time to shout out her name.


We may never meet again so shed your skin and lets get started


Caitlin comes back into the room, takes her gear off and the groovy times start with a combo of firm massages, light fingerwork, sensual touching and body slides. For such a little thing Caitlin makes her presence felt and I am digging her work.


Do you see what I see, do you see what I see?


Roll over and the groovy times become groovier. Caitlin reverses herself onto me and starts rubbing and sliding groovezilla between her derriere and lips. Uhuh-uhuh felt very, very groovy along with the other attention I was receiving. She gets on all fours like she's positioning herself for 69 when all of a sudden lifts herself a la Nadia Comaneci and starts giving me a blow job. Not a bad little effort by Caitlin and whilst I am not sure about the degree of difficulty of this trick, the sight of this gal sucking my cock and giving me a blow job while I am staring at her delectable arse and pussy right in front of my face is firmly entrenched in my memory.


Say goodbye


Caitlin finishes the session off with a great neck and shoulder massage. I am relaxed to the max and it's not long before we say goodbye and I hit the groovy brick road. Had a very groovy time with a very scrumptious gal and personally, would see Caitlin again without any reservations.


Thanks for listening and hugs and pashes to everyone. Stay groovy.





Source: Barabings - Feb 2012 - Caitlin


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