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February 2010 - Studio 54 (Ramona) - Lady in Red




The first meeting with Ramona was at Studio 54 last August when Maryjane introduced us as I was about to leave after a booking. Ramona seemed very nice but at the time I wasn't really concentrating. The second meeting was at FIA Christmas drinks in December. Maryjane had invited Ramona as a guest and they're evidently good friends. The third meeting is the subject of this review.


At drinks Ramona was very charming, easily teased and enjoyed a good laugh. We seemed to hit it off fairly well and as she said the other night "I think we were buddies on the drinks night", that's cute. Ever since drinks night she has been on my radar but I just haven't been able to get the timing right.



Ramona has been described in reviews by steve downunder, Rumpole and ManofKent so just a quick recap here. She is about 165cm and a slim build. She has smallish, shapely breasts and a great arse. Her dark hair is shoulder length and may have a tinge of red from memory and is amazingly soft. A great smile and the same fun loving, teasing nature as she had shown at drinks. She's shaved underneath with trimmed map of Tassie. And as described by others she has a very, very attractive pussy. I can't recall any tattoos or piercings except for her ears. She's about 40ish.


I'd paid the receptionist $210 for an hour, got the FF card filled in and waited while the receptionist went to call Ramona. It was a great moment when Ramona walked through the door and realised we knew each other. She beamed the loveliest big smile, it made me feel really welcome. She seemed very nervous and I noticed I was feeling that way too. On reaching the room we hugged and talked about an interest we had in common for a while. While still both a little tentative we had settled down and with our first kiss she left me to shower.


The Sex

I was laying on the bed when she returned. She is a real teaser. Sitting on top of me fully clothed including high-heels she started teasing with her sexy exposed breasts and long, slinky red dress. She rubbed and moved and slid, tantalising and paying attention to and teasing lil Flexi. There were more kisses including some tongue. While there was some very nice kissing throughout the booking, TBH there probably wasn't as much as would have liked but then again, I like a lot. All in all the foreplay was great and included everything. The best was some deep throat action with Ramona hanging her head backwards over the foot of the bed, getting to know her delicious pussy during DATY, some nice tongue massage and 69. Throughout the time there was an underlying sense of fun, sexy fun.


A protracted shagging in mish was thoroughly enjoyable with Ramona moving through a number of variations on the mish theme. Despite the air conditioner doing a good job I found myself working up quite a sweat as the room was still hot. Ramona saved us both from drowning by finding a box of tissues. Lil Flexi almost got there a couple of times. He was doomed to failure though. Sometimes the disobedient little bastard gives me the shits. It's not like we weren't having fun. Put it down to a stressful couple of days. We went back to CBJ and to an oily massage with those perky A-cups.


The sex took us past the buzzer which sounds more like a fire alarm or air raid siren. I had first shower then watched and teased Ramona while she had her shower. After the showers it was a nice touch when she put my cuff links in for me. She even seemed to be interested in the story of their significance, now that's boring shit so kudos to her for listening.



In summary Ramona is a great gal, a very sexy and willing lover and a tonne of pure fun. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.


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