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February 2010 - Oasis of the North (Paris) - Crazy Baby



I was lying on the bed on my front and fully relaxed. Her hands where covered in massage oil and she was rubbing my shoulders gently. We talked to each other about ourselves. Her voice was easy. She has an interesting story to tell. I felt at ease. It had been a great punt.


Paris' kisses were full-on. They were moist, very moist. Standing in the door way, her tongue massaging my tonsils did make me wonder if we should shut the door but the kisses were so good I soon forgot about the door. Then being a true professional she undertook a thorough health check. This time she massaged her own tonsils and lil Flexi was tickled. All clear on the health check, Paris came up for air, suggested I take a shower and added "the time doesn't start until you're finished". Shit! I've had punts that weren't as good as that and the clock hadn't even started.


In the shower my mind was racing. Its hard to wash a cock that is at full mast and busting for a piss, why was she standing at the ensuite door watching me shower, what's she's doing to herself, ohhh that, she's started without me, I asked her if I can piss in the shower but I couldn't piss with an erection, had to wait, makes you last longer before you cum so I've heard. Actually that's not a good thing. I'd almost finished drying off when she said "Now come here".


Then it happened, just as other punters had written. Instantaneously, there was a fucking explosion of lust and flesh and body parts and things going everywhere. Holly fuck, things had gotten fucking crazy. It happened so fast. I don't know what order things happened, I just kept doing what I was told. Paris' tongue exploration was unbelievably thorough. Her toe sucking sent shivers up my spine and I'm sure you imagine the rest. Nothing is half hearted, when she does something it full on or full in or full up and in some cases just full.


I felt like I was riding on an out of control Harley and there were no brakes. I couldn't even steer. But the constant deep throaty rumble of that supercharged sexual-energy machine kept me in the game. There were a couple of times I felt fear as she zoned out during an activity. I was scared one of us would have a medical mishap and it wasn't going to be Paris.


After a frenzied whirlwind of activities she wacked on a condom and we fucked, anal first, then mish. Felt pretty unusual, in the nicest possible way, to have a big blue vibrating beast stuck in the same hole I was in. Then without a word she literally threw me off top of her so she could go down again. It was all too much and little Flexi exploded. The orgasm lasted half a minute if it was a second. All the while she applied a gentle, stimulating sucking motion to prolong the pleasure.


I was thinking on the night that I'd ticked three new boxes but I later realised it was many more. The buzzer went and Paris said "Don't worry I'm always late, just relax" as she kept massaging.


When there was an erection in sight Paris went fucking bananas but when lil Flexi had well and truly waved the white flag of surrender, she changed to a warm and friendly person who was fun to talk with. She seemed open and genuine.


I think it would be fun to visit Paris again.


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