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December 2009 - Ladies for Gentlemen (Tammy) - Charlotte Out, Tammy In




The plan was to catch up with the lovely Charlotte, an LFG favourite to finish the year as it had begun. Charlotte was my first review for 2009, in fact, my first review ever. Unfortunately, she was a bit naughty and didn't show up for work.


As Charlotte was unavailable the receptionist suggested an intro. There were three ladies available Danni?, Lily? and Tammy. All ladies intro'd well, leaving me with a tough decision. I chose Tammy because she had a really big personality and seemed like she'd be a lot of fun. Everything was included in the standard booking except anal which was an extra $50. We settled on a standard booking of 30 minutes for $140.



Aussie lady, approx 160cm tall, curvy shape about size 12. Good handful of natural breast, perhaps a D-cup, trimmed downstairs, shaven below. Shoulder length brunette hair with a pleasant face with nice lips. Around 40ish with a great personality which is sometimes just a tad over the top


The Sex

No complaints on this score. I was lying on the bed when Tammy returned and stripped off. She asked if I wanted a massage but I declined. She jumped on top and started kissing. Her kissing style is like her personality - full on. She then went about the massage anyway lol, but as it seemed restricted to the erogenous zones at the top of my legs there was no thought of complaint. Her technique was intriguing, without any oil and with a two handed twisting motion in opposite directions it looked like she was wringing out a wet T-shirt. It felt surprisingly good and had to be stopped before it ended all too suddenly.


It was then my turn to enjoy her very attractive pussy. It was a bit hard to tell how successful that was. (I should've paid more attention to the skyhskyh thread entitled "How do we know she has cum / cumming / about to come?") Back to a nice CBJ and with a little coaxing we got into 69. We completed proceedings in mish with plenty of DFK and wound up in a laughing, sweaty mess.


There was very little time left to talk but there was some chit chat during the shower. Tammy's only been at LFG for about a month but seems to like the place and is likely to stick around. When I mentioned FIA she said she'd heard some of the girls talking about it. After explaining a little about it, she seemed very keen to join up. Not sure if she did.



Tammy is a lot of fun from the intro to the kiss at the departure door. Despite a lot of clowning around the sex was satisfying and all the boxes got ticked. I'd see her again.


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