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November 2009 - Tender Touch (Rose) - Korean Rose, Delicate Petal




Yesterday, I had a great punt with a great lady and I left feeling completely satisfied both mentally and physically. Today was different. The roller coaster which had reached its dizzy summit yesterday was today plunging towards the ground and I seemed powerless to stop it. The "day-after-blues" had me firmly by the cojones and wouldn't let go.


I thought about various options such as tough it out (nah), go to Squire's Loft for a fabulous sirloin (none of the usually suspects were available on short notice to go with) or check out what "tenderloin" was available at Tender Touch (Boa, Rose, Yuki and one other). Now that was a winning line up in anyone's book. Quickly checked the notes in my phone and concluded that Rose was going to be the panacea-du-jour. Thanks Puds for the advisories. Rang Tender Touch and made a lunchtime booking for Rose.


Scampered on down to Tender Touch at lunchtime for a liaison with the hitherto unseen working lady whose reputation on FIA was solid. Greeted and questioned about internet matters (she calls FIA, internet) by the nice old mamasan as she took me upstairs yet still no Rose. She advised me the Rose would take very good care of me when she came to the room shortly and in the mean while I should take a shower. It was all good, I trust Puds' judgement.



Fact File


Tender Touch:

o Looks like a Greek ruin

o Small but clean rooms with plenty of mirrors

o Pleasant staff

o Booking system available - but don't be late

o Not at all discrete entrance to property



o A petit 150cm, size 10ish with large B-cups or even C-cups

o Past shoulder length, jet black, straight, shiny hair

o Trimmed map of Tasmania and shaved below

o Korean with quite good English language skills

o Age unknown but I'd guess early 20s

o Beautiful face which is nicely angular with high cheek bones and narrow chin

o Full red lips and large dark eyes

o Rose looked just how I'd picture a beautiful Korean lady



o ½ hour for $110


The Main

After my shower, Rose helped with the drying and as I lay back on the bed she jumped in for her shower. It was quite a good entree, watching this lovely young lady massaging and rubbing her smooth, diminutive body, gleaming with soap and water. Possibly even better than the Squire's Loft spare ribs.


After drying and folding the towel most precisely, she moved on to the bed and kneeled between my legs, leaned forward and began kissing. At first her lips were quite pursed and I was getting pissed off then all of a sudden she opened her mouth and the kisses became very passionate. While getting used to this enjoyable change of pace Rose brought her tongue into play. Her kisses were soft and moist. They were most enjoyable, particularly as she was so easy on the eye at the same time.


Next she started the process of kissing everything else. She started with my nipples and chest, tantalisingly around the edge of the armpit, down the legs to the knees and back up to my nuts. I could feel the grip of the "day-after-blues" giving way to the grip of Rose. She then introduced herself to Little Flexi who was pleased to meet her. Throughout the process I was enjoying the feel of her good sized tits, pretty arse and soft back and shoulders. As she sucked she kept those big dark eyes firmly on mine.


Quite keen to have a turn I leaned up and dislodged her gently, her mouth was still wet as we kissed again. I encouraged her to lay on her back while I took in the view. I proceeded to carry out the licking process on Rose covering all the delicate little places of interest along the way. I must say she does have a very attractive pussy. Without being too graphic about it, it looks really good and makes you stand up and pay attention, it's kind of prominent. Rose seemed quite responsive and liked long licking movements instead of a more focussed treatment. So many morsels to sample and so little time sample them. Rose's feet were a surprise, they were incredible soft and extremely sensitive. (I doubt I've ever felt such soft feet.) She wasn't ticklish but did seem to really enjoy a little licking and sucking.


The time had arrived, it was time to get down to the fucking. I raised myself up so Rose could apply the raincoat then into missionary, no time for messing about. It felt great and she pushed and moved energetically and we shared some more lovely kisses. It became apparent fairly soon that I was not going to get over the line, too much of a good thing over the past 18 hours had taken its toll. I asked Rose if she'd use her hand instead. She took off the rain coat and dried off Little Flexi and proceeded to give a combo HJ / BJ. This still wasn't going to do it. I needed a really vigorous HJ with some oil. To cut a long story short the energetic HJ was great and did the trick.



All in all, Rose is a great young lady with a great service and is very, very attractive. She is not really like Boa for those who know Boa. Boa is more the girl who is full-on and sets a cracking pace whereas Rose is the girl who spoils you slowly. IMO she is a little gentler, a little more subtle and definitely more beautiful in both face and body. Depends on how you feel on the day I suppose. IMO a booking with Rose would probably benefit from being longer than 30 minutes whereas 30 minutes was fine for a Boa experience.



I was walking back towards work along Dynon Road and in the process of crossing from the North to the South side about 500 metres up from Tender Touch, 65% focused on the road and 15% focussed on the messages on my mobile. A dickhead in a Land Rover was tooting and yelling something. When he got a little closer I could see it was a guy from work yelling "Hey Flexi where you been and other such remarks“ the proximity to Tender Touch obviously not lost on him. Funny thing, I knew it was a matter of time before this happened, law of averages and all that. Latter that afternoon I had to go to talk to him about a work thing. A little jumpy at what he'd say with his booming mouth. Of course, he said it all on full volume. I just pretended he was mad with my best vacant gaze, until he realised that I was there because he hadn't done something he'd supposed to have done. I'm not sure what he thinks now, time will no doubt inform.


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