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September 2009 - Butterflies (Ruby) - Tall, Dark and Handy



I'd been planning to see Ruby for some time. The first serious attempt was high jacked by Cristal walking past. This time was more successful even though Cristal was at reception looking gorgeous and dropping one-liners left, right and centre.


Butterflies is a great parlour, large, well appointed rooms with en suites and toiletries. We went to "The Play" room which had two double beds, a spar and many other bits and pieces including a surf board. There was an unusual smell coming from somewhere which was a bit off-putting - must've been the spa.


Ruby is an Australian born lady of North African extraction on one side and Pacific Islands on the other. She is 180cm tall but looks even taller because of her hair. She is very slender, too much so for my "perfect woman". Ruby's skin is dark and very beautiful.


Her breasts are small but she has large, dark nipples. Her face is IMO very pretty, even beautiful and she'd be about 30 years old, give or take. I think she looks like Dianna Ross when she was young and when she had short hair.


I elected to stay for 30 minutes for $120 and was prepared for the slug of $50 for kissing, DATY and rimming. I'd read about the extras on FIA by someone she'd intro'd for and was prepared for it. Ruby has as yet not been reviewed although I'd exchanged PMs with someone who'd seen her and he gave a pretty good recommendation.


She was keen to start with a massage which wasn't too long winded and did yield good things - nibbling and wet kisses up and down my back and a round the buttocks - ear nibbling as well as some gentle, sensual rubbing.


After a couple of minutes she said "turn over now" and as I did, I reached up to suck on her big nipples. There was something very exciting about those large, black nipples on her small tits. I sucked them quite firmly and she seemed be responding to the pressure. As she did so, I sucked a little harder. Later she said they were very sensitive so I remain confused as to whether she responding positively or negatively. I'd certainly prefer her to have said something if it was uncomfortable. We then began some kissing but I'll come back to that.


Her pussy was unshaven which is fine by me. I take them as they come and enjoy them all, vive la difference! As her first client for the shift her pussy actually tasted like pussy which was a bonus. Licking, sucking and kissing her pussy was enjoyable but she was a wriggler so I wasn't sure if my technique was failing or succeeding. We never got to the rimming.


After a good feast of each other she asked "doggy?". I said "no mish" as I still wanted some more experience with her full, dark lips. Kissing Ruby was the highlight of the booking. The fullness and softness of her lips gave a unique sensation in the nicest way but hard to describe. The more we fucked the more her kisses became responsive. By the time the curtain fell we had reached some full-on tongue kissing (just short of DFK - but maybe my definition is too strict). After we'd finished I lay on top of her connected at the groin and the mouth for a pleasant wind down.


While some things early in the booking seemed a little mechanical, during the latter part it felt like Ruby was fully engaged. We still had a few minutes to stay on the bed and chatted until it was time for a shower.


All in all, I enjoyed the Ruby experience especially the second half. During the chat, I sensed she'd be a lot easy to connect with in a subsequent booking. The downside was it took a long time to make an initial connection and it was an expensive thirty minutes.


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