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September 2009 - Tender Touch (Boa) - High Achiever



Yes, yet another Boa review.


Walking past this place regularly created an interest and a recent string of great reviews - about Boa and Rose in particular, but also Aya and Bianca - has kept the interest alive.


TT looks odd from the outside. Looks like a huge, white, ancient-Greek ruin from the front. It has plenty of parking out the back. The entrance is through the receptionist's area and into a semi private area for the intros. The rooms are small and clean and the towels are nice but there are no toiletries (except soap). Also, it was a music free zone.


Having called ahead I knew Boa was working. Deciding to minimise the risk of missing her by going in as early as possible I took a very early lunch break and headed on down. Four girls were available Boa, Joanne, Jasmine and Vivian. They were all pretty, young, Asian girls but if one is to trust the FIA reviews (and so far I've not been let down), Boa remained number choice. I paid the woman $110 for the half hour.


Boa is a pretty Korean girl somewhere in her twenties (hard to be more accurate) and is diminutive. She is possibly 150cm and extremely slim, too slim maybe for my taste but a very fit and tight looking body. Her breast size is also small but enough to get excited by and she has a neatly trimmed, very small pussy. She was a quite bubbly and friendly person and had good body language.


Boa took a while to return to the room and strangely the first thing she did was to take a shower. Having got that out of her system, she jumped on the bed and on me, and started licking and nibbling my nipples quite firmly which was pleasant but I'm glad it didn't get any firmer. She then moved up and started some gentle kissing which turned into some sexy tongue kissing. To my pleasant surprise she wasn't in a hurry to move away and we had quite a nice little GFE happening.


From the kissing Boa licked her way down to begin some of the things that made me curious to visit her. She started with some ball licking and widened the sphere of interest, all very tickly and very pleasant. Then she started a very brief BJ but I stopped her as we only had 30 minutes and I was keen to taste the fruits on offer. My turn started with some returned attention to her small but cute tits and nipples, followed by some very pleasant DATY. Her pussy was very responsive to the tongue. Then it was on with a whirl wind tour of the rest of Boa - all of which was worthy of a more thorough visit. I finished up kneeling on the foot end of the bed thinking it might be time to start shagging when Boa decided she hadn't yet shown the full extent of her BJ skills. The next few minutes can't be overstated. She has an incredible technique. With her left hand she tightly cupped and squeezed my nuts, her right hand working a firm rotational motion and her hungry synchronised mouth doing the obvious. In the briefest time this technique presented another decision. Outcome - hold out for the fucking. So it was BJI (blow job interruptus) on with connie and into mish with some more kissing. She is extremely tight and very responsive, it was impossible to make it last for very long and as we were well past the warning buzzer it was probably a good thing.


I pretty much got straight into the shower after and was pleasantly surprised when Boa joined me and started some washing and rubbing. It wouldn't have taken too much more temptation to apply for an extension but sadly I had work to get back to.


Dried off, down stairs and out the door with a little goodbye kiss. Exchanged glances with a guy sitting in the intro room talking to Mamasan and couldn't help but thinking it was probably an FIA colleague waiting for Boa. If so I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did.


What Boa gives away in curves she more than makes up for with her enthusiasm, skills and other attributes. She is a great gal and I reckon would be even more enjoyable in a longer booking where there was time break down the lingo barrier a little more (a more comprehensive exchange of tongues you might say). A thoroughly enjoyable experience. Thanks to Puds and the other boys for the alert. And thanks to Boa for her generous, sexy luvin.


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