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Pink Pings Massage Pennant Hills – 14/05/2010 – Yuki



Pink Pings Massage Pennant Hills – 14/05/2010 – Yuki

oldandbald explores strange new worlds (well a new R&T)


Pink Ping

1 Ramsay St Pennant Hills

Ph 9484 1111

Hours: 10:00 to 7:30 Mon to Fri: 10:00 to 6:30 Weekends

Price $60/hr plus extras as negotiated


I saw this place advertised in the Telegraph and did a “stroll by” a week or so ago. The place is in an elevated ground floor flat in a building that houses a Cafe/Coffee Shop facing Yarrara Rd opposite the railway station. There are signs painted on the windows offering Remedial Massage and Sports Injury Massage and also words like “Qualified”, “Licensed” and “Professional”. Didn’t seem like my kind of place. However reports that I found elsewhere indicate differently.


Called in there on the way home from work a couple of times last week, first time I was told there was a half hour wait, next time it was “Come back tomorrow, we are busy”. Eventually returned yesterday (14/05/10).


The place:

As mentioned, it used to be a flat. You just walk in through the screen door, there is a sensor beam you break as you walk in that sets off an alarm somewhere. There is a large waiting room to the right (probably an ex lounge room). There is an unoccupied reception desk at the far end. Yuki must have heard the alarm announcing my entry and appears and asks if I want a massage. Well that is why I was here!



Oriental (Chinese probably) and tiny – not just petite but tiny. She would be about 4’10”, size 4, A cups and, as I was to find out later untrimmed below. A cute but not stunning face. She tells me works here Fridays only.


The Session:

Yuki leads me into a room – yes, that is a real room with walls and a door (I didn’t get to see how many room the place has) and asks how long. “One hour” I say. The cost for this is $60, she then points at my best friend and asks if I wanted that massaged as well. She got the obvious answer and she says “extra $25”. This is a touch more than the usual additional toll, but only by the price of a beer. So I pay the $85 up front. Compared to other places I have been to, this is a touch unusual. Don’t know if it a house policy or Yuki’s way of operating. She briefly disappears, I strip off and lie on the table. When she returns, she asks if I want a soft medium or firm massage. I opt for the medium massage and she begins. What follows is one of the better massages I have had. She begins by paying attention to my neck, shoulders and back. The pressure is just as I like it.


She is then standing at the head of the table and rubs the full length of my back and ends is leaning over and grasping my buttocks. I reach around and return the favour. I said she was tiny and each of her buttocks is barely more than a handful (and I don’t have large hands!).


Interestingly, I could swear that I could feel a condom in its packaging in her right hip pocket. She gently removes my hands, tells me to relax and massages my arms and hands. Yuki then moves to massage my legs. Again this is good, and when she massages my inner thigh, her hand goes as high as it can and stays there longer than is strictly necessary. There is some playful squeezing. When she has finished both of my legs, her touch begins to get softer and more sensual. There is attention to my bum crack, sack and light fingertip work up and down my body.


Then there are the magic words: “Please turn over”. And the fun stuff begins. There is more, gentle stroking with her fingertips, some seemingly accidental touching of my little friend, leading to some deliberate gentle fingertip work on him. Yuki then asks if I would like her to take her clothes off. I agree, but the additional toll is a little excessive. However, as this was my first visit, I did not feel as though I wanted to argue. The top and bra come off altogether, revealing a nice set of A cups, the jeans and panties are only lowered to the knees. However, this reveals her untrimmed bush. She returns to playing with my little friend, stroking, fondling and giggling a little. I get to indulge in a little fondling of her breasts, and my right hand again seeks out one of her buttocks and her inner thigh. I then stroke her bush and seek out her clit. She guides my hand to it. I am rubbing her there, she is increasing the intensity of the tug. I am sure she gives out the occasional small shudder. Eventually I reach the very happy ending. Yuki cleans me up, puts her gear back on and goes to wash her hands. She returns and for the last few minutes, there is a pleasant head and neck massage.


Time up, and there is the warm towel cleanup. I dress, there is a farewell hug and Yuki leads me out via the reception desk and gives me a business card. There is an older lady at the desk – I assume this is Ping. She is the lady I saw during my earlier two unsuccessful visits.


The Verdict:

Good massage, GREAT tug, cute lady but questionable value for the (almost) nakedness.


Return Visit? To the shop Yes, simply because of the convenience. It is only a block off my drive home from work and the 7:30 closing make it easier for me to get to before closing. To Yuki? Probably, I am intrigued by the possibilities raised by the presence of the condom in her hip pocket. I will, however, need to improve my negotiation skills to get better value.


Never got to see Yuki again ...


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