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Romeo’s Massage Petersham – 11/05/2010 – Mimi



Romeo’s Massage Petersham – 11/05/2010 – Mimi

Review by oldandbald


Shop Details:

Romeo's Massage


108 New Canterbury Road Petersham


(02) 9569 5500


I haven’t been to this place for a couple of months. My favourite has left (I assume to pursue her other career) and I have been having a lot of fun elsewhere. So out of curiosity, I decided to pay a return visit to see who was on their roster now. On the way, I called in at the pub down the road to ogle the strippers and topless barmaids.


When I arrive, reception (Jenny) greets me by name (a nice touch), puts her arm around my shoulder and directs me to the waiting room. Three ladies introduce themselves, and the names go in one ear and out the other. Jenny returns and asks for my choice. She has a list of ladies and reminds me it their names. I opt for Mimi (the tall one). She seemed a little more interested in the intro.



Tall – about 5’8” (difficult to be precise – she had her hair tied up on the top of her head), size 8, but looked slimmer due to her height. Small cute A cups. Below, the bush is lightly trimmed. Korean of course and with English better than needed for the task to hand. We were able to make some small talk.


The Session:

Begins in the usual way, we both get naked and shower together. Mimi gives me a very diligent scrub down and at the end, hands me the towel – some of the ladies I have seen here dry you off as well. Then face down onto the table. Mimi skips the firm massage through the cloth which is usually the first part and goes straight for the oil massage. It is good rather than exceptional. She spends a lot of time at the head of the table, so my hands wander to the back of her thighs and her buttocks. They are delightful to hold. She then gives my legs a brief massage.


Next, the hot towels come out of the little esky and are spread over my back. At this stage some of the ladies walk on your back. I am glad that Mimi didn’t. She would be too heavy for my liking (because she is 5’8” and not 5’2” like some of the others). Instead, she used her hands and knees together to apply pressure.


Towels come off and the magic bodyslide lotion is applied and she begins the slide on my back. The only complaint I could make is that she only has A cups, but I would rather natural As instead of overly firm enhanced Bs or Cs. She certainly is proficient at the slide. However, she misses out on the catbath. Turnover time and lotion is applied again and there is more proficient sliding. My hands wander over her body.


Then on with the latex and the CBJ commences. Mimi positions herself so that I have an excellent view of her nether regions in the mirror, and they are within reach. So I begin to play. She then moved to a 69 position – all the while continuing the CBJ – however she is just that little too far away for DATY. So I make do with some clit play. Her CBJ is very good. In fact good enough for me to come even though I had a few beers under my belt.


Then follows a brief cleanup, a brief head massage, the second shower and another diligent scrub down. She leaves me to rinse myself down, dries herself and lays my clothes out neatly. We dress, head downstairs, I pick up the discount voucher and am on my way.


The verdict:

Pleasant without being particularly memorable. I have used words like diligent and proficient – I could have equally used methodical or even mechanical. There didn’t appear to be any real involvement or enthusiasm coming from her. Of course, those who know my recent punting history will know I have been getting a lot of involvement and enthusiasm elsewhere. Perhaps that has given me unrealistic expectations.


Return Visit? To the shop – yes. I have a $40 discount voucher to use. To Mimi – I don’t think so. I think further visits to her will be carbon copies of the first.


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