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September 2009 - Studio 54 (Maryjane) - Strawberries and Honey




This is a follow on from a previous review of MJ by me so all details already discussed are not repeated unless it's specifically relevant. In the last review, MJ and I were meant to get it on with strawberries and honey but unfortunately someone stupidly left the necessities in the car, but not this time.


2 weeks later

It all began a little ahead of schedule when I arrived at Studio 54 early and rang reception from the car. Feel like a dick sitting inside waiting. The receptionist [forgot her name again] said "Yes she is here and she's got a new dress on." I was thinking to myself I can't wait to take that off - the male mind.


Went inside and waited in the intro room for a couple of minutes until "tall-MJ" knocked on the door and walked inside. It was a new dress and it was very fetching. Very short and red with white largish dots and a split way up both sides with little ties keeping the front and back together. Nothing was keeping me together, as her sexy legs filled my view.


I couldn't stop perving on her legs and ass as we went up the stairs. She was making conversation (as she is very want to do) and I was trying to keep my end up but only half concentrating on her words. My focus was on her legs, hair and smell. She had an amazing scent which was fresh, not too sweet and very sexy, Isy something or other. Very provocative! We entered her domain and started kissing pretty much straight away - then it hit me all over again, just how soft her lips are. Then the health check.


10 minutes later

After the shower, we stood for some time enjoying nice hugs and kisses while I kept squeezing her fine derriere. We moved to the bed for some more kissing which quickly became deeper and I was feeling really good. I can't remember at exactly which point in proceedings MJ got the strawberries and honey from the massage table but I think it was right after a potpourri of very pleasant oral activities. We shared some strawberries, each of us starting at opposite ends and working towards the middle for a juicy mesh of strawberry flavoured lips. Nibbling towards the centre of each one, knowing that at any moment the result would be kissing, with a mingle of juice and lips and tongues. It was very hot IMO.


After we'd eaten our fill MJ reached for the honey. The first drizzle covered her left nipple. I know I've said it before but those little suckers really get my blood boiling. Now I faced the pleasant task of licking all the honey off before it ran on to the bed. Slowly licking the warm sweet honey from her gorgeous tits was very exciting and is very much a must redo for the future. Of course, then there was the right hand side.


Maryjane was becoming more adventurous with the honey, she drizzled it on to my nuts and lapped it up and then repeated it again and again. She seemed to enjoy honeyed nuts but stopped short of a honey-bar but I'm not complaining I know the boundaries. I've read a lot about cat baths recently but I reckon it couldn't be any better than this sticky, hot, nut bath.


I soon got to the point where we just had to screw so we spooned. Firstly, because we'd not done it before and secondly, so I had good access to her sticky tits.


We finished in mish with some really intense D-DFK, even by Maryjane's lofty standard.


This was the best encounter yet with this amazing, super-hot woman.


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