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Lindfield Relaxation Massage – 08/05/2010 – Grace



Lindfield Relaxation Massage – 08/05/2010 – Grace

Review by oldandbald


Shop details:

Lindfield Remedial and Relaxation Massage Centre

2/302 Pacific Hwy Lindfield

9880 7627

Hours 10 am to 6 pm 7 days


Located above KFC. Entry from the side street (Beaconsfield)


I have been going here fairly regularly recently. The lady I have seen most frequently lately has been Grace – not necessarily by choice, more by availability. Now Grace always appeared to be the most demure of the ladies here. She always wore jeans, so I thought any sort of “upskirt” activity was unlikely (unlike Yumiko, Cici and May). However, during the last couple of visits, I have pressed my luck and fondled her buttocks, and explored further. Things progressed to boob play, and I slipped my hand inside her top.


Grace is about 5’6” tall, slim (size 6-8), a cute but not a stunning face. Friendly, but not particularly talkative. Oriental as goes with the territory at this place.


This time, the massage begins – it is much the same as usual – not the greatest massage but soothing and soon becoming more sensual. She stands at the head of the table and reaches over to massage my buttocks. I grasp hers. She seems to like it. She makes some appreciative noises. Then follows some massage/stroking of the legs and inner thighs, progressing to the crack and sack.


Turnover time and Grace begins a massage of the front of my thighs (with a little teasing) and my chest. I reach up and grasp a breast. Grace then asks “Do you want me to take this off?” I agree and agree to pay over the odds for it. Grace walks over to the door (where there are coat hooks) and removes her jumper and top. She then unhooks her bra, looks back over her shoulder, sees that I am looking and gives me a coy smile. When it is all off, I see a wonderful pair of young, firm natural B cups. Grace says this is the first time she has taken her top off (well yes – maybe).


She returns to continue the tug. This is why I am here. Grace has a wonderful tug technique. She begins with a gentle teasing and touching with her fingertips and gradually builds up in intensity. Meanwhile, I get to fondle those delightful breasts with one hand while the other is rubbing her private parts through her jeans. She presses herself against my hand. Grace brings me to a very happy ending. She then cleans me up and finishes the time with a head and foot massage.


I had fun. Of course, your expectations may be different.


One of the attractions (for me)with this place was that there was always the feeling that something more may be possible - there was an element of seduction there. Sort of the "new girlfriend fantasy" .... But my attempts at seduction here were unsuccessful.


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