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28 Vincent St Marrickville – 27/04/2010 – Cindy



28 Vincent St Marrickville – 27/04/2010 – Cindy

Review by oldandbald


Another business meeting sees me at Wolli Creek again. The last couple of times I was here, I called in at Midas afterwards. This time I decided to try somewhere different. I was given a lead on a lady at Vincent St via a PM from an “informed source”. So the plan was to call this place after the business part of the day was complete, see if the recommended lady was on duty, and if so, to make a booking. But … The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men gang aft agley... Guess which bloody idiot’s mobile went flat because he forgot to charge it. I decided to call in anyhow and take pot luck.


The place:


It is a lone small house surrounded by warehouses, workshops, factories and the like. Some shade cloth tied to the wire front fence provides a degree of privacy, but the driveway is still open. There is a wheelchair ramp to the front door, but none of the facilities I saw inside seemed particularly wheelchair friendly. I ring the bell, reception (fully clothed) opens the steel security door and ushers me into one of the rooms. If I remember correctly, there are 3 rooms off one side of the hallway. Reception leaves to summon the only available lady and I survey the room. There is a double bed in one corner, a shower cubicle opposite (a proper tiled one with glass shower screen), a chair and not much else. The floor is uneven in places and covered with a rug. Some of the paint on the walls and ceiling is peeling. The general look is of a place in need of a good deal of tender loving care. Pretty much what you would expect in a budget end Oriental knocking shop.


The lady:


Cindy. She is oriental (probably Chinese but I didn’t ask to confirm that.) Thirtyish, at a guess, a slim size 8, about 5’5” with B/C cups. She arrives in the room and greets me with a friendly cuddle and a kiss and asks if I would like to see her. Given that she is the only available lady, I have little choice (other than to depart!!) She is not the lady recommended by my “informed source”. I opt for the hour at $150, I do not know what the prices for shorter stays were, but they would be in line with industry norms. So I pay the money, she departs, I have a shower. The shower screen could do with a scrub, but not as much as mine at home needs.


The Session:


Cindy returns just as I finish my shower and disrobes (or at least takes off the bra and knickers she was wearing). She takes the towel and dries me off. A nice touch. Naked, I can see that her breasts are beginning to lose the battle with gravity. And gravity has had an ally in the form of a child or two. Her stomach shows the stretch marks of child bearing. But still, she is pretty trim and seems affectionate. Thirtyish Chinese MILF? Becoming my sort of lady.


We begin by hugging and kissing. Her kissing style is not really to my liking; little tongue is involved, it is more sucking on each other’s lips. Not unpleasant, but just not my preference. We then move to the bed. I lie on my back, Cindy lies next to me and continues with the kissing and cuddling. She then begins to kiss her way down my body, to about the knees, then moves back up. There is some gentle sucking of my balls, then she licks the underside of my little friend and runs her tongue around the head. Then begins a quite pleasant BBBJ, not the best I have had (so far, that would be Jane at 116 Hampden Rd Artarmon), but pleasant nevertheless.


Cindy pauses for while and asks if I want to come once or twice. Taking from the wisdom I have learned from Hollywood movies “A man’s gotta know his limitations”. In this case, my limitation is definitely once. So Cindy returns to kissing, I kiss her around the neck and her nipples. My hand wanders to her clit and begins to rub it. She is quite responsive and becomes wet quickly. This and some fingering continues and it would appear that Cindy reached orgasm.


Then a little more BBBJ and she applies the condom and mounts in cowgirl. We hump away like this for a while and she bends closer to kiss me. We switch to missionary. Cindy is moderately responsive – certainly not a starfish – and I reach the happy conclusion. Not sure if she did. An OK massage filled the remaining ten minutes.


The place gets very busy at around 4:00 pm – quitting time for the workshops and factories in the area. The doorbell went off at least 4 times in the last 15 minutes of my time with Cindy.


Overall, a pleasant session, but it fell short of great. Cindy is a would see again lady, not a must see. A return visit? Yes, I must follow up on the lead from my “informed source”, but not specifically to see Cindy. For my liking, her kissing technique lets her down.


Really, pretty much par for the course in this sort of place. Sometimes, however, there are gems to be found.


I never did catch up with the lady my "Informed Source" recommended ...


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