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August 2009 - Studio 54 (Maryjane) - Stairway To Heaven



It had been too long since I last had the pleasure of seeing Maryjane and even longer since writing a review. We'd exchanged a few messages over the break and met on chat several times but the need for the real thing was mounting. Responding to a question, Maryjane messaged to say she was working on Thursday. Accordingly, I made a booking at Studio 54 for Thursday evening at 7pm. A few more messages back and forth and we'd agreed a theme for the night.


I left work early to make sure I got to Preston in time, it's a fickle drive from the city in peak hour. Arriving there about 6:15pm I sent a text to Maryjane to let her know. Not sure how many times I drove round the block but never received a reply. At 7pm I thought it best just to head on in as arranged. As it turns out she had arrived at work early and was in a booking and unable to text. As I was getting out of the car, she was just letting her client out of the door. When I saw her it was an immediate reminder of why I was there.


After completing the paperwork the receptionist asked me to wait in the large waiting / billiard room. It wasn't long before a delicious tall blonde lady was standing before me. We went up the stairway to heaven hand-in-hand. I couldn't resist giving her ass a little squeeze as we walked to her boudoir. Once inside it was a health check and shower while Maryjane retired downstairs for a quick break. Did she seem a little different, a little distant, or was my imagination. After all we'd not been together for a while.


Nice shower and a little time to spare so I put on the white robe that was sitting on the couch and kicked back to relax. It had been a long week and I have to admit I almost fell asleep but only until the door opened. Maryjane entered wearing an elegant dark green, velvet gown with a thigh high slit up one side. I learned later the makeup on her eye lids was of a matching colour. The backless gown was graceful and very sexy. She puts in a lot of effort.


I invited her to join me on the couch. It's become a little thing with me that we start this way. I can't image anything more GFE than sitting on the couch with our cloths on and beginning our time with a session of passionate kissing. I felt more relaxed by now, my earlier concerns seemed groundless, this was definitely the same affectionate Maryjane I had enjoyed so much on previous occasions.


In fact by this stage I was getting more relaxed and confident than I had before and the kissing turned into groping, and the groping turned into stripping and once again I was able to suck those gorgeous nipples. Maryjane looked up and asked "where are the strawberries?" That was our theme for the night "Strawberries and Honey". It wasn't until then I realised I'd left them in the car. What a dickhead! Two packets of strawberries and a jar of honey were to be eaten and licked from that sweet, young body (and vice versa) and now they're sitting in the car. It was tempting to put the robe back on and bolt down to the car but it would have been disrespectful. Silver lining: something to look forward to for next time.


Maryjane is a 26 year old lady, mid 170cm in heels, brown/hazel eyes that smile and blonde hair that smells great. She is full figured with natural breasts of what size I don't know but they are a perfect hand full. She has gorgeous, slightly puffy nipples and a trimmed pussy. IMHO her greatest asset is her face. Maryjane has an extremely pretty and enticing face and very kissable lips. When you first lay eyes on her, there's a look of seduction and allure. When you're lying on top of her she looks warm and giving and when you're talking afterwards she looks bubbly and playful. I almost forgot to mention she has a really cute toosh which regrettably I forgot to pay enough attention to on this occasion. The only one negative and that's about Studio 54 not Maryjane is that it has piped music to each room so there is no possibility to make a compilation to suit the occasion. Not a big point but given the power of music on the mood it would be nice to have the choice.


So there we were on the couch and I'm having the time of my life but it was time to escalate matters so I asked Maryjane to join me on the bed. We spent some more time kissing. I reckon if we did nothing else in our time together I'd be a happy man. In fact a theme one night may be to stay clothed and spend the whole time on the couch kissing and cuddling. But that's another time.


I was so stoked with how things were going I suddenly needed to fuck her. I asked if she'd put on a condom. She put it on with her mouth. What a dilemma - keep on with a MJBJ or fuck her. OK that latter won out. She rolled on her back and said "I better get some lube". Where were my manners? "You don't need lube." I preceded to kiss and lick her pussy. It looked, felt and tasted amazing and Maryjane seemed to enjoy it as well, making my enjoyment even greater. Not being able to be patient any longer I jumped on top and enjoyed the experience of straight vanilla screwing to completion, the whole time enjoying her lips and tongue - she felt and tasted beautiful.


Afterwards, I just lay there on top of her and we lightly kissed and talked as I could take my fill of her face. Its moments like that when you wish time would stop. There was no rush and Maryjane never made any attempt to move away. It was a very warm moment.


After I got off of her, she asked me to move over to the massage table where she gave me a really deep, oily massage but the best bit was it gave us an opportunity to catch up on things. I know it's weird but I almost enjoy chatting with this great gal as much as doing the other things. OK not quite. It wasn't long before having those tits and nipples dangling around me, as she rubbed, was bringing on a reaction but alas time was against us.


There it is. Times up. Nice long shower, Kisses and goodbyes and Flexi's On The Road Again. I ate two boxes of strawberries on the way home as I recounted the whole wonderful experience.


Would I see Maryjane again? Yes.


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