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City East - September 2011 - Lilly FULL LENGTH (2500 words)



This is my second review of this place. It is a one room, one WL arrangement. I’ve previously reviewed Queenie (In three words) the only other lady who works here but I actually saw Lilly first, some weeks ago. I’ve just been slack in writing up her review. The attraction has been the sheer convenience and affordability of a quick punt. Just call up, check availability or book a time and you’re in.


When I met Lilly, though she’s Chinese, she instantly reminded me of an Australian lover I had years ago. She’s a tallish woman, with a wide eyed, almost constantly surprised look. Her mouth appears pinched into a pucker. At first I thought she must have applied her lipstick to create the effect. But no, her lips are sort of drawn to the centre of her face into an almost caricature of a mouth.


She told me a massage was $60 for half an hour, $70 if I wanted her to do it nude. I asked for sans clothing. As well as tall, I noticed Lilly is a fuller figured lady when I first laid eyes on her. While we undressed together I teased her about her big red grandma undies but I was actually quite keen to see her naked form when her less than revealing loose shapeless dress came off.


Well, she is one larger lady with a lovely hour glass figure, plush squishy bum and probably the loveliest full natural boobs I’ve seen on an Asian woman. They were glorious. It was as much as I could do to lay down for the obligatory starting massage and not dive straight into worshipping her magnificent mandarin mammaries.


We chatted a bit while Lilly massaged some oil onto me on the tiny flimsy massage table. Her pressure was good and my occasional brushes of hand across her ample arse had me aroused in no time. Her breasts enveloped my head and neck, when she leant over to reach down to rub my back. It felt so good I didn’t want her to change position. So full and warm and soft.


Personality wise, we didn’t really click. I felt our interaction a little clinical, but I could not deny her enthusiasm for good massage and later, sex.


She worked my legs well. I was really enjoying her firm massage, but as ever I was eager to get to the business end of my half hour. I rolled over of my own volition. I’m such an impatient bugger. I should just learn to be more patient and wait for the telling brushes of tackle, to let the lady commence the play. But I fear I’ll never change...


My very erect penis must have startled Lilly and thrown her off her game. She forgot all about massaging the rest of me. With another handful of oil she went straight to shaking hands to introduce herself to little Johnno. He was pleased to meet her and even more so her wondrous boobies. From my prone position, I enjoyed admiring this curvy, voluptuous woman while she purposefully and slowly stroked me. Without being unkind, I decided that what she lacked in her facial beauty, she more than made up for in her Rubenesque figure.


At one point Lilly brought her face closer to say hello to her new little friend, teasing me by mocking a sucking action, poking her tongue tantalisingly close to it. I told her that I’d enjoy some sucking. I think she said she would do it with a condom on, but I was more enjoying her hands and didn’t want the show interrupted. I’ve actually never had a head job at this place come to think of it, but I’m sure it’d be available if you asked.


I asked her to come closer so I could run my hand over her bum and lower back. Her pale skin felt soft and yielded to the pressure of my fingers. She has cute little dimples above her buttocks. After a while of this, I became impatient to get to the rest of her. She happily changed places with me and I gave her a light talcum powder massage. I couldn’t hope to replicate her skill, so I didn’t even try. I could have massaged her big bum all day though, it felt that good.


Lilly has a decent scar running along part of her back. When my fingers traced it, she said she hoped I didn’t think it was ugly. I answered her by gently kissing along its length. She told me it was from injury related surgery, that she is much better for having had the procedure. I told her it made her unique and gave us something to talk about.


I kissed her shoulders, her neck and her cheek, but it was clear that her unusual lips were out of bounds. That was fine. There were other far more enticing parts of her I wanted to explore with my lips. I asked her to roll over.


Wow! I was presented with The Great Rack of China. Glorious C/D/whatever cup pale boobs with pale perfectly shaped nipples sat proudly on her chest. I was like a kid in a candy shop, not sure where to start first. I didn’t take too long deciding and for five glorious minutes, I gently squeezed, caressed, kissed, licked and sucked on her amazing breasts and nipples like a man possessed.


Lilly seemed not to mind one bit, at one point her one hand holding my neck, the other running through my hair. I wanted to kiss the rest of her, so journeyed down over her soft full belly and folded myself up into the remaining space between her groin, legs and the wall. This was the first time I've done this manoeuvre, but after three times now I reckon I've become pretty adept at it LOL!


Her eyes were afire as I looked at her and before I could say anything she asked “You really want to kiss me? Down there?" Of course, I smiled, if you’ll let me. Lilly seemed astounded that I wanted to and indeed said she’d enjoy it immensely and thanked me. I told her to relax, enjoy it, just as I would and set to work.


Her bush grows far and wide, but is well mown, more like a lawn than a bush. Alas her pussy is not among the most beautiful I’ve encountered. I parted her full labia to discover her already very wet with a heady scent. My initial cautious lapping along her length gave way fairly quickly to gentle clit licking. Lilly was writhing and sighing. She moves about a lot, presenting a challenge to keep in oral contact with her. She came in a completely honest and innocent way. ‘E-e-e-eeeeeeeee!’ Her hands flailed uncontrollably over the edge of the table, her thunder thighs trembling, her legs not knowing what to do. She was so wet; there was a damp patch spreading on the towel under her bum, between her legs.


It was over so quickly that I felt short changed! She said some things quietly in Mandarin that were beyond my limited comprehension. I kept my face close to her vulva, blowing soft warm breaths over her. Maybe I was hoping to dry her. I fondled her breasts, her hands resting on top of mine, urging me to squeeze more firmly than I had before.


I started kissing her again, spending more time teasing her inner thighs, before planting exaggerated smooches up and down her opening. I thrust my tongue deep inside her this time, the effect like a jolt of electricity. I stretched it out, lingering in the land between her inner and outer labia, making a pass at her firm swollen clit in my figure eight lapping. I knew I was going to have to extend the time to get my end dealt with, as we were close to the halfa already. The ladies manage their own clock here and at that particular moment Lilly was oblivious to it.


Unlike during her first orgasm, her hands found my head as she came again, though this time, less forcefully. More in tune with me, her neck craned to look into my eyes as she lost control. She also passed wind at that moment and was blushingly, profusely apologetic. I really couldn’t notice anything bad, and told her not to worry. It did bring to my mind Galahad’s farting during a punt thread though. These things happen...


I dried my face and lightly dabbed her pussy with some tissue. Lilly was out of it, so I got off the table, badly needing to stretch lest I be permanently turned to origami. I asked her if I could extend to a full hour and if we could have sex. She nodded and said an extra hundred would cover both. Done.


I put a condom on myself and climbed back on top and slid easily into her for mish. Her abundant body felt wonderfully comfortable underneath me. Like a big squashy warm sofa. No bony hips or banging knees on this ride. We moved to several different positions after this, but for me mish was the most enjoyable with her. I felt close to coming, but like that foolish glutton kid in the lolly shop, just wanted too much of a good thing.


Off the table I hopped, turned Lilly sideways, had a go in standing mish (is that a position?) I turned her over for a pretty ordinary doggy on my part. She felt uncomfortable. I did get another rise though from prising apart her huge butt to catch a glimpse of her arsehole.


I laid a couple of towels on the floor and she lay heavily on me and we fucked in mish again, with her on top. And then in cowgirl. I asked her to squat in Asian cowgirl, but this proved too much for Lilly’s knees and she collapsed forward into all fours over me. I arched my back up and randomly speared my dick into her groin area and amazingly found her pussy first go. While novel for a while, it wasn’t a sustainable position for me. I pulled her gently down to me and we rested and cuddled while I thought about what we could do next.


Something was wrong. The building urge I’d felt in mish had passed. Perhaps it was the condom, or the limited time Lilly seemed to be able to comfortably endure intercourse in any position we’d tried, apart from mish. She offered to use her hands and removed the condom far more easily than I ever seem to be able to manage with the little bastards. I was still good and hard, but somehow the train wasn’t leaving the station.


Still on the floor, Lilly laid half beside, half above me, bringing her boobs to my mouth while she tugged vigorously and firmly on my cock. I asked her for 69. Took some time to get into a comfortable position, but then I pressed myself into her pussy and arse just as vigorously as she was attending to my genitals. I kissed her arse. She said she liked it. I pushed further, drilled her even. I was trying desperately yet hopelessly to lose my load to her very energetic and skilled wanking. But to no avail.


(Warning: the remainder of this account includes descriptions of urination)


Then I realised that I probably needed to piss. How stupid of me. Now ladies reading this, you will likely know a guy cannot piss while erect. But sometimes it’s also not easy to realise when you’re having sex that you actually need to piss and this can often cause ejaculation to be stymied.


So I told Lilly I might have to go pee. She said fine, reassuring me not to worry about the time. She just wanted me to be able to come. I rested a moment, then she shyly ventured that she felt she might have to pee too. You can come with me I offered, not expecting her to say yes. Rather than being grossed out she said she was actually quite interested, having never personally seen a man urinate. I didn’t mind. I’m not shy or prudish about such things.


We went to the adjacent bathroom. I was going to take some time, being still at full mast. She asked if she could go first. Made sense. She sat on the loo; I held her close, pressing her face to my chest while I pressed mine into her hair. I was concentrating on trying to lose my erection. I heard a little dribble from her and some splashing and that was it.


I stood back and she wanted to know (for the third time already!) if she could watch me pee yet. She really was curious. She wanted to hold my penis during the event. Fine I agreed, but I had to keep reminding her before and during not to hold it too hard. Eventually I felt it coming and expected her to make way and get off the dunny.


Instead she backed up and made some space between her twat, thighs and the seat. Then she just about pulled my cock off as she forced it vertically down and drew him closer to aim into the gap. That killed my remaining impeding tumescence and the pee came shortly after.


Her aim was quite good, she watched intently with amazement at what to me was a completely routine thing I do several times a day. I suppose I can recall the fascination I felt the first time a girl let me watch her pee, so that must have been the same moment for Lilly. Anyhow that need attended to for both of us, there remained only my orgasm to coax in our session.


I didn’t want to go back to the massage room. Lilly let me kiss her beautiful boobs again. I gently rubbed her pussy, feeling her wet, realising she had not wiped since peeing. This got me hard, knowing her hot piss was on my fingers. I moved us to the glass shower cubicle. I was encouraged at how quickly my erection had returned.


I sat down in the shower base, and beckoned her to reverse straddle my face standing. I lapped at her salty pussy, tasting her mixture of juices. She was rich and overpowering. I slid down onto the floor, she followed me down to a squat, then a kneel as her knees again failed. Lilly had recommenced her excellent tugging, and was circling her fantastic tits over the whole show, bumping the head of my cock against her nipples. With my nose pressed against her strong brown powerful looking anus, my tongue buried to the hilt in her vagina I finally came, semen flying everywhere in a gasping juddering climax.


To show my gratitude, though spent, I removed my tongue from inside her and licked and sucked at her clit. She came in very short order, luckily with no fart this time.


We showered and washed each other inside and out for ages. Lilly was also very thorough at scrubbing every last possible place my spunk could have reached. Back in the massage room, I held up her grandma undies and earned her ire for my interest in them. We parted with Lilly letting me know which days she works, and me thankful with her generosity and persistence to ensure I had a happy ending after all.


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