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They Call Me Toy

Kelly Raines


Some of you may or may not be aware...




I'm just a little kinky .. it's a thing... I've always had it. In the real world, it's a bit of a pain in the ass, but in this world, the seedy underworld where desire is king and little head makes the decisions, it's actually a bit of a boon...


I had spent some time with Stumpy, and found our bookings to be quite fun, something I genuinely looked forwards to..

Anyone that has a favourite regular gal will understand what I'm talking about...


We had spent a booking being a little silly at one stage, and he seemed keen to experiment with my love of ropes and buckles..

And so, a thought was formed.


One night, after a particularly good session, followed by a particularly pleasant evening, and an even more pleasant couple of drinks I approached Stumpy and whispered in HIS ear....


I want to be a Toy...


Over the next few weeks... we talked... Stumpy schemed... and OMIGOD did I get my wish...


I was whipped, caned, tied up, interrogated...

You name it he thought of it...

And all of it was FRIKKIN HOT!!!!


It was awesome...


It was with some trepidation that I allowed the photos to go up..


I've always said that I'm a curvy girl, just a little one..

Well.... here I am in full glory...


Threre's nothing fancy about these pics..

Raw Lust..

God the sensations... !!!


I Loved being a Toy...

And many thanks to Sir for his time and attention...





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