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39 Tope Street - August 2011 - Sua (posted review)



Hello Bro's. First review after reading forums for a while, so here goes.


I've visited 39 Tope a few times over the last couple of months - seeing initially Rachel, then Julie and finally Sua (pronounced Soo-aa) twice. Both times have been during the day as my schedule allowed, first time she was one of only two presented as available, second time I made a phone booking ahead of visiting. Both were for one hour.


I have to say that Tope Street is/was so different to what I'm used to in my punting experience. I only learnt about it and decided to visit there after reading about the place on these forums. I love attractive Asian women, so it was natural that I decided to give it a try.


I have usually frequented the more established places like Boardroom or Daily Planet where there's an opportunity to meet, sit and talk with the WL's in a bar or lounge setting. To feel if there's a chemisty, or more importantly no chemistry, and a chance to discuss what she's comfortable to do etc.


At Tope Street, there's the often crowded and busy waiting area/reception and a few seconds of each girl popping out from and back behind the curtain - really tough to make a choice! I certainly felt better when I had booked by phone and could go to the boyosan and go straight in.


I like the convenience and value of the place and the girls are all very pretty, but the inability to take your time to choose, to ask the girls about services and as the girls' English is limited and I don't speak Korean. So communication difficulty is one drawback. Any advice on how you guys manage it?


Anyhow onto Sua's review:


This lovely Korean girl told me she's 23, is about 160cm (5'3") tall, brown hair clipped back bun like each time I first saw her and very natural looking. Curvy rather than very slim figure, nice natural petite breasts and lovely hips.


The thing I loved straight away is Sua's smile - that clinched the deal. She's very cute rather than stunning, sweet and almost demure, a characteristic I find incredibly attractive in Asian women... Obviously not too demure though!


Ah I'm so demanding - I love a girl to be a modest sweet thing out of the bedroom and an uninhibited tiger in it. Only met one once in real life like that, a Chinese PhD student, who was very inexperienced even though over 30, but once she had her itch scratched she was insatiable. But that's another story...


I was pleased Sua allowed me to undress her - like unwrapping a present - not that she was wearing more than a bikini... I always love my first glimpse of a girl's pussy and I have to say hers is a gem. A nice trimmed patch of dark pubes and soft full lips, but still small and compact.


Hell, I love all natural bush, so any time I find any hair on a WL is a bonus! Any bro's can point me to the WL's who let it grow wild would be appreciated. One thing that has encouraged me towards sampling Asian WL's of late is the greater chance of hair, something Australian WL's seem to have eschewed in the last 10-15 years (not just WL's either!)


Rather than trying to give a 'blow by blow' description for my first review, I'll comment in general terms, as I remember while writing this, not necessarily in order of how the time(s) proceeded.


Sua is very considerate, certainly not PSE, closer to GFE. She takes her time, enjoys and responds well if you want to spoil her (massage, DATY, return the favours in the shower together).


I spent considerable time enjoying kissing and caressing her breasts. Her nipples are small but become hard with gentle nibbling and blowing. "Cold!" she cried, giggling.


I have never experienced this whole cat bath thing - only read about it on here. I probably should have decided at commencement whether to let her take charge and dictate what we were going to do, or consistently have done so myself. As I felt her licking my nipples was more for my benefit than what she wanted to do and it's not something I'm really into, I gently indicated it was OK, she didn't have to do it and she seemed a bit disappointed.


Coupled with our verbal communication difficulties it was probably the only awkward or frustrating part of our time together. Maybe next time, I'll ask her to take charge, and the time after that, get across to her that I want her to let me please her and find some way of her communicating to me how to best do that.


Sua is energetic during intercourse, during my first more pent up visit I only lasted about 5 min when we finally got around to it in mish, although we'd had lots of foreplay beforehand. She grabbed me and held me tight, wrapping her legs around mine. And I of course could only hold for so long, before thinking how exquisitely beautiful and graceful she was, how sweet she tasted when I licked her pussy and felt her relax and enjoy it minutes earlier and my luck at being able to be intimate with her.


I finally let go whilst plowing away into her lovely tight little vagina with the thought in my mind of her being just one of the countless Asian beauties - international students et al - that drive me wild when I walk through the CBD shopping complexes and wait at city tram stops.


I love imagining naked each one those girls that catches my eye. What does she look like? How much pubic hair does she have? How wild would she be in bed? The shape, size, colour and texture of her nipples, whether she's freshly showered and smelling like soap or has been out long enough to have her own sweet natural girl smell between her legs and on her undies.


Mmmm I'm a cunt struck pervert and that's why I go through serious bouts of punting from time to time.


Anyway, back to Sua, but my point is she felt so much to me like one of those healthy natural wholesome girls you just lust after when you see or meet them outside.


After I came in mish on my first visit, she was happy to spend the rest of the time hugging, massaging. I loved it when she kept stroking her fingertips on the hair around my knees while I sat astride her bum and gently (she doesn't like it too firm) masaged her with some baby powder.


We tried conversing a bit, but as I've come to learn with the Tope St K-girls, English is limited and my Korean is only a smattering of phrases, which nonetheless she was delighted I even knew that and taught me some more. Hah, Korean lessons at $200/hour!


Very pleasant BJ, more intimate on my second visit wink.gif and was open to kissing, a bit more second time, though I didn't seek DFK.


On that visit, Sua was gentle and understanding when I needed the full hour to come, finally assisting me by gyrating her hips while sitting on my face with me DATY. She seemed to think this somewhat unconventional, but it pleased her when I finally achieved release. She's a bit modest about anything to do with her bottom, but I assured her it's a beautiful special part of her body and she shouldn't be ashamed of it wink.gif


The other things I liked about Sua is she feels like a lovely healthy girl - no scent of cigarette smoke, no piercings or tattoos (which are not MCOT) good glowing skin, natural eyelashes (no extensions as she proudly showed me) and a curvy bum. She doesn't seem hardened or mechanical and I left feeling wonderful and refreshed, especially the second time.


So if you are looking for a lovely natural sweet girl, I can highly recommend Sua.


Cheers bro's and happy punting.




Source: 39 Tope Street - August 2011 - Sua


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