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City East - September 2011 - Queenie (posted review)



I was feeling the big urge today so decided on a quick cheap punt. Mid afternoon I called a highly convenient place in the city I'd been once before. I’ve yet to post a review on the other WL I've seen there but will get around to it soon. "You come 4pm" I was told "Girl is Queenie. She is young."


This wasn't the lady I'd previously seen. I didn't recall reading a review of her. [ update: jubblefun & dalray have previously reviewed her here ] I decided to take a genuine punt and post a review for the PP brethren.


At the nominated time, I pressed the doorbell and was met by an unsmiling, rather plain looking, youngish plump Chinese woman. "You want massage?" Of course, why else would I be here? "$60 half hour."


I wasn't yet getting the usual warm feeling that reassures my bigger brain over my less rational smaller brain that pursuing the appointment is a good thing. She certainly wasn’t the tram stop fantasy girl I’d been imagining.


But I quite like the wonderful variety of women's shapes. I recalled a terrific experience with a plump chick I hooked up with at a pub in Benalla once. I don't like trying to judge from simply a first glance in any case. I stalled a bit while deciding. What was that price again Queenie?


On my previous visit the deal was $60 for the half hour for a clothed massage, $70 if I wanted her to do it nude. "Isn't it seventy for nude?" I asked, indicating I'd been here before, checking she knew what I was up for.


"I am cheaper. Do same service." she proclaimed. I've never met a Chinese who will insist on a cheaper price (unless for themselves!) Last visit was good so I thought, what the heck, I'm horny and I can risk $60...


"Take off clothes. Lay on table. I come back." While undressing I reflected on the fact that this lady understood English quite well and could get her message across effectively too. Except that she seemed to have only mastered the art of three word sentences. Maybe it was some sort of challenge her high school English teacher had set. Whatever it was, apart from being a little disconcerting, it meant that she was direct and didn't muck around.


Returning, she stripped wordlessly. As she revealed her body I could see that she was not blessed with the voluptuous curviness of boobs and bum that some fuller figured women have. Not unpleasant, just plain. And she still hadn't smiled.


I let her commence a soft massage with talcum powder, occasionally brushing around my arse and balls. Next thing I knew she'd hopped up onto the table and started a body slide. This was okay, her small boobs skimming lightly over my back and bum. Not intense, just pleasant.


Queenie, 25, is from a rural province in China, not one of the flashy bigger cities. Accordingly, she’s countryside girl rather than stylish city chick. Not that any of us really care about this for a half hour tug, but anyway. She works here Tuesday and Wednesday.


Knowing I only had half an hour, and about ten minutes of this had been taken up by her getting ready, a token massage and now a body slide, I was keen to flip. Well that, and the fact that it was getting uncomfortable lying on my raging hard on. During a pause when she shifted her weight, I stealthily rolled over. Alarmed she said "Only back slide." Eventually sorting out her confusion, and that I wasn't expecting her to continue the same action to my front, she relaxed.


I asked her what she liked. She looked at me strangely then said "You can kiss. You can touch. Everywhere is okay." Fine, let's go then. I wrapped my arms around her ample waist and pressed my face and lips to her somewhat shapeless breasts and non-descript fleshy brown nipples. After a minute or so, I was getting the distinct feeling that she was enduring rather than enjoying this. Time to try something different.


I hopped off the table and motioned for her to take my place. Perhaps glad to give her legs a rest, she didn't hesitate, laying on her front. "On your back." I explained, wondering if I could go through life managing with just three word commands and questions. Two can play at this!


I caressed all around her body finally coming back to her boobs. Queenie seemed not to mind me stroking her neck, cheek and hair, and didn't demur when I replaced my fingers on her shoulders with my lips. Reaching her cheek, she sharply turned away. "I don't kiss" Well, at least I was left in no doubt.


So I headed south, over her expansive belly to her private playground. I managed to fold myself into the remaining space on top of the end of the table with my lower legs bent up against the wall. She seemed disinterested though accepting of what I was doing. Nevertheless my quest to discover her pussy, to explore it closely, to see if I could elicit some kind of response from her drove me on.


Spreading her substantial thighs slightly I ventured my first taste of her, then took each of her hands in mine. I detected a faint odour of pee, not off-putting and undoubtedly left behind from the loud hissing piss I'd heard her take through the thin wall of the next door bathroom whilst lying in wait for her. No biggie, I just decided to limit my lapping to her clitoris for now.


Settling in, I realised I hadn't specifically asked her if she allowed DATY. Easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission I suppose. "It is okay" she replied matter of fact, continuing to stare at the ceiling. “No fingers inside.” She had been squeezing my hands and intertwined her fingers of one of them with mine. That was something at least. I was happy for my fingers to remain where they were.


I started applying more pressure to her clit, causing my nose to rub into her generous yet quite short pubic hair. It was almost stubble in some places. “Not too hard” she warned. I changed to a softer licking technique, longer strokes, lighter touch. See, I’m adaptable.


After a while, Queenie started to whimper, her eyes now closed. There was the beginning of movement in her hips. I teasingly enquired whether she wanted me to keep going. “It is good” Fine, I kept going. More longer licks, gentle tongue flicking by me, hip movements by her ensued. I could feel my chin getting wet. After a particularly long sigh, I wondered if that was it for her. Apparently not. “I WANT MORE!” I was beginning to warm to this very direct girl.


Going for broke, I sucked her little button into my mouth and licked for all I was worth, I disentangled my fingers, put my hands under her buttocks and jiggled her bulk. She thrust back, engulfing my clean shaven chin with her sopping vulva. She came with a loud groan and her thighs tightly squeezing my head. Then just as quickly as it began it was over.


I eased off my licking to gentle breaths then drew back. “You very good” was her offered thanks. My other reward was the sight of her flushed glistening engorged pudenda, unselfconsciously shared and indeed quite beautiful. I normally steal this quiet personal visual pleasure before dining, but in this case it was well worth waiting until after.


While I cleaned myself, she offered a tug. Remembering why I was here I of course leapt back onto the table. I told Queenie, I wanted her to tug me while sitting on my face. Let’s see if Queenie is open to queening I thought.


Well she was. Was quite into it actually, Her fresh quim juices now making the grinding of her pussy onto my lips and tongue altogether more pleasant. She got even more excited when I parted her arse cheeks and teased her tight little starfish with my nose. The possibilities with Queenie could be interesting if you can live with her unusual style of communication and apparent lack of personality.


All of this heady immersion in her sexy nether regions, combined with her technique of firmly stroking my well oiled todger meant I erupted in no time, all over her fingers. She didn’t seem to mind at all, though indicated I should clean what remained on my cock and belly, rather than her do it – WTF?


Mid way through my attending to that, she said “you get dressed” and disappeared into the bathroom to shower, leaving me to what? Tidy up and wait? Pay for the extras? Just leave? I took advantage of the wet ones then got dressed.


The bathroom door was open so I entered it from the hallway as she turned off the water. I offered her a towel. “Wash your hands” she indicated, so like an obedient child I did, giving my face a well needed wash as well.


“Anything else?” I asked. “You come again.” Unsure whether it was an order or a request, I merely replied “I will see.”


So $60 all in for half an hour to the minute, including DATY, some massage and HJ and good relief. She warmed up as time progressed, but it really was a bit strange. Perhaps with familiarity she may reveal more personality.


Source: City East - September 2011 - Queenie


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