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Door Behind the Door - September 2011 - Kellie FULL LENGTH, approx 4500 words



It was her yelling that did it, that made the mamasan bang on the door and say something in rapid fire Mandarin. Probably “What the fuck is going on in there?!”


A lot actually, but everything was just fine. Most certainly from my point of view as the perky pretty young Kellie cried out with her second orgasm as she rode my face like a rodeo star.


The mamasan must have got the message, because she quickly stopped and went back to whatever it is mamasans do. Counting all her money I suppose.


I had spied Kellie arriving at work. I felt a little guilty about it. But it was accidental and she was captivating to watch. I’d arrived early, after enjoying a hearty breakfast and a fine coffee and had parked just metres from the shop by 10am. But the door was locked when I tried it.


Oh well, time at least to return to the car listen to the rest of the hourly news bulletin and chew a couple of those dynamite mints I’ve discovered recently. She might not like my breakfast breath, and I’d also read that peppermint on the tongue can be especially stimulating during oral sex...


Then I saw her. The petite girl strolling down the street towards me and the shop. Sunglasses, ipod headphones, comfortable and casual black and grey clothes – just a normal pretty everyday Asian girl. And when she stopped to open the door, I knew I would be enjoying her naked very shortly.


Leaving it until about ten past, I pressed the buzzer on the door behind the door, and was quickly greeted by a jaunty, happy girl, prettier without her sunglasses. “You want a massage?” she smiled.


“Ah, yes, and you would be... Kellie?” She was momentarily taken aback, then curious “How do you know my name?” Perhaps she was worried she’d seen me before but forgotten! Word of mouth I told her with a wink. Whatever, into the room with you, she eagerly guided me.


We agreed on half an hour, extending to an hour if I chose. She was fine with that and I gave her $70. No request to shower, but I had at home just a couple of hours earlier. I lay on the massage table, waiting for her to return. Laying there in the confident knowledge of the thumbs up for Kellie from a fellow PP punter. My first punt based on a recommendation. How good it felt.


Returning, she undressed quickly, without any show nor shyness on her part. If only these pretty young women knew their potential, just through the simple act of removing their clothing more slowly, more sensually, to excite their punter.


I went through the motions of letting her rub some skin lotion on. A gentle rub, our first touch, her slender tiny fingers following the shape of my body. Her English was better than I’d expected, she knew how to flatter, and I enjoyed her laughter at my dismissals of her attempts to play to male ego.


Kellie is 25, a very pretty petite short Beijing girl with a cheeky personality which promised a lot for an RnT + experience.


I rolled over after only a few minutes of very light massage, rather than waiting for her to suggest it. Completely losing the towel in the process. This elicited the usual response. She was most unflattering about the size of Chinese men’s penises which made me laugh.


“Wahhhhhhh!..” she cooed as she slowly stroked the length of my cock with her hands. Both hands. I was hard, such had been my anticipation of this visit, and the promise of her playfulness.


Watching Kellie do this, I remembered a conversation I had with a group of exclusively male workmates about twenty years ago. It was a boring quiet day and some wag thought it would be amusing to know what part of each bloke’s missus they liked best. One bloke, Dave, thought for a moment and then said ‘Her hands.’


A couple of the younger ones, myself included, exclaimed ‘what?!’ Then he explained that his wife was only five feet tall and he loved how her tiny hands made his average sized penis look huge. And seeing Kellie’s petite fingers wrapped eagerly around my throbbing manhood now, I could understand why did.


Soon, we drifted into rubbing our hands gently over each other. Her standing, me lying down. I felt her smooth skin, her little bum, and her slender thighs. Not being a place where full-service is guaranteed, indeed where each lady can decide how comfortable she is to do anything, I was tentative with each movement to new areas, seeking her assurance at each step. My hands moved to her tiny breasts graced with small well defined nipples.


While Kellie complained how she always wants to have bigger boobs, I did my best to show her I didn’t mind. I cupped them firmly, kissed them generously and flicked my darting tongue at her nipples, ensuring she could enjoy watching this occur should she choose. She squeaked and giggled a few times, as if ticklish. There definitely wasn’t much to play with there, but I was just as pleased to be attending to this cute perky, cheeky girl’s itty bitty titties all the same.


I sat up a bit to see if she was comfortable enough with me for a kiss. When my face approached hers I made a soft puckering sound, rather than actually asking her. She responded in a most surprising way.


Kellie thrust her tongue far out of her mouth and into mine. I was taken unawares and I suspect I emitted a squeak or squark of my own. It was unexpected and far far better than the response when a girl says no, or turns her face aside. She just kept it thrust inside me, hard, pointed and unmoving. I gently sucked it and caressed her with my own tongue. I was glad I’d had those peppermints! Her own tongue was fresh and lovely.


I tried to enliven our DFKing, wanting to involve her lips and mine, to explore inside her as well. Yet she was unyielding and seemed to have determined this was the technique best employed. And through the rest of our session, she didn’t vary. Unusual, but a delightful pink tongue to feast upon nonetheless. I made a mental note to spend some time actually talking to Kellie about and showing her how pleasant kissing softly and with our lips can be, during our next session.


Whilst kissing, or sucking on her tongue, to be more accurate, my fingers had gradually, tantalisingly traced down her waist and her belly to touch the first forbidden wisps of her neatly trimmed bush. She didn’t demur, and a gentle exploration with my index finger revealed a slight wetness I knew wasn’t caused by any foreign substance – unless Kellie was a magician. This was indeed promising.


I asked her if she was happy to share an hour with me and join me up on the table. She nodded effusively. She found my wallet amongst the jumble of my discarded clothes and I gave her an extra $100. Now, I’m always a bit frustrated when the girl has to leave the room with the cash when the terms of trade change. I suppose there are reasons of security and communication with the owner that they need to attend to, but I find it interrupts the ardour and can sometimes be dragged out.


At least it gave me a further opportunity to admire Kellie’s pert little arse as she walked over to the door and out into the main waiting area wearing nothing but her sandals. I suppressed a laugh, wondering if there was another punter who copped an eyeful of her. Free advertising maybe. But as we were right beside the front door, I’m sure Kellie only did this knowing that it was only her, I and the mamasan in the place.


Mercifully, she returned in a flash and proffered the change, while saying a more intimate experience would equate to this amount anyway. Smart girl. I closed her hand around the notes. She then jumped up almost catlike onto the table, tucking herself part beside, part on top of me for more of her unique tongue probing and a whole lot more splayed hands stroking and hugging from me. Being larger and at that moment a lot warmer than her, she wrapped herself around me and luxuriated in my warm embrace, her belly and chest pressed firmly on mine.


After a couple of minutes of this very pleasant heat exchange, I felt it was time to taste Kellie’s fresh morning girly wetness. I got off the table, far less athletically than she had got on it and commenced a kissing and licking journey down her body. Stopping all stations along the way, I lingered at places where I sensed any nuance of enjoyment from this beautiful girl.


I got back on the table , kneeling over her and resumed my progress. At her belly button I looked up at her face, I could wait no longer. With the confidence of a strong tip from a PP mate in my mind, I asked her if she liked a man to kiss and lick her pussy.


Kellie didn’t need to be asked twice. She grinned cheekily and I felt her legs open wide beneath my chest. Her hands went to my head and she slowly, suggestingly and lightly pushed me towards her Shangri-La. My train had left Box Hill and was running direct to Kellie Central.


But not yet. Just like that sometimes interminable wait between Flinders Street and Southern Cross, I stalled, wanting to appreciate her visually before consummating our lust with my mouth. I live for this moment. Now pretty much a pussy looks like a pussy. But it is the small things, perhaps the ten percent of difference, the uniqueness in each that makes this moment so appealing. It stokes the drive to see another, and another and another.*


Beneath her modest little trimmed muff, Kellie’s vulva doesn’t reveal much of her inner treasure to the outside world. Her labia are fleshy and skin toned, bunched and scrunched. They possess a shape that is so randomly folded and curved that one could be intrigued to explore each fold and wrinkle with one’s tongue for a while before even getting to her deeply hidden pink parts.


With her legs widely apart, knees out over the edge and her little feet on the table either side of my torso, Kellie must have been able to wait no longer. Enough with this delay. She slid both her hands down to her pussy and pried her spongy little puffy lips open. The source of her earlier wetness I’d felt on my finger was instantly revealed. She was offering herself up in such an intimate and erotic way, as if on a platter for my second breakfast. No more teasing, lick me now her eyes pleaded.


Not wanting to keep a lady waiting, I did. It was intoxicatingly good. Her silky moistness, her freshness, her sweet natural taste and scent. I was aroused with the thought that this gorgeous girl’s pussy I was now devouring was so recently buried away in her clothes and panties, as I’d watched her stride along the footpath. She kept her fingers on either side of her labia, while I buried my tongue as far as I could into the opening of her wet vagina, attempting to emulate her kissing style.


I relieved Kellie’s hands with mine, but she didn’t take them away. Instead she stretched her arms even further and placed her fingertips on my cheeks. I felt her sticky wetness on my skin from a couple of her tiny digits. I looked up to see that she’d lifted her shoulders, craned her neck and was watching what I was doing intently and hungrily.


I lapped around her pink vulva in figure eights. I found that I needed an almost firm pressure to keep her outer labia open. Any distraction from the task and they sprang closed, almost like a rubbery toy. After a while of this, I could hear her sighs and feel her wetness indicating Kellie was enjoying my efforts, but I had thought her horniness might have made her go off like a Chinese cracker a bit sooner.


At some point, the doorbell rang, and I heard a punter ask if Kellie was available. The mamasan told him to come back later. I was mildly distracted by this, but the object of his, and my desire didn’t seem to notice or miss a beat.


Then, unbidden, Kellie tapped my cheek, and took her index finger and pointed through her bush to the very top apex of her pussy. To the ultimate fleshy flourish of her squiggly clamshell lip shaped vulva, just a little above where I thought her clit would be. I would’ve got there eventually, but I did so now, delving down from above almost parallel to her mons, my forehead pressed into her belly.


This really got her going. I reapplied my fingers to prise wide her protective lips at this spot and lowered my head again, just as she seemed to hit a new crescendo of u-u-u-u-u-u-uh’s. I looked up and felt almost comforted to see she’d now relaxed her posture and was aying flat again, face up. I couldn’t see her eyes, but watching her little mouth moving was just a joy.


I could also see our reflection in the dressing table mirror at the end of the massage table, beyond Kellie’s head. I hadn’t noticed, but her feet were no longer on the bed, but high in the air, her toes pointed to the ceiling , slightly curled. Her first climax arrived as I watched those little athletic legs trembling. I sensed a deep relief in her, but it only made me all the hotter to unleash my own pent up arousal.


I had a drink of water while she recovered. A blow job was suggested, a bright pink condom applied and my cock disappeared some way into her little mouth. Her CBJ was nice, though a little toothy if I recall. Her little hands took turns massaging my balls and squeezing my bum, while she laid on the edge of the table and I stood. I’m not a guy who lives for deep throat, but it was hot to watch her struggle to get her little lips further down my shaft.


I brushed her hair and cheek with my fingers and told her it was OK, she could just lick and tease around the head for a little longer, then suggested we try a 69. So, with Kellie expertly spearing her right leg out like a gymnast on the beam, I slid between her and the table and we settled into a fabulously passionate mutual oral. Only her occasional dental mishap interrupted a fantastic moment of two people enjoying pleasuring each other.


Kellie’s pussy was still sticky and smelled wonderfully of her cum and horniness. I was in heaven. Better informed, I now knew my way around her playground a bit better than our first coupling. I spent some time licking her clitoris, but I wanted to pace it out, so I alternated with fucking her with my tongue. I spread her wide to allow better access to her vagina, my chin bumping her clit. Her sucking became less intense and I could feel her hands taking over the task while she licked and kissed the head of my cock.


I moved my hands and brought them around to grab her firm little bum cheeks. I pulled them slightly apart, revealing her anus. It was so close I must have been cross eyed, but I could clearly see and enjoy this part of her. Kellie has a fleshy little nub, like a button, plop in the centre of her bum crack. Her private parts are really interesting, as if there was too much skin when she was poured into the mould.


I rubbed my nose into her and felt her tense up, heard her gasp. Would she freak out? I was praying she wouldn’t. Kellie didn’t seem to mind, so I resumed my exploration of the ripples inside her vagina with my tongue whilst now breathing with my nose pressed hard up against her butt hole. She smelt good, earthy and spicy. I was so incredibly turned on.


I removed my tongue for long enough to wheeze that I wanted her to take the dom off and jerk me off with both of her hands. I felt it come off a couple of seconds later and her tugging efforts resumed. She may have been licking occasionally, or just applying some of her saliva for lubricant, I couldn’t quite tell, being as I was so engrossed in the other end of her.


I flattened my tongue and lapped it sideways across her labia, intermittently plunging it into her vulva in search of her clit. Problem was we really required another pair of hands. Mine were utilised firmly kneading and spreading her arse, hers were busy jerking on my cock. To get right to her clit, I needed help with those fiercely protective labia.


Kellie’s tugging had become more erratic. I removed my hands so my nose was now clenched between her bum puppies, deep into her secret place. I reached down to grab her forearms and guide them back for her to place them on her butt. She seemed a bit confused, and tried to work out how to support herself while still kneeling forward over my dick while having her hands back on her bum. I gently pressed up on her boobs, motioning for her to sit more upright and she eventually understood. Luckily. For I was nearly out of breath when she finally grabbed her buns and allowed some air into her nether crevice for me to breathe again.


Now this is where her antics became really animated. Sitting upright on me, her hands on her arse, she started rocking forward in her kneeling position, moving her pussy and arsehole along the axis of my nose, lips, tongue and chin. I attempted to maintain some sort of active engagement and control, but Kellie was having none of it. This was now Facelingus. Such was the feeling of her wanting to rub as much of herself as she wanted on as much of my face as she could manage.


I was loving this of course, and just gripped my cock while squeezing my balls. One false move and I would’ve lost it. I wanted to try to synchronise our climaxes. This girl was oblivious. She’d become that rodeo girl, writhing, rubbing and increasingly hollering as her movements peaked. That’s when the mamasan knocked – right in the middle of Kellie’s very vocal second orgasm.


She collapsed, slumped forward onto me. Her fragrant little squishy anus button had come to rest between the bridge of my nose and an eyebrow. I could feel myself satched. Her juices that I hadn’t managed to lick up were all over my face and dribbling down my cheeks and chin. She was panting and the opportunity to come together had perhaps been snatched away by the mamasan’s concern. I was still squeezing my cock. I felt frantically around for her fingers and then placed them on me.


She instantly started quickly wanking my engorged cock. I could feel her exhausted breathing against my balls and the side of my shaft. It was one of the most achingly longed for orgasms I’ve had. In just a few seconds, I felt the blissful warm rise inside me and I told her to keep it up just like that. Kellie encouraged me, telling me she wanted me to come all over her boobies and her hands.


That was it, my eyes rolled back and I spunked everywhere, anywhere, uncaring where it ended up. A lot got on her shoulder I think, but certainly some made it onto her breast. Especially afterwards when she rubbed him and squeezed the last oozing drips onto her nipples.


We were both covered in each other’s mess. It was glorious. I was closer to the dresser and with a bit of wriggling and stretching managed to grasp the tissue box and pass it to her. She must have used half the box cleaning us up. I jumped and shuddered a few times as my glans was incredibly sensitive. She laughed and apologised and had me wrapped in so many tissues my cock looked like a fairy floss! While she went about this, I was still enjoying her musky sexy aroma and occasionally lightly kissing and blowing a slow warm breath on her pussy. Just to see if I could make her shudder as well...


Eventually Kellie climbed off me and turned her attention to cleaning my face. She giggled and placed her finger on the side of my nose, turning and curling it upwards. She showed me a glob of her greyish white girl goo which I’d been unaware she’d left me with. She leant in close with her face, and for a moment I thought she was going to kiss me. But she just wanted a closer inspection and wrinkled her nose telling me that I needed a good clean up, she could smell her pussy and bum on me.


The rest of the tissues and some wet ones I’d conveniently brought along later, I felt cleansed and refreshed. I had a drink and we shared some more of my mints. I felt electric, ecstatic and we still had fifteen to twenty minutes to go I roughly assessed. As an aside, none of the girls I’ve been with here have ever checked the time, and there is no buzzer. I wanted to give Kellie a massage. She happily laid on her tummy, feet facing the dressing table and told me she would love to be rubbed.


I used talcum powder on her lithe little body and moisturiser on her dainty feet. It was a very pleasurable five minutes or so, I enjoyed hearing her sigh with pleasure whilst I admired her body as she allowed me to caress her all over. Watching in the mirror was again a novel experience.


Another punter came knocking looking for her. The mamasan offered for him to wait, but he left. I commented about her popularity but Kellie just giggled again and told me her shoulder needed more attention. I wondered what she would be like as a girlfriend. Insatiably sexy and demanding maybe?


I thought we might finish things there. I wasn’t going to go for a second shot, and decided if we were going to fuck, I’d book her in a subsequent session. Again Kellie seemed to have other ideas. When I finished massaging her feet, she drew her legs up and arched her back, pushing her wonderful little bum into the air, then turned over and scrabbled up to the dresser end of the table where I was drying my hands. We kissed, or rather tongued again. She jiggled the remains of my mint under my tongue.


‘I’m still horny honey, this is my first sex today’ she said. I nearly fell over. But instead I watched her as she parked her bum on the pillow and with her right hand spread her pussy open yet again. She wasn’t looking down at herself or even at me, but at her reflection. Worth its fucking weight in gold that mirror I reflected (no pun intended!) Kellie’s eyes were alive, watching herself masturbating gently.


‘Can I?’ I asked. Of course she smiled, and I climbed up to kneel behind her, reaching down to gently stroke her pubes, her lips and for the first time properly use my fingers to pleasure her. With my left hand I stroked up and down her vulva, with my right I caressed her breasts. She settled with her bum wedged between my thighs, still atop the pillow and flung her legs out wide while leaning a bit up against my chest. I pressed my face into her thick dark hair which smelt of apple shampoo. She had it up the whole time I should mention.


I leant down to kiss her shoulders. I could feel myself hardening again, pressing into the small of her back, a small trail of residual come, or maybe pre-cum seeping onto her smooth skin. I wasn’t tingling any more, but aching. I stole the occasional glance into the mirror. It was an incredibly erotic scene, Kellie hadn’t taken her eyes off it. I could see my fingers exploring her sex, but the real pleasure was what I could feel with my hands, rather than my eyes. I returned to concentrating on kissing, feeling and smelling her.


Ultimately I brought her off a third time with my middle finger inside her and my thumb furiously rubbing her clit. Approaching her climax, I caught her tongue napping when I gently kissed her lips with mine. She soon recovered her momentary lapse and thrust it into my mouth more vigorously than ever as she came. At least it kept her quiet and avoided the mamasan’s enquiries a second time.


This time Kellie was spent, like a ragdoll. I inched backwards and let her lay back, her head resting in my lap. I leant down to kiss her petite breasts a few more times then just held her and caressed her hair. We finally collected ourselves and some towels and made the mad dash through the central waiting/sitting room to the shower. We showered separately but I didn’t mind. She attended to her hair, washed her face and applied some light make up while I was showering. It hadn’t really occurred to me that she wasn’t already wearing any. Maybe I’d caught her before she had the chance to apply it. I was glad of this, she certainly didn’t need it. I told her so, but she dismissed it as mere flattery.


While I dried, she showered and I indulged my voyeuristic pleasure in watching her graceful movements. She faintly hummed a song while she washed, but I couldn’t tell what it was. I revelled in her apparent contentment and the feeling that she was so relaxed with us being in the bathroom together. We returned to the room together and dressed, before she bade me goodbye with one of her patented tongue thrusts. I left, more thrilled than I have after a punt for a long time. I cannot wait to return to see Kellie again, with some time to be spent on just kissing if I can keep her ferocious horniness at bay!


* acknowledgements to Chinabounder for his turn of phrase here, from which I’ve borrowed liberally.


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