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Index of 2010 In Shag Miles!




I'm not 100% sure this is it, but if I punt from here to the new year, I'll update this info accordingly... but this may be it for 2010. smile.gif


Now, what a weird year, so tempestuous in the forum front. Hard to imagine when I look back at the beginning of the year when I was getting ready to give up all moderating activities at another forum, so I could dedicate to shag, report and enjoy the simple life of a punter. Needless to say, that didn't pan that way and I've been spending a lot of time behind an admin control panel... again! wink.gif


It's all good, as I cannot complain about 2010 when it comes to punting either.


The year started with me back in January all alone in a hotel room in my own city, Sydney. Just don't ask me how, but I thought the opportunity was a good one to see a girl who didn't offer incalls. At the time Boardroom Escorts International had a $500 special for a blonde whose body made me lust for her. Unfortunately, she wasn't available that day, but they offered me to see Monique for the same price, and the gamble paid off pretty well, as it was a great session.


The next punt took place during Amber J Lee's last tour to Sydney. This was a tour she did during a pause from her current activities; and of course I had to catch up with Amber, and I certainly don't regret it. As I have reviewed her multiple times, there's no review of this session for you to read.


The same when it comes to Honey, a very undercover private that I knew from Melbourne, who came to Sydney (not necessarily for a tour) but I ended up spending the night with her. Fabulous time; as with Amber, there is no review for the public to see.


And so, it came the time to go on holidays to South America, and MadMick joined for for the first leg of the trip, that is Buenos Aires. An absolute blissful time was had. My first punt over there was with a brunette called Paris. A surreal night with a girl called Cielo followed. I guess this is what holidays are made of, and this encounter really transcends the sexual aspect of it. The following day, I was lucky to catch up with a local legend seeing limited amount of clients, that is the gorgeous blonde Evelyn. A great time was had with her. In a different age bracket (that is younger but very promising) was Denisse. As her photos show, she's a hot babe with a fantastic body. The day after, that was a pretty boring May 1st in an inactive Buenos Aires, I still managed to see another girl for a punt, that was Isabella. And that week of debauchery was greatly closed by shagging the Über Mädchen Kimberly (aka Nicole Greisman, a local pinup girl of German descent).


The fun continued in Santiago, Chile. The first night I managed to see Josefina, a very exotic babe from Paraguay, that I had been looking forward to meeting, and luckily timing was good. But the highlight of this Santiago stay was undoubtedly the gorgeous Anastasia, a very hot local gal whom I regret not seeing again while I had the chance. My Chilean visit continued with two other punts, not as great as the two previous, yet still pretty enjoyable. The girls happened to be both from Cordoba, the Argentinean city across the border. They were Natalie and Michel(le) respectively.


Then, a completely different game followed in Montevideo, Uruguay, where due to the smaller size of the industry, I had to stick to contacts made during previous trips, and so, when I thought she had move on, I was very happy to see that Joanna was still working at First Class. I think I've told you that Joanna is also my contact to the private girl I call "Maria Noel", and any similarities between them may not be purely coincidental; wink, wink, nudge, nudge. I saw Maria Noel several times at a motel dedicated to this kind of encounter. Close to my departure I found a directory, which served me to meet and shag (in two occasions) the gorgeous brunette Emmily (yes, with two M's).


Before returning to Australia, I still had one night left in Buenos Aires, where following on MadMick's footsteps, I managed to catch up with a local porn starlet called Flor Stone. An what an awesome shag that was! And to finish the night things got really crazy with Cielo, whom I called again as promised during my first night with her. Her name maybe was a premonition of things to come, as the default skin for Punter Planet was to be called Cielo too.


Back in Australia, in the middle of Forums' civil wars, Punter Planet was opened, so my punting slowed down since then. However, right in the worst period I was lucky to catch up with a young Sydney private, who doesn't wish public exposure. But if we call her Rachel, a few forum perverts will know who I mean. A great time was had right in the middle of the World Cup. The fact that I haven't seen her again (yet) only shows how ridiculously fast this year has gone.


Soon after, it was time to reacquaint myself with Sharna of Melbourne, who was back from her retirement and touring Sydney, right on time for Punter Planet's first drink night. As usual, meetings with Sharna tend to be preceded by some previous gastronomic and cocktails fun.


Talking about reacquainting oneself, it was also time to catch up again with the lovely Victoria at Stiletto, who had come for a few months from Russia in August. I also saw her once again before she departed around October.


Then in September, I was lucky to catch up with a Pommy yoga instructor turned escort called Georgina; we thought it was prudent to keep her details and reviews away from the public, so you need to be a Star Master or Den Member to access this review. In any case, a great time was had!


In October, finally I was able to make a trip to Melbourne for Punter Planet drinks, and as usual, the activity can get pretty intensive. And there were bookings planned, some cancelled and others not planned that took place. I started my long weekend by meeting the delightful Gabrielle Kai, who also happened to be my latest shag of the year during her visit to Sydney; if she lets me show you some of the photos we took, I may post a visual update to my previous review (or maybe a new one).


That same evening in Melbourne, I have a double planned, which luckily fell through (because it was just crazy to have so much activity going on). But one of the participants, did show up on her own. Reliable as a Swiss watch, hot and professional as ever! I cannot name her as she is in semi-retirement, but some may guess who I'm talking about.


Another booking cancelled the following day, took me to PP's drinks event very virginal. But after it, mischievous Sharna, engineered a plan for a threesome with Sharna and Alexa Helena. Far too late, too much alcohol, too tired, but hey, two hot chicks naked with me couldn't be knocked back.


My Melbourne visit was closed in great form with a visit from a young private who prefers no public exposure. I had seen her last year and I can say that she's blossoming into a major player and favourite of many. Funnily enough my next punt was to be with her too but here in Sydney (well, actually I had my second visit to Victoria at Stiletto in between). Some will know her as the Wotif Girl. wink.gif I saw her twice during that visit for double the fun.


In November, I decided to venture back to brothels a bit more often, and had the pleasure of meeting Becky at Amore, a petite pretty thing. And one week later the fun Stacey at Liaisons. Top marks to her too.


And as I said already, my latest punt had me having fun and taking photos with Gabrielle Kai. I wonder if that's all for 2010 but it looks that way. Who knows what 2011 brings but hopefully it will be a year with less dramas than this one. I'll try to keep up the fun. smile.gif


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I want verity it's good you have variety with different girls but it isn't there only a few grls that can offer this amazing times, aint they all the same how much harder n longer do these girls really want it, like I say isn't every wl the same if not tell me wats it like to hit the sweet spot I need to know.. Hmm give me more & more. Xx





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