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Index of 2009 In Shag Miles!



(July 2021 note: The following index was written - in all likelihood - at the beginning of 2010 on a previous forum called Fun In Australia (FIA), where I was a very active member, moderator and administrator in the last years. Unlike popular belief, the forum wasn't mine and in 2010 I left FIA and a few months later opened Punter Planet. I've always kept copies of my reviews and they've always been available on PP; however, these blog indexes for the Shag Miles series weren't something I kept originally. After my departure I had managed to make copies of the previous indexes but the day I went back for this one, the only one I did not have, I found that my blog had been hidden by the site's owner. As you can see, it is quite lengthy, so I decided to rewrite it for PP one day... And even when the entry just added as a placeholder has reminded me of the overdue task over eleven years, only God knows why tonight I decided to have a last attempt (yes, I'm sure I unsuccessfully tried before) to find it using the Wayback Machine. To my joy there it was captured in a black hole in cyberspace, and here it is the way it was written over a decade ago plus some minor note added and the links updated).


Following an already established tradition to look back at the year we've left behind and do a summary of our shag miles. 2009 has been a different year for me, maybe fewer punts than in the previous year, fewer visits to parlours and more rendezvouses with private or agency girls. We've been spoilt for choice really.

I started the year overseas, and had a quick visit to La Casa de Nana en Maldonado, Uruguay. Some old members may remember my shagfest over there some years ago but unfortunately this time I just couldn't stay any longer. Nevertheless I managed to see two nice girls for a couple of quickies. They were Grace and Andrea.

Still in Uruguay, but in the country's capital Montevideo, I managed to negotiate some great private sessions with a parlour girl. I have to say that I still regard that as one of the highlights of the year. To protect her from any problem at her workplace, I called her Maria Noel.

On my way back to Australia, I stopped in Santiago, Chile, where I had a great time with a very nice Argentinean girl called Luna. Chile is a great place for great punts and I wasn't disappointed with this girl.

I certainly wasn't disappointed with Colomba, a little stunner working at La Mansion in Santiago. I think she's working privately these days in case you're travelling in that direction.

Basically hours before boarding the plane back home, I also saw Tiffany in Santiago, a girl from Peru, and that was maybe a punt too many, considering that while still decent, it wasn't on par with the previous ones I had had in the Chilean capital.

Never mind, because my first punt back in Australia was with no other than Amber J Lee in Melbourne during one of her lapses from retirement. No need to elaborate; you know how much I like Amber.

During that same trip, destiny wanted me to bump into one of my former regulars who was Rebecca at The Grosvenor in Collingwood. I think we both took a day off from enthusiasm and if there is a review I regret posting in public, this is it. While not over-critical, it just doesn't do justice to a girl who gave me some great moments. Problem is that I tend to review if there's a change in service, so when it goes from a series of great non-reviewed sessions to a not so good one, it will always feel unfair to review that one. I do hope that people are able to read all the disclaimers that go when reviewing a single session.

While still in Melbourne I caught up with the elusive but ever delightful Taylor Wonders. She is not a big fan of reviews, plus nothing new to report from my previous review on her, so none was written.

Now, that was a pretty productive trip punting-wise. I even had time to follow on a tip given as the best of presents by a very distinguished fellow punter and went to meet a gorgeous girl at the most unlikely of parlours for punters like me. That girl was Honey at Gotham City in South Melbourne.

Back in Sydney, someone from Melbourne came to visit us during her first ever private tour, and I have to say that I did enjoy my time with young Clare Belle.

From New Zealand instead, I met Heather D'Cruze in Sydney. Now known as Kelly Cox, Heather caused a commotion among FIA punters. Her prices did not match her outstanding service; always a winning formula for us! I would see her again a couple of times, even take photos which remain locked in the vault, but not review her until her change of name.

Then it came the time for Highlander to open a new Escort Agency, and the great opportunity to meet Rebecca Toronto from Six Star Models, who was coming from Melbourne. A very nice athletic blonde, just the way I like them. A great evening was had.

Another agency took FIA by storm, and that was Macy Jones' new enterprise Bedroom Eyes, with a sinful offer which over the year paved my certain way to Hell. smile.gif The first BRE girl I saw was cute Jordan. And the experience made me want sampling a few others later.

For my 10,000 post on FIA I wanted to post a review and Bedroom Eyes, organised my punt with the lovely and horny Brooke, plus a great cake and card included! Decadent moments like that won't be forgotten any time soon.

That was followed by a fabulous session with the lovely Melissa Minova in Sydney. Unfortunately it would be the last one until further notice as she's taking indefinite time off from the industry. Go ahead click on her link. The photos (not taken by me) show her at her prime.

I then caught up with Cameron Taylor, another girl I enjoy seeing when in Sydney. Unfortunately I didn't write a review of that encounter, but her service remains as good or better than as described by my original review.

On another evening, I found myself parlour trawling with MadMick, and I even decided to stay at one of them when I saw Chase at Gateway Club in Leichhardt. It was a bit hard to adjust from seeing privates and their level of service but a parlour punt is like riding a bike, you never really forget how to.

The private I saw next, was a Melbourne import and I was one of her first Sydney clients. She is a real sweetie even when on the forum we have had our arguments. But in the flesh, I know we could always get on well. I happened to see her recently just socially and she's looking great. Due to some reasons beyond our control, it's prudent that I don't even mention her former name for now! ;)

(July 2021 note: As time changes everything, it's been safe for years to know who she was. It was non other than the Artist Formerly Known As Victoria Celine, later better known as Gloria Van Vaulker).

Then it was time for Heather to become Kelly Cox. That was reason enough to write a new review (and probably a reminder that a visit is well overdue!)

During a new trip to Melbourne I saw Jessica Jordan, whom I had seen before for my first ever threesome (with AJL). I always wondered how a solo session with Jessica would be like, but she has grown a bit reluctant of reviews and hence there isn't one for this session available.

I was extremely lucky to catch up with Taylor Wonders again, yet still no new review about the wonder blonde. smile.gif

Still down in Melbourne, I managed to meet the lovely Cindy Novak, whom during all her previous time in Sydney, remained pretty much a mystery to me. I wasn't disappointed.

Back in Sydney, it was time to meet one of Melbourne's most popular exports: Paris. I was originally a bit intimidated by her reviews and she was a bit intimidated by AndyJ the mod, but a photo shoot with lots of fun and a shag at the end took care of all that.

After Paris, I saw the stunning Amelia from Bedroom Eyes, and even when she almost put me out with an erupting cork that missed my head by millimetres, I must highlight her as one of the most beautiful women I've ever shagged. Since then BRE has implemented the policy of screwcap bottles only. Another rendezvous with Amelia is well overdue too.

Despite the spell she cast on me, I also saw Isabelle from Bedroom Eyes, another of Macy's young beauties. Wilder than Amelia and also beautiful. I believe that we'll keep hearing about Isabelle for quite some time.

The punt that followed was with Samantha from Six Star Models, a girl just starting as an escort, with whom I had a great time, and we really clicked really well. It was an unusual experience but for all the good reasons.

Some time after, lack of planning saw me walking into Liaisons in Edgecliff for another rare parlour punt. And what a punt it was with Bonnie, a brand new girl over there. I think she broke every house rule and hence I don't know if she's still there. She is now listed on their site but I never see her name on the roster. And boy, did I have some unexpected fun or what?

However, the following punt would take me to meet and photograph (a few nights later) the wonderfully sweet inked babe Lisa Isabella in Surry Hills. I think that everyone on FIA loves her by now.

More photographic ventures took me to a not so expected threesome with PSE heavy weights: Paris and Renee Claire in Sydney. Albeit the review was somewhat delayed, most seemed to love these pics of a most unusual session (at least for me)

That was followed by something completely different when I saw Summer St. James touring Sydney. Following a tip kindly given to me by Quackman, I was able to shag another really beautiful girl. It would be interesting to see how she goes with a bit more of experience.

Another trip down South, allowed me to meet a new gorgeous Melbourne Private. Unfortunately, she doesn't want any public exposure, so I can't share a review with you. But people... wow!

Dinner with fellow perverts was followed by a traditional parlour trawl, and so I met the very nice Natasha at Le Boudoir in Collingwood. A Russian WL worth seeing. I had a good time even if it wasn't the highlight of my trip.

A very different story was meeting the legendary Claire at The Grosvenor, also in Collingwood. I've heard so much about her that my expectations were high, but mind you, fully met too. I now understand why she is so popular. All in all, a fantastic way to end my punting for 2009, yet she doesn't like reviews, so I don't have one to show you. You won't regret seeing her.

So, that was 2009 in Shag Miles for me.

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