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Le Boudoir - 18/12/09 - Natasha




This year has been the year in which I have turned my back on parlours... with a few exceptions of course. The private and agencies' offer has been so good for FIA members that it has been enough to keep me away from brothels.




However, Melbourne has always been associated in my mind with parlour trawling. Some of the privates I cherish the most started their WL careers in some renovated terrace house with a red light at the front. And while walking into a Sydney parlour has always made me a bit nervous, walking into a Melbourne one happens at ease, whether I am alone or in the company of some fellow pervert. In fact, it was one of these who suggested me to go for an expedition after dinner, and despite I had had a punt earlier on the day (with a private who doesn't want any public exposure), I couldn't say no to such a traditional activity. Mind you, despite we had a slightly bigger number of parlours in mind, fate would only make us visit two of them.


We started with my old favourite The Grosvenor, where despite an entertaining line-up full of questions and answers, no-one really took our fancy, and I commend my fellow pervert for his skills in breaking the news to the receptionist by asking for a few extra names not present that evening. We may still look like tyre-kickers but quite knowledgeable ones. We then continued to Le Boudoir, another place where we both have had good times - separately, that is - and we both got ready for a slight attitude change, as occasionally two can be considered a crowd at this other bordello.


Now, just going on my experience, Le Boudoir is a very consistent parlour and its workers often show a non-nonsense attitude towards their trade. This night was no exception; however, it was probably the longest line-up I've ever seen chez Jill's. And the problem is that the longer the line-up, the more difficult it is to say no. But for one reason or another, no-one seemed to appeal to us... until almost the very end.


A girl with long dark hair, nice curves, feline eyes, high cheek bones, walked in and said "Hello, I'm Natasha"... I picked the Russian accent immediately, and while we cannot say that Natasha was a very original choice of name considering her nationality, it simply made sense; I hate it when EE girls pick names like Cindy. I asked Natasha if she was Russian, and she replied: "Yes, from Moscow, how did you know?"... Mind you, it was not a real question that she asked me, I think she was commenting on the fact that if I needed to ask I was an idiot.


Natasha is not what you would describe as "a babe", however my weakness for Russian girls, the accent, and the fact that she was happy to offer a sensual service was enough to get my interest. I think my fellow pervert was as excited as I was but being his home town, he generously let me book her, so we shook hands and parted company and up the stairs I went with Natasha for 45 minutes of fun.




Natasha is probably in her 30s, she's a size 10/12, she has natural C-cups and she's just shaven downstairs, not fully waxed. Her face is typically Slavic with high cheek bones, and cat-like greenish eyes. Her long wavy dark hair I suspect is a wig, and underneath I wouldn't be surprised if it was lighter.


I don't think Natasha has been doing this job for very long but it was easy to get along with her, particularly if you had a few stories of the old continent to exchange. In what I believe a typically Russian manner, any attempt at idle chitchat will be made fun of by not telling what you expect to hear but what she really thinks, even if kept in a tongue in cheek tone. This added a bit of excitement to a punt that albeit good, it would remain just at the average parlour level.


Natasha was happy to kiss and even DFK. Once in bed, and since I was hard already, she aimed to reach for a condom to give me some oral, but I suggested that ladies should be pleased first, plus I wasn't planning to go down on her with a condom on. And so I went down and did my work down there to successful completion.


She returned the favour with a CBJ; frankly I can't remember if it was good, bad or average but it served as a bridge to the expected intercourse. We started with Natasha on top, which allowed me to play with her boobs but soon we changed to doggy, and then caterpillar.


Somehow it wasn't happening, so I decided to pull out, throw away the rubber and go for some Italian sliding. Natasha has a good control of her buttocks, and allowed for Little AJ to find a comfortable spot somewhere there, and the happy ending was reached this way. (As it has become a tad too predictable of late)


After cleaning herself, Natasha came back to the bed and gave me a nice massage for the last minutes of the booking while we kept chatting until the time was up.


It was an unscheduled punt and hence I wasn't expecting too much. I did have fun and while the sex wasn't bad, I believe that the overall experience of meeting Natasha and chatting with her are the things that have remained more vividly in my mind.



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