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Private (NSW) - 15/12/09 - Summer St. James



Not always we do have the chance of shagging a girl who actually looks like a lingerie model. The few out there who do, generally are beyond what I am ready to spend. So, I must thank Quackman for the heads up on Summer.




As soon as I visited Summer's website, I decided to make a booking via her online form. Summer replied without delay and the booking was made pretty painlessly. It's amazing the power a recommendation from a trusted member has, because looking at her pics you wouldn't be blamed for thinking they are too good to be truth, but sometimes we ought to get lucky.


I think quite a few boys raced each other for a booking, as Summer only works occasionally and the window of opportunity this time was pretty short. But on the night of the booking, there I was with a little box of chocolates (I had heard that she had been getting not necessarily la crème de la crème in terms of clientele via Cracker, and I thought she would need to be cheered up towards the end of her stay).





When Summer opened the door, not only I was surprised by her beauty but also by her very petite and innocent presence. It was only one of the very few times I have worried for the idea of vulnerability a very young working girl projects. Summer was polite, friendly but she did not jump on me like some other girls do. First she had to suss me out a bit and the ice needed to be broken over glass of orange juice. The chocolates helped but I knew I had to show my friendliest persona to make the best out of what was about to come. When someone minding her safety texted her, Summer went upstairs to pick up her mobile and by then I was already able to joke about passing the message that I was not too much of a creep. We were

ready to party.


Summer depicts herself on her site very accurately. My only doubt is about her breasts being completely natural or not, and even when I handled them, kissed them, etc. I am not able to say if they are natural or the best boob job I've ever seen. My only reason to doubt what it says on her site is that they are incredibly firm, but if I am wrong my sincere apologies to her.


For the record, Summer is 24 (yet she looks 19), she's a size 8 with gorgeous D cups, around 170 cm tall. She has brown hair and a beautiful face with fabulous blue eyes. You realise this girl is on a league of her own looks wise when she comes out of the bathroom in lingerie. That's quite an amazing sight to behold.




Now, she hasn't been doing this for very long nor very often either, so she still lacks a bit of confidence to make you feel she's entirely at ease doing what she does. But everyone needs to start somewhere, and here it's when rather than sitting back and expecting everything from her, we ought to guide her and teach her about those things that we like. After all, I cannot say that she is not obliging, and since I naturally like to lead the sexual action, I didn't find too much of a problem with her performance even when it may (or it will) vary for others.


After a bit of kissing that would turn into DFK, yet only when I ventured, it was time to get rid of her lovely lingerie. And even when it was a shame, Summer asked for my help to undress her. It proved easier than what it looked like at the beginning.




While still standing next to the bed, Summer went on her knees and gave me a very nice blowjob with just the right amount of pressure and at a nice pace too. So when we moved to the bed I returned the favour and went down on her. She loved DATY but despite being drenching all down her buttocks, I doubt I made her come; she kept raising her hips and this made it a bit tricky for me. I sincerely don't think she was avoiding anything but rather directing me to the lower part of her labia. I tried the help of one finger to see if penetration was what she was after, but gradually my finger was expelled out with her pelvic movements. I should have asked but I am not one to talk that much in moments like those.


Never mind, it was time to introduce Summer to the Hotdog Manoeuvre, which proved a big success... maybe too much of a success. The firmness and warmness of her buttocks, plus her enthusiastic collaboration for this sliding, had me coming prematurely on her back.




Summer went to the bathroom to refresh herself and when she came back she found me still hard and with the condom on already, so there was no doubt that I was up for a second round. She jumped on top to start with, and then we switched to doggy where her great figure looked the part on the mirror. The same as MadMick, I felt that this form of penetration made her sore as it was hard to say if she was moaning in pleasure or in pain; and even when she said she liked it, I decided to cut it short and change to caterpillar (which was the next step on the program anyway). However, being the second round, with a condom on (as opposite to the skin against skin rubbing of the first), and despite some very enthusiastic kissing from Summer, it just wasn't going to happen. Not even by hand despite trying. I was happy nonetheless.


If Summer is to continue with this occupation, I suspect she'll evolve into a more engaging and playful participant with a little bit more of experience, in the meantime you could do much worse than admiring her beauty. :)

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My read on your DATY excursion was that you probably hit the mark several times. Well I hope so, other wise I I am throwing in the towel next time I get a reaction that cums close to your description. If doggie position was painful I would expect she would tell you, unless there was a language or cultural boundary that influences her, but this is Australia so I doubt that. Anyway,that parting smile was either satisfaction or relief,, if it bothers you then give her the right of reply :/ PS if she is still seeking the attention of punters, then playtime can't be as painful as you imply, and yes her pics are great.

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