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Private (NSW) - 18/11/09 - Lisa Isabella




In this hobby of ours sometimes you are up to good surprises. Isn't it great when you meet a working girl for the first time, yet ten minutes later things develop like that's session number twelve? Well, that's pretty much what happened with Lisa.




I had heard about her in the grapevine but just as she began captivating my attention, she took some time off and I temporarily forgot about Lisa, until she contacted me in order to advertise on FIA. I probably wasn't the only one blown away by the competitive nature of her prices, and let's face it, they make one's visit much more likely.


The photos we used for her profile were enticing but Lisa warned me that she is not a beach babe; quite the opposite actually. In a way it shows in those pictures and all doubts evaporate when you finally meet her. You just can't expose that alabaster skin to the harsh Australian Sun, but with her tattoos, piercings and Suicide Girl looks, she ought to be in a completely different setting, so I volunteered to take new photos indoors. Needless to say, I am not a professional photographer and I'm only comfortable when it's done as a bit of fun.


I wasn't sure if Lisa's apartment would have enough light for that purpose and it actually didn't. I don't like to use the camera's flash for this purpose so we had the planned sexual fun and postponed the photo shoot for two nights later in a hotel room. I even bought a little photographic light that funnily enough, it helped as much as it hindered, as it forced me to eliminate a lot of reflections on her lovely face when grading them on Photoshop.


I took enough alcohol with me, enough to keep us going for a much longer than an hour long session, mind you, before arriving I thought we'd be taking photos after the booking, hence the booze supplies.


At the agreed time, I arrived to Lisa's apartment and when she opened the door and greeted me with a kiss, my instant impression was that of seeing someone actually younger than what I had imagined. She is also prettier than what I thought too, so I hope that these new pictures give you a more accurate idea of her grace and beauty... and you'll have to read on to learn a bit more about her warmth and sexual prowess.




After a quick shower, no time was wasted and got straight into it. It became quite clear from the beginning that we'll hardly manage to finish one bottle of wine because the breaks were brief and far apart.


Just for the record, Lisa is in her thirties; she currently sports short black hair with red flames. She has a very pretty face with high cheekbones and great blue eyes that shift colour a bit depending on the light and other factors. I swear that they change colour when she's experiencing an orgasm. She's around 170 cm tall, has a set of natural B cup breasts and she's all shaved. She features some really colourful body art, most noticeable on one arm, abdomen and lower back. One lip, bellybutton, nipple and eyebrow are pierced.


Deep French Kissing gave room to more kissing down my body, as Lisa kicked off the action with a pretty good blowjob, that not only applied the right amount of pressure but paid attention to the often neglected balls too. Warm and wet, that's how I'd describe it. So after that, I couldn't do other than returning the favour by going down on Lisa. Let me tell you that she's one that lets go and enjoys herself.


While she won't give you specific instructions, her body and moans keep you in the right track, so it becomes quite easy to know when to concentrate on her clit or when a finger is welcome to join the fun. To say that she was wet would be a big understatement, so when I asked her for a bit of lube she was wondering what on Earth I wanted it for. However, soon after I showed Lisa that the foreplay wasn't over yet, as it was time to slide on those soft butts of hers. Well, I don't know if that counts as foreplay if you actually end up coming that way, because that's what happened. First round was over by shooting on the lovely butterfly tattooed on her lower back.


After a glass of wine, it was time for round too. Little AJ was certainly willing and impatient and I think Lisa took notice of it and so we decided to move on to intercourse. She jumped on me for some energetic cowgirl and some great grinding. I have to commend Lisa too for her energy as this went for quite some time while I played with her boobs. From that we changed to Missionary and Lisa proved that she is as capable of coming by intercourse as she is by oral. I think she is a very orgasmic person who enjoys sex and nothing could be a bigger turn on for us guys. After some doggy and caterpillar it was the end for the messy round two.


It was after all that exercise that we tested the light in the room for the photos, and as there wasn't enough, we just happened to continue kissing and this gave way to round three, where my memory fails me a bit but you can bet that we went through all the positions again, to the extent that Little AJ began begging for mercy. He was sore after so much play, so Lisa gently finished me by hand this time. (Yes, sore and everything I'm not one to leave some things pending!) ;)


When I go over the time of the session, I'm immensely grateful but I hardly ever mention that in my reviews because I don't want to create that sort of expectation for the next punter, the same way I don't want to have them myself in subsequent bookings. I could skip writing this but since Lisa had allocated time for the pictures, I believe that time was simply used for more sex instead. Clock-watcher? No, she ain't! :)


As I said at the very top, by the time we finished, it was hard to believe how at ease we, until then strangers, were with each other. Call it crash course in enjoying someone else's company. Obviously someone like Lisa makes it all far too easy.


Two nights later we met again for the photos you see here (there are many more in the can); Lisa surprised me with her poses and made my task a breeze. She had also added a new pattern to her arm tattoo and it looks much nicer than before but that was because it wasn't complete. As I understand, it's a work in progress with a very well defined theme (think butterflies!) and it will keep expanding. I hope to be there to keep you updated unless you may prefer checking it out yourself.



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As this review mentions, the original was posted with quite a few nice pictures I took of Lisa. As she has moved on, I felt it wasn't appropriate to have them publicly available at this stage.

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As this review mentions, the original was posted with quite a few nice pictures I took of Lisa. As she has moved on, I felt it wasn't appropriate to have them publicly available at this stage.

Thank you for that sir-much appreciated-as you know a dear sweet soul she was and I miss her.





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Well now I'm curious to see these pretty butterfly tattoos! But I also appreciate removing photos when someone has left the industry. :) 

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