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Liaisons - 07/11/09 - Bonnie




I think the girl I'm about to review has moved on already from Liaisons but I cannot be sure about that. In any case some facts have been altered for recreational purposes and to protect the not so innocent. With that warning, you may continue reading at your own risk with the usual YMMV disclaimer in mind.




A couple of Saturdays ago, I had one of those peculiar punts. I decided to pay Liaisons a visit. Pretty decent line-up, including a Russian girl Catalina; happy to kiss and offer DATY but not proper DFK. However, despite her being an obvious AndyJ choice, I passed and went with the first girl instead.


Now, Bonnie is a petite blonde, typically Aussie gal with A cup breasts, blue eyes, thin lips, a skin that has seen too much Sun, all shaven. Not bad looking at all but imagine a film about bad surfers, well, Bonnie is the girl they are shagging in the scene when they're busted by the police. Or that's the impression you get.


She told me to be a former Home & Away actress (I googled the character, but unless we are in a case like The Double Life of Veronique or Sliding Doors parallel lives scenario, that actress is still around but not working as a WL). Bonnie told me many other things about her life but based on the above, it's hard to know what to believe or not.


Anyway, during the intro she told me she was brand new and that I'd be her first client (according to her EVER) for sure at Liaisons as I checked with the receptionist later. I asked Bonnie if she would be comfortable kissing and she said a co-worker had told her it wasn't a good idea. "Oh for sure" I replied while extending her one of those leaflets of the Scarlet Alliance I always carry in my pocket. "Always do what the other ladies tell you, particularly if the line-up exceeds twelve of them or so. Your wellbeing and profitability is the first thing in their minds".


She smiled and nodded, and said "Actually, to tell you the truth, kissing is what I feel more comfortable doing". Imagine my outrage when I realised her co-workers' advice and my attempts to keep her out of trouble had been completely disregarded. I felt it was my moral duty to book her and make sure she received the proper guidance in the room.




Anyway, off we go, she does a check on me and leaves me to have a shower. She comes back with Bourbon & Coke, and asks me if I'd like a drink, among the choice I picked "champas" and she comes back with a whole bottle (I hope she didn't get in trouble for that). Anyway after a drink, she jumped on top of me for some cowgirl style shagging, ready to go without any further form of foreplay. So, I decided to lube her vagina with some oral. She came big time, she even helped herself to this by hand.


I then invited her to suck me, which she did straight away, a bit roughly too, but hey, a blowjob is a blowjob. After a minute back to shagging, cowgirl and doggy after. As I was about to come, she asked me if I minded her going to the toilet, which she quickly did. When she came back she wanted to smoke. So I poured her another drink. I know coitus interraptus is never a good thing but she was new and so far very obliging plus we have the Champagne to finish. We did get back into action after that and I eventually came by caterpillar in a matter of minutes as it was feeling great. After a bit of a rinse, we went for a second round and it only took a few minutes too. I pretty much came when the buzzer went off.


We had made a big mess in that room for some reason, so I supervised how she did making it up after her first booking EVER. She did incredibly well actually, maybe she's had a job in hospitality before ;). I also made sure she disposed the condoms and used tissues in a plastic bag before we left the room.


No tips were expected nor given either. But as I said, I don't think Bonnie is still at Liaisons; there is no indication of her on their website. Despite my good attempts to lead her through the good path suggested by her co-workers, she had her own way of doing things and she may have run into trouble soon after. She may pop up at a brothel near you, under that or another name. If I had the chance I'd like to catch up with her again to see how she is progressing. However, for some reason I tend to believe that you just don't plan a visit to see Bonnie, the Bonnies of this world just happen when you are not expecting them, and then they simply disappear. :)


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It highly amuses me to think that there are punters out there that walk around with flyers for the Scarlet Alliance in their pocket! 

Good on you for giving the fledgling a go.. I hope you gave her some gentle tips for her bj skills. 

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