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Women's Looks, self esteem & Plastic Surgery



I recently had a very good discussion with a fellow PP member about attractive women who have had plastic surgery.


It led me to ponder..why do natural beauties feel the need to have surgery?


I can understand If someone has a big nose or bad teeth or acne scarred skinned. I 100% support these types of surgeries that need to be done to improve one's looks.


What i don't understand is beautiful hot women who were naturally born hot that feel the need to go under the knife??




Those are the types of surgeries often come out Looking worse than they came in which is a whole separate issue altogether.


It makes me ponder and think. Do these women have some type of emotional or mental issue? Do these women have low self esteem? Don't they see their own beauty? Even with these women being natural beauties and being born with good genes and good Looks, They seem to nitpick at everything about themselves physically and get cosmetic procedures for the most smallest reasons. I remember watching Dr 90210 one time where a woman came in to get lipo done on her toes! really?? lipo on toes??


A good example is Megan fox. When she was 18, She was a natural beauty. She is amazingly hot. She was freshed faced and nobody can compare to how hot she looked when she first started out in Hollywood. I recently saw a picture of her in a magazine and she looked very plastic like she's had multiple cosmetic procedures done. I am gobsmacked!!! She was/is considered the most hottest woman in Hollywood but she felt the need to get plastic surgery?? There was absolutely nothing wrong with her in the first place. She looked perfect.


It makes me Sad. Do the beautiful hot ppl of the likes of Megan fox not see how hot they already are?


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I would have thought Cosmetic surgery definitely has its place in 'normalising features', where this would make a person (and those around them) feel more comfortable, rather than subjectively improving a persons outward appearance. Now that I have just read my own words, I realise I don't know what I am talking about. Normal is a changing trend in society and is just as subjective as an individual's concept of improvement.

Cosmetic surgery does not have to be bad or sad, it is a tool used by a person to either blend in or stand out. Too much is too much, not enough is not enough. So what.

As the procedures improve and become safer and more affordable, there will be more of it. Some people will finally be able to make their outward appearance match their inner personality, so we may find 'what you see is what you get' becomes a more accurate depiction of the real person than we see now-a-days.

If the potential benefits are worth the risks of surgery (different people rank this differently) then they will always go for it. Education about side effects and scarring needs to have more prominence in these decisions (I think).


I want to get my teeth whitened now, so I can make :lol: look like :D


PS: I have read that 'no amount of cosmetic surgery is going to normalise Megan Fox's potty mouth.' :P

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I think Femmebot was referring to women with perfectly good pair of b/c cups (in proportion to their size 6-12 frame) wanting EEs.    "Normalising" would not be the term.  <div><br></div><div><br></div>

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I would have thought Cosmetic surgery definitely has its place in 'normalising features', where this would make a person (and those around them) feel more comfortable.


I have actually had such a procedure done. It was done for free on the NHS in the UK, since although it was elective, it was considered as correction of a (very minor) disfigurement. I often forget that I had it done nowadays since I've got so used to the corrected version of me, but when I was a kid I was acutely self-conscious all the time. So it completely removed that burden from me.


I guess I agree with Femmebot, but having technically been the recipient of a cosmetic procedure, I don't want to sound like a hypocrite.

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I think Femmebot was referring to women with perfectly good pair of b/c cups (in proportion to their size 6-12 frame) wanting EEs. ;"Normalising" would not be the term.

Hmmm..... interesting point {GVVWTFRUON} thank you for pointing that out, I must be reading between different lines. BTW GVV nice move on spreading your horizons with the PT job, I hope it provides balance for your brain (everyone needs that) look forward to chatting with you in the 60/40 future :)

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Oh no - My new job is being a professional mole that says you're denied entry based on your poorly cut suit.  GVV rejoice!

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You have to separate out professional cosmetic surgery from civilian cosmetic surgery. Megan Fox's livelihood is her looks and her figure. So cosmetic surgeries for these type of people are professional investments, like a baker buying an additional oven or upgrading a mixing machine.


What is scary is that, even with all the money in the world and access to the very best cosmetic surgeons, it remains true that some people's genetics support cosmetic enhancements better than others. Demi Moore - brilliant. Kylie Minogue - not so much.

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Women..feel even if they are beautiful they are not perfect or beautiful 'enough'. So many beautiful women around, instead of being happy with themselves they feel they have to compete.

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Or is it simply a case of Narcicistic behavior fuelled by the exponential artificiality of their tenuous existence.

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Life is short. The period of time where we are physically beautiful is even shorter. Go for it while you can, there is nothing to "wait for".

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I know this is an old blog, but it's a subject I take particular interest in. I believe that people's outward perception is a reflection of their entire attitude and perspective of the world, cliche "glass half full" type garbage. I make a conscious effort now to seek out the beauty in everything I see/hear/feel, because beauty is what I want in my life, it is not only a reflection, but also acts as an enforcement, of my own positivity. A positive perspective is something I've only had the relief of carrying with me over the last couple of years, it's something I have crafted myself with insight and intense scrutiny of my emotional and intellectual responses to things I see and experience.


I honestly believe that the vast majority of people are divided on one very basic level between those who seek out the beauty in everything, and those who see only the ugliness in everything and everyone around them.


It makes me sad to see the particular kind of people that critique models/successful and/or popular women/women with features/looks commonly accepted as beautiful - putting them down, judging them harshly, general implications of inadequacy. Too often these judgements come from those with less than beautiful-by-common-standard features, and it may stem from, but goes far beyond, their own insecurities. I have empathy, but no sympathy, for those that make these types of comments because they reflect that persons inherent inability to see the beauty in life. Beautiful women that get "above and beyond" elective surgery have fallen this side of the divide (if only at the time of their desire to go under the knife). It is heartbreaking to me that they may look in the mirror everyday and see only uglyness, and perhaps will never realise ultimately that is what they are choosing to see. That it is a reflection of whatever negativity they are keeping inside them. The startling truth is that many people take absolutely no time out to question how or why their outlook developed a certain way. It may still change with time, but all of this is on a subconscious level, and the external effects may be subtle enough to go unnoticed by those around, and this massive shift of consciousness may be dismissed as a "phase", or "growing up", "maturing" etc. These same labels are often also given to a shift in the other direction, to the darkside, to the ugly.


"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", well, so is ugly.

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